Code Name: STEAM

Code Name: STEAM
Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.
Important Information
Before You Play
Information-Sharing Precautions
Parental Controls
Getting Started
Starting a New Game
Saving and Erasing Data
Game Screens and Controls
How to Play
Campaign Mode
Single Player - The Liberty
The Flow of Battle
Weapons and Equipment
Tips & Tricks
Wireless Communication
Versus Mode
Local Play
Online Play
Circle Pad Pro
Support Information
Important Information
Please read this manual carefully
before using the software. If the
software will be used by children,
the manual should be read and
explained to them by an adult.
Also, before using this software,
in the HOME Menu
please select
and carefully review content in
"Health and Safety Information." It
contains important information that
will help you enjoy this software.
You should also thoroughly read
your Operations Manual, including
the "Health and Safety Information"
section, before using this software.
Please note that except where
otherwise stated, "Nintendo 3DS™"
refers to all devices in the
Nintendo 3DS family, including the
New Nintendo 3DS,
New Nintendo 3DS XL,
Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL,
and Nintendo 2DS™.
To avoid fatigue and discomfort
when using the stylus, do not grip it
tightly or press it hard against the
screen. Keep your fingers, hand,
wrist, and arm relaxed. Long, steady,
gentle strokes work j ust as well as
many short, hard strokes.
Important Information
Your Nintendo 3DS system and this
software are not designed for use with
any unauthorized device or unlicensed
accessory. Such use may be illegal,
voids any warranty, and is a breach of
your obligations under the User
Agreement. Further, such use may
lead to inj ury to yourself or others and
may cause performance issues and/or
damage to your Nintendo 3DS system
and related services. Nintendo (as well
as any Nintendo licensee or distributor)
is not responsible for any damage or
loss caused by the use of such device
or unlicensed accessory. Except as
authorized, copying of any Nintendo
software is illegal and is strictly
prohibited by domestic and
international intellectual property laws.
"Back-up" or "archival" copies are not
Nintendo respects the intellectual
property of others, and we ask
Nintendo 3DS software Content
Providers to do the same. In
accordance with the Digital Millennium
Copyright Act in the US, the Electronic
Commerce Directive in the EU, and
other applicable law, we have adopted
a policy of removing, in appropriate
circumstances and at our sole
discretion, any Nintendo 3DS software
that appears to infringe anyone else's
intellectual property. If you believe
your intellectual property rights are
being infringed, please visit to view the
full policy and understand your rights.
© 2015 Nintendo / INTELLIGENT
Trademarks are property of their
respective owners. Nintendo 3DS is
a trademark of Nintendo.
Information-Sharing Precautions
User-generated content, or UGC, is
content created by users, such as
messages, Mii™ characters, images,
photos, video, audio, etc.
Information-Sharing Precautions
The extent of UGC exchange
depends on the software.
● Nintendo bears no responsibility
whatsoever for any problems that
result from the use of the Internet
(for example, the sending of
content over the Internet, or the
sending or receiving of content
with others).
With this game, you can connect to
the Internet to enj oy multiplayer
battles and receive notifications via
SpotPass. Each player must have a
copy of the software.
◆ Refer to your Operations Manual for
information about connecting your
system to the Internet.
This software supports Nintendo
Nintendo Network is the name of
Nintendo’s network service that
enables users to enj oy games
and other content via the
Protecting Your Privacy
• To protect your privacy, do not
give out personal information, such
as last name, phone number, birth
date, age, school, e-mail, or home
address when communicating with
• Friend codes are a part of a system
that allows you to play with people
you know. If you exchange friend
codes with strangers, there is a risk
you could share information with
people you do not know or
exchange messages that contain
offensive language. We therefore
recommend that you do not give
your friend codes to people you
don't know.
Parental Controls
You can restrict use of the following
features by adj usting the options in
Parental Controls.
◆ Access to this game (as well as other
games) can also be restricted through
the Software Rating item in Parental
◆ Refer to your Operations Manual for
information on how to set up Parental
• Online Interaction
Restricts all online matches with
other players over the Internet
(page 18) and the creation of
tournaments (page 19).
