Fendt Variotronic - Chandlers

Fendt Variotronic - Chandlers
Fendt Variotronic
The Fendt Variotronic
Fendt Variotronic –
a step ahead through innovation
Fendt presents a completely newly developed, groundbreaking electronics concept: the Fendt Variotronic. The
new Varioterminal has been optimally adapted to the Vario
and offers more functionality and convenience than ever
before. Fully integrated in the control concept, the new
Varioterminal unites all functions in one.
VarioGuide automatic steering system
• Efficient operation of tractor and implement
• Integrated in tractor controls
• High reliability
• Compatible with many correction signals
• Flat menu hierarchy and intuitive operation
• Many functions all in one terminal
Two versions available:
• 7“ Varioterminal for standard applications
• 1 0.4“ Varioterminal for advanced
Variotronic TI headland management
• Convenient: one-button control for all
• Can also be programmed when standing
• Everything in one hand
ISOBUS implement control
• No extra terminal required
• Ergonomic joystick control
• See into blind spots
• Relaxed driving
VarioDoc documentation system
• Fast and easy operation
• Secure wireless data transfer
ompatible with popular office software
utomatic logging of tractor and
implement data
The Fendt operator environment
Everything in place
The well-designed ergonomic control centre on the
right-hand armrest – comprising the Varioterminal, multifunction joystick, crossgate lever and membrane keypad
– gives operators full control over all functions.
Your benefits
• Multi-function armrest
• All functions in one terminal
• Perfect all-round visibility
The Fendt Variotronic
New generation Fendt terminal
The Varioterminal –
because demands are increasing
It is difficult to imagine a modern tractor today without
an operating terminal. Fendt already set new standards
in the agricultural equipment industry in 1997 with the
introduction of the first generation Varioterminal in the
700 Vario. Since then the demands for including more
functions in the terminal have become stronger. But at
the same time, the controls must still be easy to operate.
Fendt's answer is Variotronic – the new terminal generation in the 700, 800 and 900 Vario series.
Key or touch control?
The menu settings in both the 7“ Varioterminal and the
10.4“ Varioterminal can be conveniently adjusted using
only the touch-sensitive screen. Additionally, both terminals also have navigation keys. You can navigate through
the menus using either the keys or the touchscreen. The
tractor controls on both terminals are identical.
TopAgrar Test 1/2011 “Operating concepts“
Result: 1.9 (best overall result in test)
Excerpt: “Fendt has succeeded in clearly arranging
a large number of functions on the armrest.
The monitor sets new standards with its menu
John Deere Case IH New Holland
Everything in its place
The clearly laid out and well designed right-hand armrest is the central operating unit with which operators can make all settings and adjustments. They can place their arm comfortably
on the individually adjustable armrest and control the tractor and the implement using the multi-function joystick and the Varioterminal.
Flat menu hierarchy and everything in view
When developing the Varioterminal, the focus was on
ease of operation and a clear display. The result is an
intuitive, multi-lingual menu with a flat hierarchy and
a clutter-free display. Operators quickly find their way
around and have everything in view at once. The highresolution scratch-free touchscreen adjusts automatically
to the ambient brightness.
Quality engineered by Fendt
The entire Vario electronics concept was developed by
Fendt and optimally tailored to customer needs. The
components for the Varioterminal are also manufactured
according to the motto “Made in Germany“, so that you
can be sure you are getting high quality, reliable electronics with the best workmanship.
• Control via navigation keys
or touchscreen
• Only one operating logic for
all applications
• Flat, multilingual menus
and self-explanatory
symbols for easy orientation
• Up to four applications can
be displayed simultaneously (10.4” Varioterminal)
• E
rgonomically located on
the right-hand armrest
10.4” Varioterminal
The 10.4” Varioterminal fulfils all operator wishes.
