How to use Hik-connect App

How to use Hik-connect App
How to use Hik-connect App
1. Download Hik-connect app and install it in your phone.
2. A Hikvision device which support cloud P2P.
Note: Hik-connect is only for overseas market. For iOS user, do not use Chinese Apple ID in APP
store. For Android user, please search it in Google Play.
Download the Hik-connect app and register a Hik-connect account.
Set up the device and make device parameters properly.
Add the device into account, ready to enjoy the video.
Key Step 1: Register an account
1. Open Hik-connect app and click “Register an account” in login page. Read and agree service
agreement of registration, then choose a method to register the account. Choose the country
for the account; please do not select a wrong country. Enter the mobile phone number or
email address. Enter the received verification code. Set the user name and password for your
account. Finish registration
Key Step 2: Set up the device
1. Login into the device via IE browser.
Set the device internet parameters properly in “Configuration-Advanced
Configuration-Network-TCP/IP”. Enable the “DHCP” and make sure that “DNS Server” been
filled in. Local DNS server address and are all available.
Enable “Cloud P2P”function in “Platform Access” and make sure that the “Register Status” is
online. The device cannot be added into account if the status is offline.
Open Hik-connect app on your mobile and enter the user name and password of your account. Click the “Plus”
button at the top right corner of the app. Scan the device QR code or enter the device series number
manually. Find the device and Click “Add” to complete
*Key Step 3: Set device motion detection alarm
Note:The following step is optional, which is aim to receive the motion detection alarm of
1. Enable the device motion detection and set the arming schedule.
2. Tick off the “Notify Surveillance Center” and trigger relevant channel.
3. Login into Hik-connect account, click device title to enter linked device page and choose
relevant channel. Click “Alarm Notification” button. Enable “Alarm Notification” and “Notification
schedule”. Set the notification schedule for corresponding channel.
Frequency Asked Questions
As per the procedure above, to use Hik-connect, there are only 3 steps which are “enable the
device Cloud P2P function”, “add the device into account” and “Play the real-time or recorded
video from device”. The following are some frequency asked questions for each 3 steps.
Enable device
cloud P2P Function
Add device into the
Step 1
Step 2
View video
Step 3
Frequency asked question for step one
Device is offline
1. Check if the device is power on and the network patency.
2. Check if the cloud P2P function is enabled.
3. If the device and PC are in the same local network area, enter “telnet 8555”
and “telnet 80”.
4. Make sure that the selected country for the account is consistent with the device’s country.
5. Check if the device’s IP address conflict with other internet terminal’s IP address (Suggest to
factory set the device).
6. Check if the device network parameters been properly set. Make sure the DNS Server address
is filled in and available, the IP address and gateway match with the router’s IP address and
7. Check if the device and the router enabled “DHCP” (If there are two stage routing, enable
“DHCP” for the first stage routing and disable “DHCP” for the second stage routing).
8. Check if the network is limited (require to binding the Mac address and IP address or port
forwarding in the router)
Frequency asked question for step two
The device cannot be added: when adding the device into account, a system message
pops up to remind “The device cannot be added”, which means that background cloud server
doesn’t have this device model’s capability set, R&D of device need to report the device’s
capability set to the cloud server. When this phenomenon occurs, please give us a feedback and
we will inform R&D to take good care if this issue.
Server exception: when getting the hint, please report to us as soon as possible.
The device is offline, no search result is found: Please check if the device has
connected to the internet and enabled Cloud P2P function. Make sure the status is online which
can be seen in “Platform access” page. If the status is online but still get this error, something
may be wrong with background server, please report to us as soon as possible.
The device cannot be added to cross-regional platform: This error code
means that the device and the account register to two different servers. It’s suggested to upgrade
the device to the latest version and select the correct country for the account when registering. If
still get the hint, please report the device serial number and account name to us.
Wrong verification code: The verification code is six capital letters which can be found
from the sticker attaching on the device. Make sure to enter the right code and all the six letters
are capitalized. If still get the error code, please refer to a “How to” document to find the real
verification code of the device (How to find the challenge code for device which support cloud
Frequency asked question for step three
The device is online but cannot view the video: 1. For R2 type network camera,
the version 5.3.0 for June and August delete the cloud P2P function in the code level. Please
upgrade the device to the latest version. 2. for other devices, check if the network condition is fine.
If possible, lower the device parameters setting, such as image quality, bitrate, etc..
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