K-scope Head Light with Camera (Model : KS (Model : KS-07)

K-scope Head Light with Camera (Model : KS (Model : KS-07)
K-scope Head Light with Camera
(Model : KSKS-07)
1. Since the camera is built-in, there no need to equip/install
another separately
2. Able to record, without power, in MicroSD card and
rechargeable battery cordlessly
3. It has rechargeable battery. You may use wirelessly.
When in emergency or longer usage, it is also capable to connect
power source. (option)
4. It is built-in LED lamp(5500K), it lights brighter and clearer
light for over 50,000 hours.
5. Simple installable free 1.7X Loupe is provide.
6. For several purposes and usages, it is able to record using
MicroSD card. Also able to demonstrate using video cable.
7. It is provided own-use “K-scope Viewer” program.
This is capable to make “time-reset” and “voice cancellation”
8. Lens assembly : scientifically arranged three optical lens
9. No UV radiation
10. Suitable for operating because of no heat from the lamp
- Lamp : 5500K Power LED
- Battery : 2,600mA Li-ion Battery
- Camera
Sensor : 1/4“ CMOS WXGA (1 megapixel) HD
Memory : MicroSD (SDHC 2GB~64GB)
Resolution and Frame : 1280*720 HD / 30fps
Video output : TV OUT (composite)
Sound : Built-in Mic.
- Lens : Arranged three optical lens scientifically
[Demonstrate using video cable]
Sound (and/or alarm)
① When in no MicroSD card
② When in low battery voltage
③ When in camera on/off
2. Adjust camera focus
3. Adjust camera angle
4. Automatic time-resetting (K-scope Viewer)
5. Voice cancellation (K-scope Viewer)
6. Extension video Cable (Option)
For research and/or presentation of theses
2. For field-training by demonstration
3. When in dispute (blackbox concept)
4. For insurance proof
Basic components
Headlight main body
Loupe Holder
Battery charging holder
MicroSD Card (included “K-scope Viewer”)
Video Cable
Optional Accessories
Extension Video Cable (3M)…… (Option)
[Basic components]
1.7X Loupe
Rechargeable Battery
Charging Adapter
MicroSD Card reader
USB Cable
Video and power Cable…… (Option)
[Video extension cable(option) &
Video and power cable(option)]
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