In addition to the tractor and Variotronic implement
controls, now the external cameras, the new Fendt
VarioGuide automatic steering system and the VarioDoc
documentation system can also be controlled with the
7“ Varioterminal
With a seven-inch screen diagonal, the 7” Varioterminal
is the handy and functional companion for tractor
operations and Variotronic implement control.
• No additional terminal is
required, allows
unobstructed view through
the right-hand window
• High-resolution, scratchproof screen with automatic
brightness adjustment
• Help function in
• Excellent workmanship and
high quality meet the high
Fendt standards
The Fendt Variotronic
One terminal for all cases
Finally, all functions in one terminal
The Fendt Variotronic is the new and unique electronic
control that unites all functions in one terminal for
the first time: tractor and implement controls, camera
functions as well as the documentation and automatic
steering systems are now completely integrated in the
10.4“ Varioterminal and can be operated using the same
operating logic. That saves you the cost for additional
Screen layout
Up to four applications can be displayed simultaneously
on the 10.4” Varioterminal. You can easily choose and
change the arrangement of the applications on the
screen as you wish.
The “4-in-1 Varioterminal“
You can choose between the 7“ Varioterminal or the
10.4“ Varioterminal to suit your needs. Both terminals
offer easy to operate tractor and implement controls and
the Variotronic TI headland management, all with the
same operating logic. The small Varioterminal is equivalent to half of the display of the large terminal. The large
terminal also allows you to operate the VarioGuide automatic steering system, featuring a clearly laid out map
view, the VarioDoc documentation system and external
camera images.
Implement and tractor settings
In the half-screen view, two applications are displayed
side by side or above each other and can be controlled simultaneously. For example, the settings for the
implements and the engine and transmission can be
optimally adjusted to each other.
Practical help feature
Both the 7“ Varioterminal and the 10.4“ Varioterminal
display help text for the displayed menu page with the
push of a button.
Varioterminal 7“
Tractor controls
ISOBUS implement control
2 camera ports
Clearly arranged map view
The map is the interface between the VarioGuide automatic steering system and the VarioDoc documentation
system. The worked area is marked in colour. The tracks
can be marked separately, you specify the pattern.
In this example, every fourth track is shown in blue.
Markers can be set at special locations and can be given
unique names.
Map view
Variotronic TI headland management
The Variotronic TI headland management is fully integrated in the Varioterminal and is shown clearly in the
display. Operators can activate automated operating
sequences at the headlands with just one button. To
optimise the progression of the steps, they can be edited
and adjusted individually. That saves you time at the
headlands and prevents possible operating errors on
long work days.
Settings can be saved
All settings in the Varioterminal can be saved under a
unique name and recalled at a later time. For example, if
you have configured different settings for your seed drill
operations, such as the settings for engine speed, cruise
control, hydraulics and linkage, each setting can be easily
loaded and edited, if necessary. Furthermore, operators
can also save their own individual settings.
• All functions integrated in
just one terminal for the
first time
• Customised screen layouts
• Quarter, half and full screen
• Well-designed map view
shows waylines and worked
• Integrated help function
Variotronic TI headland management
The new Variotronic TI headland management system
allows operators to create turning manoeuvres easily,
while the tractor is standing or driving, and then saves
them for the specific implement. The entire operating
sequence is shown along with the corresponding triggers
and values, such as the time or the distance to the next
step, which makes it easy for operators to understand the
procedure. The individual steps of an operating sequence
can be edited at a later time.
• Headland management
VariotronicTI with optimum
setting options
• Easy programming, even at
a standstill
profi tractor test 828 Vario 04/2011:
“There is currently no other system that can
top this headland management system.“
TopAgrar-Test 02/2011
“Headland management“
Excerpts: “Many functions and options“
“Straightforward menu navigation, four
sequences can be saved per implement“
ISOBUS implement control and camera
Everything in control in the Vario
ISOBUS (ISO 11783) compliant implement control
You can operate any implement that is compatible with
ISO 11783 with both of the new Varioterminals. The
implement's operating mask is transferred to the terminal and clearly displayed on the screen. In the 10.4“
Varioterminal, operators have the choice of several views:
either half-screen portrait, half-screen landscape with
both menu bars on the right-hand side or with separate
menu bars on both sides.
