Digital signage corporate communications

Digital signage corporate communications
 Digital signage corporate communications
Enhancing your corporate communications
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Corporate digital signage
Digital signage is a system that connects and controls
digital displays throughout your building. Each display can
show anything from company information and promotions
to video and multimedia presentations. Digital signage is
changing the public landscape and its presence is growing
rapidly. Companies understand the power of digital
signage. It facilitates improved communication within an
organization and allows companies to deploy an efficient
and cost effective way of communication.
Corporate digital signage is the ideal medium to share
information with your employees and guests. It delivers
more dynamic and cost effective communication compared
to email, intranet and bulletin boards.
Communicate more
Digital signage can achieve a variety of goals for your
organization. It can help you create more customer
awareness, reduce dwell time and increase brand awareness.
Corporate digital signage allows you to:
Motivate your employees Share motivational messages
such as production/sales dashboards and management
Create higher employee engagement Recognize the
outstanding performance of employees and let them
learn about upcoming events.
information outside your meeting rooms to improve
communication and utilization.
Deliver emergency alerts Broadcast an interrupt
emergency message over the entire system with a single
Educate your staff Show training and safety videos.
Welcome your guests Greet visiting companies with
personalized welcome messages on the front entrance.
Reduce the perceived waiting time Incorporate live
information, such as RSS feeds (weather, news and
Inform your customers Deliver company and product
information to your lobby guests.
Tell your success stories Share videos with testimonials
from satisfied customers or pictures of completed
Awareness on the spot
To maximize the impact of your message you can allow
local staff to customize messaging to specific screens and
locations. This allows different users (or departments) to
tailor their message to a target audience, according to the
display location. You can also tailor the content of different
zones in your screen layout to different viewers.
Another feature of digital signage is the ability of sharing
different messages throughout the day. Different day parts
are likely to represent different viewers, needs and interest.
With digital signage you can easily schedule several play
lists to keep your message as as relevant as possible. Digital
signage offers enhanced personalization, resulting in a
significant increase in the effectiveness of information and
branding messages.
Ideal for all sizes of business
Whether you’re a small business or part of an international
organization, digital signage can make a significant difference
to how you communicate. Adtraxion digital signage is highly
scalable, and therefore suitable for all types and size of
organizations. Whether operating in a small local network
or in a massive multinational organization and multi-user
environment with many thousands of screens, Adtraxion is
capable of meeting the project requirements.
Sound investment
Adtraxion digital signage is characterized by a low cost
of ownership. It has proven to be faster, easier and less
expensive compared to other (print)media. Digital signage
is the most efficient method of getting your message across
and saves you time & money.
Design Reduce the costs of (print)design and multi
purpose the information you already have created.
Logistics Adtraxion can use virtually any existing
network to distribute content. Its smart use of the
network allows you to update your content from a single
Efficiency The procedure for using Adtraxion is
extremely straightforward and allows you to share your
message fast and easy. It is almost effortless to adjust
your message in just a few seconds.
Deloitte uses an on-premise digital signage solution which
they host themselves, on a dedicated internal server. They
have full control over their system and share internal and
external communications.
IKEA uses the Adtraxion digital signage solution to keep their
employees up to date with meaningful information. The
Adtraxion XL solution allows IKEA to connect with displays
all around The Netherlands, from one single point.
Pfizer develops and produces medicines and vaccines for a
wide range of conditions. They foster a positive and informed
work environment, by sharing motivational messages,
production figures and other information.
Ernst & Young
Ernst & Young is one of the largest professional service firms
in the world. They greet visiting companies with welcome
messages and have incorporated live television in their play
NXP Semiconductors
To increase the viewer experience, the digital signage
network at NXP Semiconductors involves a connection
between the Adtraxion digital signage solution and
Creston, for controlling the display input.
As global market leader in the logistics industry, DHL
uses the Adtraxion digital signage solution to inform
their employees at the front entrance. They customize
messaging to specific screens on different locations.
Connect with your audience
Interactive digital signage can significantly enhance the
viewer’s experience and lets you receive real-time feedback.
With the Adtraxion digital signage solution it is very simple
to develop an interactive presentation, which can then be
used to initiate a two way conversation.
Interactivity can be facilitated through active displays
with touch-screen functionality or you can easily trigger
interactive applications through technologies such as SMS,
barcode and of course RFID.
With interactive digital signage you can:
Give viewers choice and control Allows viewers to
decide what is going to be shown on the displays
Obtain valuable information Encourage guests to
leave behind (contact) information through interactive
Facilitate way finding Help guests reach their
destination within your organization.
Maximize the impact of your message Target
individuals through a variety of technologies.
Example: demographically target an individual
through coffee vending machines and RFID
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) requires both an RFID
tag and reader. In the corporate environment, the RFID
tag can be incorporated into a badge. Many companies
have already implemented this technology for identifying
employees for payment terminals in coffee machines.
With the RFID reader connected to the display, RFID
response triggering is possible. The display reads the signal
that is transmitted by a specific badge using radio waves.
Consequently, the display will show content based on
personal data such as age, gender and position. Knowing
your target viewer’s demographics helps you getting your
message across more effectively. Because now, the display
perfectly matches the viewer’s specific demographics which
your message even more relevant. Alternatively,
only a part of the screen can be used to display corporate
information while the other part can be used for customer
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