• StreetPass
Restricts the exchange of highscore data between users via
The year is 1865. Advances in
steam technology have set this
world on a different course from that
which you know. Here the divider
between history and literature has
also been blurred; the heroes of war
and the heroes from books are one
and the same.
It falls to you now to take command
of an elite unit made up of these
heroes, utilizing the latest in steam
technology and guiding your forces
in battle against an alien menace
that threatens the entire world.
Starting a New Game
Go to the main-menu
screen and choose
Campaign (page 9) or
Versus (page 15). For
campaigns, you can
either load a save file or start a new
campaign by selecting New
Saving and Erasing Data
Saving Data
The g ame will automatically save
when you complete a map.
In addition, you can save the game
mid-map by activating a save point.
Save points can only be used once,
but also enable you to spend some
medals to restore agents' health and
During a mission, if you pause and
choose Return to Title Screen, you'll
create a single-use quick-save file
that will be deleted after you load it.
Erasing Data
To erase data, go to the fileselection screen and tap Delete.
You can erase all files by holding
do wn , ,  and  when
launching the game from the HOME
◆ Be careful. Deleted data cannot be
● Data can be lost due to user
action, such as repe ate dly
powering off and on the system
or removing a Game Card or SD
Card while saving. Data loss
may also be caused by poor
connectivity due to dirt or dust
in the system's ports. Please be
aware that in these cases data
cannot be restored.
Game Screens and Controls
(C Stick)
Cycle range
weapons only)
Cycle between
Cycle between
Fire main or
sub weapon
◆ To use (R), enable the Circle Pad
Pro by switching it to ON in Options in
the menu (page 20).
◆ Controls with the C Stick ( ) can
only be used on the New Nintendo
3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL.
❶ Health Bar
When your character is hit by an
attack, he or she loses health. When
that character's health reaches zero,
he or she is defeated and will be
unable to fight until the map is
cleared (if all characters' health
reaches zero, the mission fails). You
also can spend a certain amount of
medals at any save point to revive
any fallen characters.
❷ Steam Gauge
At the start of your turn, each
character receives a certain amount
of steam depending on what boiler
he or she is equipped with. Most
actions cost steam to perform.
❸ Character Portrait
Tap these to switch between
❹ Wrench Icon
Open the pause menu.
❺ End Turn
Tap this to end your turn.
❻ Star Icon
Tap to select this agent's special.
Note: When the special is selected,
a pulley will appear and can be used
to activate the move.
❼ Camera icon
Drag this icon with the stylus to aim
a weapon or simply look around.
❽ Range Slider
Tap here to adj ust the range of
certain weapons.
❾ Current Weapon
Tap here to toggle between main
and sub weapons.
Once per map, each character can
use a powerful move called a
special. These can have various
effects depending on the character
in question. You will unlock specials
early in the game.
Campaign Mode
In Campaign mode, you'll follow the
story of Henry Fleming and the
agents of S.T.E.A.M. as they fight to
repel the alien invasion of Earth.
Maps and Missions
The campaign is divided into 16
missions, each of which comprises
one or more maps. On each map,
you will need to complete an
obj ective (e.g., "reach the goal") to
move on to the next map or
complete the mission. Between
maps, your agents will be healed of
all damage and you will have the
opportunity to re-equip and/or swap
in different agents.
Once you complete a mission, you
will receive a score in medals. Your
squad will receive promotions and
unlock additional equipment based
on your cumulative score.
Single Player - The Liberty
❶ Menu
Open the main menu.
❷ Briefing Room
Go to the Briefing Room.
❸ Library
Milton will share his notes with you
on enemies, characters, and the
world. You will also be able to
access extra content from this menu
on completing Campaign mode.
❹ Prepare
Select a mission to play and equip
your agents here.
Playing with amiibo™
If you have a compatible amiibo
figure, you can add that
character to your team on the
Prepare screen (page 21). When
you are selecting your squad
members, tap the amiibo button
and follow the on-screen
◆ If this character is
incapacitated in battle, he or
she will no longer be able to
fight. To make that character
available again, add him or her
back to your team roster using
the appropriate amiibo figure.