Joystick button assignment
Do you want even more convenience? Then assign frequently used functions to buttons on the joystick, if this
is supported by the ISOBUS implement. Up to ten functions can be individually assigned simply by clicking in
the terminal. The well laid-out display shows you the current assignment at a glance.
Joystick button assignment
Up to ten functions can be operated individually and ergonomically using the
joystick (if supported by the implement).
Everything in view
In the half-screen view, for example, you can simultaneously display your ISOBUS implement and the
map view.
Variotronic Implement Control
All ISOBUS implements can be displayed clearly in full screen mode and
conveniently controlled with touch technology. Up to 12 functions can be
controlled at the same time.
AGCO/Fendt is a founding member of the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation). The
initiative is an independent international industry organisation. As a user platform, it provides
resources and knowledge for enhancing the use of electronics in the farming sector. The current
focus is on important topics related to the ISOBUS.
Camera view
The large 10.4“ Varioterminal has up to two camera ports.
As an example, this makes coupling implements much
easier. When working with rear-mounted implements,
it is not necessary to constantly turn around. In addition
to comfort, this provides greater safety, since the camera
allows you to look into blind areas.
• No additional terminals
• Controlled using the
terminal and the joystick
• Customised screen layouts
Camera in full screen view
Camera layout
Images from up to two cameras can be shown at the same time
in the quarter screen view.
• Half and full screen views
for ISOBUS implement
• Images from up to two
cameras can be displayed at
the same time
Compatible camera
A recommended camera with a magnetic foot is available
through Fendt dealers.
Magnetic foot
VarioGuide automatic steering
VarioGuide automatic steering –
right on track
The new VarioGuide automatic steering system, developed by Fendt, guarantees maximum reliability thanks
to new satellite technology. This means relaxed working
conditions over longer periods of time, whether by day or
night, and allows you to concentrate fully on the implement. Even when visibility is poor, precise driving is no
problem. Overall that means shorter working times and
lower consumption of fuel and crop inputs, such as seeds
or pesticides.
Your benefits
• Saves fuel and crop inputs
• Higher area coverage
• More driving comfort and full
concentration on the implement
VarioGuide automatic steering
Always on the right track
VarioGuide – even more efficiency
VarioGuide enables the highest possible utilisation of the
tractor, because you can even work at night or when visibility is poor due to dust or fog, and still achieve an optimum result. At the same time, area coverage increases
significantly, since the number of skips and overlaps
is reduced. The highly efficient use of crop inputs with
VarioGuide provides savings of up to three to ten percent, depending on the job.
VarioGuide Standard
• I deal for work such as stubble management, compost
spreading, rolling, mowing or applying slurry
• Accuracy class: +/- 20 cm
• C orrection signals: EGNOS (free of charge), OmniSTAR
VBS (subscription required)
VarioGuide Standard allows you to choose between
the free EGNOS correction signal and the fee-based
OmniSTAR VBS subscription service, which provides
outstanding reliability. Satellite-based operation allows
you to profit from both correction signals with full
flexibility – no matter where you are working.
Enhanced driving comfort
With VarioGuide you not only work more economically,
but you also benefit from significantly improved operator comfort. The tractor automatically drives in the right
track, so operators can fully focus their attention on the
actual work with the implement.
VarioGuide Precision
• Suitable for almost all farming applications, as well as
cereal sowing (except for row crops)
• Accuracy class: +/- 5 cm
• Correction signal: OmniSTAR HP (subscription required)
A key advantage of VarioGuide Precision is that it
expands the application range to include operations
with cereal seeds. Just like VarioGuide Standard, the
signal offers full flexibility for operations in changing
work locations.
