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From fresh to chilled to frozen.
Anytime, anywhere.
The Thermo King MAGNUM®:
peace of mind, no
matter what you
Let’s face it, colder is better. Especially when
it comes to transporting premium cargo like
seafood, ice cream or pharmaceuticals.
And no other reefer unit gets colder than
the Thermo King MAGNUM. It’s the only
refrigerated container unit on the market
that can maintain a -35ºC setpoint.
But deep frozen cargo isn’t the only
commodity that benefits from the
MAGNUM’s unprecedented range.
Thanks to an increased pull down capacity,
and the industry’s most precise temperature
control, the MAGNUM is the most reliable
way to ensure all your customer’s cargo fresh or frozen - arrives at its destination
in optimal condition.
The recommended
storage temperature
for all fishery
products ...
is -30ºC.
United Nation Food and Agriculture
Organization’s “Food For All”
The MAGNUM: tops the competition in every
What must the reefer unit of tomorrow have?
We asked, you told us: Your feedback was
virtually unanimous.
• Any box temperature (-35ºC and above)
• In any ambient temperature (even +50ºC!)
• Less complexity/higher reliability
• Continuous performance over time
Armed with that information, our designers
and engineers went to work. The results?
Everything you demanded, and then some.
✓ Coldest Setpoint
Only the MAGNUM can maintain a -35ºC
setpoint. Meaning only the MAGNUM can
guarantee your deep frozen cargo will
stay deep-frozen no matter where you haul.
✓ Highest Cooling Capacity
Due to the extreme environmental conditions
cargo boxes are exposed to, they typically
experience an increase in heat leakage of
3-5% per year. Taking that into account,
even a 15-year old MAGNUM has the
capacity to maintain deep frozen cargo in
+50ºC ambient. No other reefer unit can
make that claim.
✓ Fastest Pull Down Capacity
Higher cooling capacity means faster pull
down. And faster pull down means better
quality product upon delivery.
✓ Simplest Design
With fewer components and an overall
design that’s easy to service, you’ll have
lower maintenance costs and more uptime
with the MAGNUM.
category that counts.
Longest Usable Box Life
Unlike traditional units, which are only
effective in moving deep frozen products for
the first 5 years, the MAGNUM offers enough
cooling capacity to maintain -29ºC throughout
the 15-year life of the container. Not only
does this make each box more profitable, it
also eliminates paying repositioning costs for
deep frozen shipments.
Most Reliable Compressor
Our aluminized scroll compressor - customdesigned by Thermo King and the world’s
largest scroll compressor manufacturer- can
withstand the most brutal environments
imaginable. That’s why we have the reputation
for having the most reliable compressors in the
Largest Cargo Capacity
25% lighter than the standard industry units,
the MAGNUM can significantly increase your
overall cargo capacity.
…R-404A provides better
performance over the entire
range of box temperatures
than R-134a.
David J. Bateman, Sr. Technical Service
Consultant, DuPont Suva® Refrigerants
What does -35°C mean for
your customers and your
bottom line?
With the industry’s lowest TEWI, a deep
frozen box life that’s double the competition,
and plenty of next-generation advantages, like
our digital economized scroll with corrosionfree coating, there’s a lot more to like about
the MAGNUM than just -35ºC (see inside).
Still, it’s that extra margin of safety that makes
the MAGNUM the indisputable choice to haul
all your valued cargo.
It provides the flexibility that lets you expand
your market share. It provides the capacity
that lets you haul deep frozen cargo throughout the life of your box. And it provides a
reassuring level of comfort to give both you
and your customers peace of mind.
Lowest Power Consumption
In laboratory tests and field trials, the
MAGNUM, compared to the competition, was
able to reduce overall energy consumption an
average of 30%. That adds up to even more
money on your bottom line.
Lowest TEWI
Numbers don’t lie. After combining the direct
GWP and the indirect GWP, the numbers show
that the competition produces significantly
more CO2 than the MAGNUM. Translation?
The MAGNUM has the lowest TEWI in the
Why is colder better?
• Reduced product degradation
• Improved texture
• Reduced product loss
• Increased storage life
• Increased cargo protection throughout the
cold chain
• Maintain optimal deep frozen characteristics
MAGNUM: specifications
Refrigerant capacity:
The Thermo King MAGNUM is a one-piece,
integral front wall, all-electric automatic cooling
and heating unit for ISO sea-going containers.
It is suitable for operation on trailer on flat car
(TOFC), container on flat car (COFC), and aboard
Scroll w/R-404A
Zer-O system net cooling capacities at 37.8°C
(100°F) ambient and 60 Hz electric power:
Heating capacity
System net heating capacity (including fanheat)
with 60 Hz electric power:
5,800 Watts (4,984 Kcal/hr, 19,800 Btu/hr).