Briefing Room
Go to the Briefing Room to hear
details about the upcoming mission
and background information about
the war and S.T.E.A.M.
❺ Sub-Weapon List
Tap to review what sub weapons you
have unlocked and how close you
are to your next one.
❻ Boiler List
Tap to review your current gear
count and what boilers you have
❼ Records & Stats
View information on your campaign
so far and check your Versus
The Flow of Battle
During the enemy's turn, you may or
may not be able to see what your
enemy is up to, depending on the
currently selected character's line of
sight. You may switch between
characters to keep an eye on other
areas of the map.
Characters with certain weapons
equipped and enough steam left
over at the end of their turn will be
placed in overwatch mode. In this
mode, a character will shoot at any
enemy that moves within his or her
range and field of view. Remember,
where you're facing is important for
Weapons and Equipment
Your struggle with the alien invaders
will require a variety of weapons and
equipment. Choosing the right tool
for the j ob can be the difference
between success and failure!
Unlocking New Weapons
and Boilers
Early in the game, you will receive
your first two sub weapons, with two
more following shortly afterward.
After that, you will unlock new sub
weapons at certain score thresholds.
Additionally, there are three large
gears on each map, often in out-ofthe-way locations. Collect these to
unlock new boilers for your agents
to use.
Equipping Characters
To equip your characters, choose a
mission to play or replay. From
there, you can select which agents
to use and tap Play. This will take
you to the Equip screen, where you
can select sub weapons and boilers.
❹ ❺
❶ Character Name
❷ Information on Current Item
Here is where you will see
information about the sub weapon or
boiler you are currently highlighting.
❸ Character Portraits
Switch between characters by
tapping the portrait of the agent you
want to equip.
❹ Sub-Weapon Slot
Like main weapons, sub weapons
vary widely from each other. Unlike
main weapons, you can change what
sub weapon a given character is
equipped with.
Tap Random to equip a randomly
selected sub weapon from the
available options.
❺ Boiler Slot
Every character needs a boiler to
provide steam. Boilers vary based on
steam capacity and recharge rate
and may have special abilities, such
as the Rocket Pack's bonus to j ump
distance with the Jump Booster.
❻ Back to Prepare Screen
❼ Unit/Team Switch
Tap here to toggle between views of
the selected unit and the entire
❽ Character Stats
See Agents (page 13) for more
Select Random in the subweapon slot to randomly assign
that type of equipment to the
currently selected agent.
Select Shuffle to randomly
assign sub weapons to all
Wars aren't fought by equipment;
they're fought by soldiers. Each
member of S.T.E.A.M. is a uniquely
talented individual, ready to do his
or her part against the alien menace.
Main Weapon
In terms of gameplay, the biggest
difference between agents comes
from their main weapons. These
range from the straightforwardly
powerful Eagle Rifle to the areawide healing ability of the MediMortar.
Each character also has a special
that can be used once per map. Not
all of these are attacks, but all are
very powerful. Use them well.
Every agent has an ability that
grants either a bonus or an extra
capability. A few characters have
abilities that give a bonus to the
entire squad. These are called Team
Lastly, agents vary in their maximum
health and their weight class. The
former dictates how much damage
agents can take before being
defeated. The latter determines
what kinds of boilers they can wear.
Tips & Tricks
Wooden Crates and
Metal Boxes
Crates labeled "S.T.E.A.M." contain
medical kits, extra steam tanks, or
other helpful items. Most damagecausing weapons can break open
these crates, as can an agent with
the Break ability.
Metal boxes will contain medals.
Only certain weapons can break
them open.
Restoring and Reviving
You can spend medals at save
points to restore the health and
steam of your agents. You can even
revive agents that have fallen!
Weak Points
Most enemy aliens have a weak spot
somewhere on their bodies. Examine
your foes carefully and try attacking
from various angles to see if you
can find these weaknesses.