VarioGuide RTK
• Offers the highest accuracy – ideal for specialty crops
• Accuracy class: +/- 2 cm
• Correction signals: Mobile RTK with a transmission
radius of 3 - 5 km, fixed RTK with a transmission range
of up to 30 km
With VarioGuide RTK, you get the greatest possible
accuracy and constant precision all day and night. The
mobile RTK station provides correction signals without
requiring a subscription and covers a range of up to five
kilometres. Several vehicles can use the signals of one
single RTK base station.
Easy to transfer and well protected
The antenna unit can be easily transferred between pre-equipped machines in
a matter of minutes. The individual components, such as the antenna, receiver
and roll bias compensation unit are accommodated in a compact housing unit
and fully integrated in the roof. The antenna is therefore optimally protected
against external influences such as blows from branches.
Compact housing unit
Always connected
In addition to the US GPS satellites, VarioGuide, which is
operated with the Varioterminal, is capable of using the
Russian GLONASS satellite system and is also ready for
use with the planned European Galileo system. The parallel use of several systems guarantees consistent, high
reliability of the automatic steering system.
Compatible with many correction signals
Fendt also goes the open route with correction signals. You can choose between many types of signals.
VarioGuide works with satellite-based signals such as
EGNOS or OmniSTAR as well as with ground-based RTK
signals via radio. VarioGuide supports open formats such
as RTCM 3.1. Manufacturer-specific isolated applications
are a thing of the past.
• Precise and reliable Fendt
VarioGuide automatic steering
• Significantly higher area
coverage through six percent
less overlapping
• Savings on crop inputs
VarioGuide main page
All important information is shown on one page.
VarioGuide settings page
The implement is specified using an intuitive graphic.
• Precise driving in poor
visibility conditions
• Reliable satellite connection
through the use of GPS and
• Compatible with many
correction signals (satellite,
• Automatic levelling
Without VarioActive
1 turn of the steering wheel
= 26.6° With VarioActive
1 turn of the steering wheel
VarioActive superimposed steering system (700 Vario)
A stronger steering ratio can be activated with the Vario­
Active superimposed steering system. It adjusts to the
steering movement and travel speed. A high gain in comfort, especially for front loader work in tight farmyards or
at the headlands.
Better quality of work with VarioGuide automatic steering
With VarioGuide, operators can concentrate fully on the implement.
That increases performance and has a positive impact on the overall
quality of work, even in poor visibility conditions. VarioGuide guarantees maximum reliability thanks to new satellite technology.
profi Test VarioGuide 04/2011:
“Operation and menu navigation are logical and
the icons are unambiguous [...] As our measurements have shown, Fendt has done an excellent
job of implementing automated steering in A-B
mode [...] We really like that the controls for the
steering system are now integrated in the easy to
read Varioterminal.“
VarioGuide received a final score of 1.55 in the
top agrar tractor test “GPS steering“ 03/2011:
“The system is simple, well integrated and works
well.“ (VarioGuide tested in the 828 Vario)
VarioDoc documentation
Take care of documentation
right in the field
Documentation is the most important basis for economic analyses in modern farming businesses today.
Furthermore, the legal and social requirements for recording data continue to grow. With the new VarioDoc, this
data can be recorded with a minimum of effort and time,
documented in the field record and analysed.
Your benefits
• Less work and time spent on
• Compatible with different field record
• Important machine data are recorded
VarioDoc documentation
The professional documentation system
Modern job management
VarioDoc is the solution for efficient job management
and convenient data recording for farming businesses
and contractors. Using the Varioterminal, all relevant
information can already be entered in the field so that
follow-up work in the office is reduced to a minimum.
And it works the other way around, too – new jobs can
be created using the PC and then transferred to the terminal to be worked on.
Easy documentation with VarioDoc or VarioDoc Pro
VarioDoc ensures efficient job management for your farm. The basic version is
included in the 10.4“ Varioterminal as standard. The enhanced version, VarioDoc Pro,
also offers recording of position data via GPS, including tractor parameters, and data
transfer via mobile network. Operators can also choose between fully automated
data recording and job management. It is controlled using the VarioDoc menu in the
Varioterminal. All data are displayed concisely and easy to understand.
