Eroduct Picture and Function
 Product Picture and Function
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Mode Button
1, SD/MMC Card Slot 9,
2. Working(Blue) indicator 10. A a
Charging(Red) indicator a E urrent Slot
3. Microphone :
13. Speaker
A NED 14. Reset hole |
5. Menu 15. Mount hole
6. Power Switch 16. 2.5 inch LCD
7.8. Down/Up
Attached Accessories
Manual «Mount USB Cable
eCar Charger (Include the adpator 12V/24V transfers to 5V)
Two Power options:
A) Use built-in Li-ion battery
DVR can be activated after it has been placed on the vehicle by
pressing the Power Switch (6) for 3 seconds and turn off by
pressing it again.
Charging: connect with USB cable or car charger. The indicator display
red and convert to no light when itis full
B) Connect with Car Charger
DVR will record automatically when the car starts, turn off and
save the last file when the car stops.
DVR will enter into defaulted recording mode when turn it on.the
work indicator blickers and indicates it is recording. The recording
file is saved in the SD/MMC Card. To stop, press Recording Button
(4) or ending when car stops , the work indicator won t blicker.
USB Mode
Connect DVR with computer by USB cable, [My computer] will occur
removable disk, the file is stored at Removable Disk/DCIM/100DSCIM.
At the moment, the file of the DVR can be downloaded to the computer.
Note: 1) Please insert the SD/ MMC card before recording.
2)This DVR records in cycle if you choose 2/5/15 minutes as
storage time. When the storage medium is full, it will record
from the beginning again and erase over the previously
recorded material automatically.It will have 3 seconds pause
time,and namely the contents in the 3 seconds will not
3)Because the DVR is DC5V input please use the attached car
charger. It have adaptor 12V/24V transfers to 5V already.
Technical Specifications
1) Recording resolution: 1280x960/720x480/640x480 pixels
2) Video format:AVI
3) Repeat storage by section: 2/5/15 minutes
4) Power source: Built-in rechargeable battery or 12V/24V Car Charger
5) Supports SD/MMC card( From 1GB up to 32GB)
6) Microphone: can record sound
Small Tip to Save You Big Headache
ADVR is in a way very similar to a computer.lf the DVR hangs
itself during operation please follow the procedures below and
most likely the DVR can be re-activated:
DVR will restart after press Reset Hole gently by diameter less
than 1mm column.
No further notice will be given for any modification of the technical specification.
Camera mode
Turn on the DVR and press Mode Button (9)to enter into Camera
mode. To take photo by pressing Snap Button (4).
Preview and Delete
Turn on the DVR and press Mode Button (9) twice to enter into Preview
Mode Press Up (8 or Down (7) to select the previewed file.Ifitis video can play or stop by pressing REC Button. If you want to delete it,
press Menu Button (5 to enter into delete mode, and then, select Single
All or Select by REC Button and UP/Down and confirm lo delete the file
by press Rec Button Also can select Thumbnail mode and volume
(from 1 to 8) under the Preview Mode.
Setting the functions:
Turn on the DVR and press Menu Button under Video mode or Camera
mode to enter into setting interface. Confirm by REC Button and select
by Up/ Down for the following setting. Press Menu Button again to exit
after finished.
A.Video mode:
1.Size: Select [1280x960 /720x480/ 640x480pixels]
2.Time Stamp Select Off/Date only/Date& Time
3.Motion Detect: Select On/Off
Note: When select Motion detect function, it will be recording
automatically if there is an object movement and stop recording
if no movement.
4.Audio Record: Select On/Off
5.Recording time: select [2/5/15] minute to decide how many time will
be storage per one section,
B.Camera mode:
C.Setting Mode :
Whether under Video mode or capture mode,press Menu Button
twice to enter into Setup interface.
1.Format:Select it if you want to format the SD card.
2.Language:Select [English/Chinese/Japanese/Russian]
3.System Reset:Select [Cancel or Execute system | reset.
4 Light Frequency:set [50/60Hz].
5.Date Input:Set correct recording Date and time by Rec Button
and Up /Down Button.
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