Tanks and Cannons
Occasionally you will find a
stationary steam cannon or a tank
vehicle on the field. These operate
Enter the tank or cannon from the
rear by moving your agent to the
back and pushing forward on the
Circle Pad.
Your agent's steam reserve is used
to fire and move (cannons are
Exit the tank or cannon by tapping
Be on the lookout for floating
monitors. Besides providing
helpful game tips, they will refill
the steam tank of the agent who
reads them.
Versus Mode
Versus mode lets you battle against
a human opponent, with j ust a few
differences from the Campaign
• There are three different types of
Versus match: Death Match, Medal
Battle, and A.B.E. Battle (see
Versus Game Types below).
• Turns in Death Match and Medal
Battle are on a time limit (A.B.E.
Battles are real time).
• Each player controls his or her own
team of S.T.E.A.M. agents,
equipped with whatever weapons
and equipment he or she has
unlocked in the game thus far.
You will be able to choose from a
variety of maps specifically created
for multiplayer battles and customize
your team with weapons, boilers,
and characters.
Versus Game Types
Death Match: Defeat all four
members of your opponent's squad
before he or she defeats yours.
Medal Battle: Collect more medals
than your opponent within five turns.
A.B.E. Battle: Defeat your
opponent's giant robot in real time.
Starting a Multiplayer
From the main-menu screen, choose
Versus and follow the on-screen
Versus mode can be
experienced via both Local Play
and the Internet. For more
information on Local Play,
including how to start a match,
see page 17. For more
information on Internet play,
including how to start a match,
see page 18.
You can also create or participate in
tournaments. For more information
about tournaments, see page 19.
Multiplayer-Only Items
Power Booster
This increases an agent's base
power by 50%. A given agent can
benefit from up to three of these, for
a total increase of 150% to power.
The bonus lasts for the rest of the
Health Booster
This increases an agent's base
health by 50%. A given agent can
benefit from up to three of these, for
a total increase of 150% to health.
The bonus lasts for the rest of the
Steam Booster
This increases an agent's steamrecharge rate by one. A given agent
can benefit from up to three of
these. The bonus lasts for the rest
of the match.
This software uses the StreetPass™
feature (local wireless
communication) for leaderboard
tracking. By using StreetPass, you
can compare your stats against
those of other squads and move up
in the leaderboards. If you maintain
a top rank on a mission's
leaderboard for a week or more,
you'll receive a score bonus. The
higher you place, the higher the
multiplier will be, so stay at the top
of as many mission leaderboards
and StreetPass as many times as
you can to really boost your score!
◆ To communicate using this feature, all
players must activate StreetPass for
this software.
◆ Even if StreetPass is configured, you
will not be able to receive medals in
cases where data is not sent or
received between players, or if you
deactivate StreetPass after the data is
Activating StreetPass
From the Prepare screen, tap
the upper right to activate
StreetPass for this game.
Deactivating StreetPass
To deactivate StreetPass, open the
Nintendo 3DS System Settings,
select Data Management, and then
select StreetPass Management. Tap
the icon for this software title, and
then select Deactivate StreetPass.
◆ You can disable StreetPass
functionality via Parental Controls.
◆ Refer to your Operations Manual for
information on how to set up Parental
Local Play
Local Wireless Match
(Local Play)
Two players can engage in
multiplayer matches together via
local wireless communication, as
long as each has the software and a
system in the Nintendo 3DS family.
You Will Need:
• One system in the Nintendo 3DS
family per player
• Each player must own the software
Connection Procedures
❶ Select the save data you want to
❷ Tap Prepare to choose the
characters you want to use in
battle, and equip them with
weapons and boilers.
❸ Choose Local for a local wireless
❹ Choose your preferred match
❺ You can either host a game or
select an available game. One
player will need to be the host.
❻ Both players choose a map. If
players choose different maps,
the game will randomly determine
which is used.
Online Play
Online Multiplayer
Choose Online to play via the
Internet, either against a random
opponent or another participant in a
Connection Procedures
❶ Select the save data you want to
❷ Tap Prepare to choose the
characters you want to use in
battle, and equip them with
weapons and boilers.