VarioDoc is available in two versions
The basic VarioDoc version is standard in every
10.4“ Varioterminal. Data exchange via Bluetooth ensures
secure transmission.
VarioDoc Pro offers additional features that also allow
position data to be recorded. Field record software with
GIS functionality can use this data to create maps, for
example, ones that display the relative fuel consumption or power requirement for the area. The data can be
conveniently transmitted via the mobile network. This is
an important advantage, particularly for contractors or
large farms, since the tractor does not need to be in the
vicinity of the farmyard at the time of data transmission.
Exact documentation with VarioDoc or VarioDoc Pro
The quality of the data is an important criterion for a documentation system.
VarioDoc logs data where it is created. Triggers can be set individually to
ensure that only the actual worked area is taken into account.
Only an integrated documentation system such as VarioDoc can record all
important tractor and implement data.
Exact position data for your field record with VarioDoc Pro
VarioDoc Pro delivers exact position data for your field record. Depending on the type of software, you can then use your PC to visualise the
work that has been performed. The machine data, such as engine speed,
fuel consumption or PTO speed are recorded at every position. This is a
decisive advantage over non-integrated retrofit systems.
Secure data exchange
A simple synchronisation procedure is all that is required
to update data on both the PC and terminal. Then you
have all the current master data, such as pesticide or
fertiliser use, available on board the tractor and can
react to changing conditions swiftly. Convenient data
exchange via Bluetooth or mobile network guarantees
secure transfer. The jobs remain in the terminal until the
exchange has been completed. Synchronisation starts
automatically, as soon as the tractor is within range.
Compatible with many field databases
The open ISOXML standard enables data exchange with
field record software such as those from BASF, Helm,
agrocom and Land-Data Eurosoft. Thus Fendt is the first
manufacturer to offer a documentation system that is
compatible with various field record systems.
Data exchange via ISOXML
When it comes to data exchange, Fendt
puts its cards on full compatibility. The
ISOXML standard allows seamless data
exchange with any compatible field
record. The list of compatible software is
constantly growing.
Compatible products
• BASF field record
• MultiPlant
• High data quality through
precise area and time
• Trouble-free transfer of data
to the field record software
• AO Agrar-Office Schlagkartei
• AO Agrar-Office Lohnunternehmer
• AO Agrar-Office AutoDok
• Open ISOXML standard
for data transfer with field
records from different
Master data jobs
• Required data are recorded
directly in the field
• Transmission errors and lost
slips of paper are a thing of
the past
1. Transfer to tractor via Bluetooth or mobile network
2. Selection and
processing of the jobs
• Saves working time
• Easy, intuitive operation
4. Synchronisation with PC via Bluetooth or
mobile network
3. Entry
Convenient job processing
New jobs are created on the PC and then transferred to the vehicle. After the work has been completed,
it is entered in the field record.