Cooling Capacity
• 404A refrigerant
• Compressor Scroll:
Exclusive Copeland® Digital Scroll®
Compressor with Digital Control Valve for
capacity modulation, economizer circuit,
ambient compensated internal overload and
high temperature protection.
- Type: Scroll (one stationary and one orbiting)
with radial and axial compliance allowing
tolerance to liquid refrigerant and debris
- Rating: 6 hp motor, 380/460V, 50/60 Hz
- Construction: steel shell with rigid internal
mount of scroll and motor
- Oil: polyol ester
- Finish: thermal sprayed aluminum
• Microprocessor controller
The MP-3000 microprocessor controller
provides thermostat, digital thermometer
programming keypad, mode indicators, and
a digital status readout window for displaying
electronically recorded trip and cargo
- MP-3000 includes PTI programs, manual test,
self-diagnostic test, advanced service
information and service help functions
- The controller contains the following basic
features and components:
Backlit LCD digital display
Mode indication LEDs
Alarm indicator functions
Demand and timed defrost
Defrost cycle control
Internal self-checking/diagnostics
Pre-trip testing for reefer unit
Remote monitoring and data retrieval
Interface ports
Data recording
- Electronic phase selection
- Three-phase current monitoring and
- Power consumption control to limit total unit
power consumption
• Proportional-integral differential (PID)
refrigeration capacity control system
• Non-corrosive sea-going construction
includes marine-treated aluminum alloy frame,
non-corrosive fittings, all stainless steel hardware,
condenser coil with epoxy e-coat and polyurethane
top coat for UV protection, hydrophilic coating on
evaporator coil, and a marine duty protective coating
on the compressor
• Condenser and evaporator fan motors
include stainless steel shafts and internal thermal
overload protection
• CFC-free foamed-in-place insulation
• Evaporator fan airflow:
High Speed
60Hz: 12.7 mm (0.50 in) WG
60Hz: 19.0 mm (0.75 in) WG
Evaporator fans operate on demand depending on
cargo and ambient temperature to reduce power draw
from fan motors
• Fresh air exchange
adjustable from 0-285 m3/hr (0-150 ft3/min)
• Unit wired
for 380/460 volt, three-phase, 50/60 Hz power
supply with an 18 meter (60 ft) 11/4 power cable
with CEE-17 plug
• Bottom air discharge
• Automatic electronic phase correction system
• 29 Vac control system
• Demand defrost and supplemental
timed defrost with selectable intervals
• Manual defrost
initiation via MP-3000 keypad
• Cool, Modulation Cool, Null, Heat, Defrost,
In-Range and alarm indicator lights
• Time delay start sequence
• ABS certification
• Composite condenser and evaporator fans
• Conforms to ISO classifications and
specifications for thermal containers including
racking and end-loading standards, TIR specifications,
ATP refrigeration standards, ARI standards for rating
refrigeration capacity, UIC international Union of
Railways, Australian Electrical Certification,
British Standard 3755 Requirement (TAINT),
USDA requirements for “Insect Cold” treatment, and
Agrotechnological Research Institute (ATO-DLO)
for flower bulb transportation
• Auxiliary battery and charger
• USDA "Cold Treatment" provision
• Dehumidification control
• Bulb mode
• AFAM+ Advanced Fresh Air Exchange
• Water Cooled Condenser
• 4-Pin remote monitoring receptacle
• Thermo King electronic chart recorder
• Partlow temperature recorder
• Saginomiya Temperature recorder
• Remote monitoring
• Transfresh provision
• 10/4 power cable
• Dual Voltage Transformer
2,235 mm (88 inches)
2,026 mm (79.8 inches)
420 mm (16.5 inches)
Weight (approximate)
420 kg (926 lb)
For complete details on how the
Thermo King MAGNUM can make
your containers more profitable, visit
or email your inquiry to
Warranty Summary
Specific terms of the Thermo King Ireland Ltd.
24 month limited warranty (TK 52506-9-CH) are
available on request. Thermo King excludes
liability in contract and tort (including strict
liability and negligence) for any special, indirect
or consequential damages by reason of the
installation or use of any covered product or its
mechanical failure.
Specifications are subject to change without
Providing equipment and services to manage controlled-temperature environments for food and other perishables, our
Climate Control Technologies sector encompasses both transport and stationary refrigeration solutions. Our product
brands include Thermo King®, a world leader in transport temperature control system and Hussmann®, a manufacturer of
refrigeration and food merchandising equipment.
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For further information please contact:
Ingersoll Rand Climate Control Technologies NCI Building - 4th Floor, Culliganlaan 1B, 1831 Diegem, Belgium.
Thermo King Monivea Road, Mervue, Galway, Ireland.
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