❸ Choose Online to battle via the
❹ Choose Random to battle against
a random opponent, or choose
Tournament to battle against
another participant in a
❺ Choose your preferred match
❻ You will be automatically matched
with an opponent.
❼ Both players choose a map. If
players choose different maps,
the game will randomly determine
which is used.
This software supports the automatic
download of notifications and
information about public tournaments
from Nintendo, via an Internet
◆ Data received through the SpotPass™
feature is saved on SD Cards. As a
result, it is recommended that you
keep an SD Card inserted in your
system at all times.
● Activating SpotPass
Activate SpotPass by tapping
SpotPass in the lower-left corner of
the screen where you decide
between Local and Online
multiplayer (page 17).
● Deactivating SpotPass
Deactivate SpotPass by tapping
SpotPass in the lower-left corner of
the screen where you decide
between Local and Online
multiplayer (page 17).
If you want to participate in
tournaments, you'll have to j oin or
create one. Tournaments come in
two types: public and private.
Public Tournaments
Public tournaments are created by
Nintendo. Any Code Name:
S.T.E.A.M. player can participate in
one by selecting Join a Tournament
in the tournament menu.
Private Tournaments
Private tournaments are created by
players. To participate in a private
tournament, you'll need a
tournament code from the creator of
that tournament.
Creating a Tournament
On the tournament menu, select My
Tournaments, followed by Create.
Follow the on-screen instructions to
create the new tournament. Note
that you can set start and end times
for the tournament (the default is to
start and end on the day you create
Players who place in a tournament
will receive a title that will appear on
the results screen. These are
established by the tournament
creator and are awarded for first,
second, and third place. A runnerup title is awarded for players who
don't place but are in the top 10%
of players (this option will only
matter for very large tournaments).
Circle Pad Pro
See the Circle Pad Pro Operations
Manual for more details about how
to use this accessory.
The Circle Pad Pro accessory is not
compatible with the New Nintendo
3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL
systems, but the C Stick on those
systems serve the same purpose.
The Circle Pad Pro accessory enters
standby mode (to conserve battery
power) if it has not been used for
more than five minutes. Try pressing
the ZL or ZR Buttons to resume
accessory functions.
If you are unable to control
the Right Circle Pad
Right Circle Pad
If the system behaves as though the
Right Circle Pad is being used even
when you aren't touching it or if the
controls don't seem to operate
correctly, you will need to calibrate
the Right Circle Pad by following the
procedure below.
● Procedure
1. Tap the wrench icon to open up
the pause menu, and then select
2. Tap the Circle Pad Pro icon at
the bottom left of the lower
screen, and then select Calibrate.
3. Follow the instructions on the
screen to calibrate the Right
Circle Pad.
◆ To calibrate the Circle Pad on the
Nintendo 3DS system, use the
calibration procedure in System
Settings on the HOME Menu. For
details, see your Operations Manual.
This game is compatible with
. You can use an amiibo
figure by touching it to the lower
screen of your New Nintendo 3DS
or New Nintendo 3DS XL system.
Using near-field communication
(NFC), amiibo can connect to
compatible software to open brand
new ways to interact with your
favorite Nintendo games. For more
information, please visit Nintendo's
official website at
◆ Only one software's game data can
be saved on an amiibo at a time. In
order to create new game data on an
amiibo that has existing data from
another game, you must first delete
the existing game data. To delete
your game data, open
on the
HOME Menu and then reset the data
under "amiibo Settings."
Please note that Code Name:
S.T.E.A.M. does not save data to
amiibo, so you will not need to delete
any existing game data when using
◆ An amiibo can be read by multiple
compatible software titles.
◆ If you cannot restore corrupted data
for the amiibo, open
on the
HOME Menu → System Settings, then
reset the data under "amiibo
Precaution about amiibo
Just a light touch on the lower
screen is enough for the system to
detect your amiibo. Do not press
the amiibo into the screen or
forcefully drag it across the screen.
Support Information
Nintendo Customer Service
Latin America/Caribbean:
(001) 425-558-7078
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