Technical Specifications
7” Varioterminal 10.4” Varioterminal
Tractor controls
Variotronic Implement Control
Touch control
Rotary control and keys
Help function
VarioDoc Pro (documentation)
VarioGuide (auto-steering)
Camera inputs
1 GB
4 GB
Number of colours
16 million
Diagonal in inches/cm
Display area in cm2
■ = standard/ ❑ = optional/ – = not available
Cameras through AGCO Parts available
VarioDoc Pro1)
Creating master data and jobs in the machine
Configurable triggers
Automatic recording (auto job)
Recorded data
Working width
Area worked
Fuel consumption l/hr or l/ha
Date / time
Engine speed
PTO speed
Lift position
Traction requirement
Ground speed
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ –
xml to ISO 11783
■ ■ xml to ISO 11783
Data transfer
Mobile radio (GPRS)2)
Transfer format
■ = standard/ – = not available
N ot available in all countries. Please contact your dealer for further information
SIM card not included in scope of delivery
Standard and optional equipment
Correction signals
Mobile reference station (RTK) 1)
Fixed reference station (RTK)1), 2)
Correction data format
RTCM 2.3
RTCM 3.1
Steering valves
Wayline offset
Marking of worked swaths
Marking of important positions (marker)
Ground speed
Tracking straight line
Tracking straight line A + angle
Tracking curves
Tracking circles
Adaptive curve mode
Automatic levelling
NMEA data output
Pass-to-pass accuracy
VarioGuide Standard
VarioGuide Precision
VarioGuide RTK1)
■ ■ ■
0.2 - 25 km/h
■ ■
0.2 - 25 km/h
0.2 - 25 km/h
+/- 20 cm
+/- 5 cm
+/- 2 cm
■ = standard/ ❑ =optional/ – = not available
N ot available in all countries. Please contact your dealer for further information.
Available 3rd Quarter 2011 within the scope of projects.
Notes on accuracy specifications: Static accuracy indicates how accurate the measured position of a stationary tractor is over a
longer period of time (usually 24 hours). The dynamic accuracy specifies the repeatable pass-to-pass accuracy that is attainable
within a 15-minute time frame. The specified values correspond to the maximum attainable system accuracy under optimum
conditions. The accuracy that can actually be attained in practice depends on various factors. AGCO is not responsible for availability or for reduced accuracy caused by operational degradation, ionospheric or tropospheric conditions or satellite geometry.
AGCO is not liable for the performance data of the positioning systems (e.g. GPS, Glonass, Galileo) or the secondary systems (e.g.
EGNOS, WAAS, OmniSTAR, etc.).
GPS signal
+ Correction signal (e.g. type, accuracy, availability)
+ System and tractor factors (e.g. calibration, tyre pressure, front axle load
+ Implement factors (e.g. settings, horizontal draft, symmetry)
+ Conditions in the field (e.g. type of soil, conditions of ground, slope)
= real accuracy of VarioGuide in the field
The Fendt overall profitability
Investing right means
saving in the long term
Efficiency: The recipe for economical operations
We make no compromises when it comes to efficiency,
because our objective is to be the leader for cost-effectiveness per hectare and kilometre. The very best technology, as is found in our tractors, is just good enough for
us: for example, the highly efficient Vario drive train and
the fuel-saving SCR technology in combination
with TMS. These enhance the already top-level efficiency
of the Vario and further reduce the costs per hectare and
Variotronic: working at a new level
The highly efficient technology under the bonnet of the
Fendt Vario is the basis for successful operations. In the
control centre, the Fendt Variotronic takes maximum
area coverage with the tractor to a completely new level.
Because through the easy operation and the many functions, the Fendt Vario can easily be optimally adjusted. So
you get maximum power out of each and every drop of
Fendt overall profitability
Even MORE from even LESS
You save even more time and money with the VarioGuide
automatic steering system and the VarioDoc documentation system. Fendt has ideally integrated these profitable
features into the Variotronic operating concept. A valuable investment in less costs per hectare and even more
hectares per hour and the best working comfort.
• Fendt Variotronic for highly efficient
operation of the tractor and implement
• Fendt Efficiency for the best
cost-effectiveness per hectare
• Fendt comfort thanks to optimal control
of all settings
• Fendt economy through lower
consumption of fuel and crop inputs
• Fendt working quality through accurate
work, pass to pass
More than ever:
Leaders drive Fendt
Sales agent:
All data regarding delivery, appearance, performance, dimensions and weight, fuel consumption and running costs of the
vehicles correspond with the latest information available at the time of going to press. Changes may be made before the
time of purchase. Your Fendt dealer will be pleased to supply you with up-to-date information.
AGCO GmbH – Fendt Marketing
D-87616 Marktoberdorf
Fax +49 (0) 8342 / 77-220 • www.fendt.com
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