Standard Installation of Actuators at Valves

Standard Installation of Actuators at Valves
Standard Installation of Actuators at Valves
Precautions - Warning
Actuator must be isolated both pneumatically and electrically before any assembly or disassembly is begun.
Before mounting or (dis)assembling the actuator consult the Maintenance Manual for the Actuator and the relevant
sections of this manual.
• These instructions apply for quarter turn valves
• These instructions apply for both Double Acting (DA) and Spring Return/Single Acting (SR) units.
• These instructions assume the actuator should be mounted for counterclock-wise rotation to open and clockwise
to close the valve.
• These instructions assume that the actuators are installed with the cylinder axis parallel to the axis of the valve
bore (In Line).
• Spring Return actuators are supplied as FC (Fail-Close) units as standard*.
* If reverse acting is required, FO (Fail Open), this must be specified at the time of order.
Ensure that the valve and actuator are in the following corresponding positions:
• FC (Fail-closed) = Double Acting and Spring Return units: Valve closed, actuator fully clock-wise.
• FO (Fail-open) = Double Acting and Spring Return units: Valve open, actuator fully counter-clockwise
Mounting to valves
WireMatic actuators are designed to be mounted either directly or by using the correct mounting brackets/adaptors
and sizing procedures.
Mounting Brackets
Poor Quality/Cheap Intermediate Brackets and Adaptors are expensive in the long run. These can cause side loads,
wear, back-lash, misalignment and even malfunction or failure in extreme cases.
WireMatic TruTorq have wide experience in the design, manufacture and fitting of indirect mounting components
and hold stocks of commonly used items for quick delivery purposes.
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Mounting via bracket
1. Secure the mounting bracket to the underside of the
actuator, using four bolts and washers, as shown in
Fig 1.
2. Install the appropriate coupling onto the valve stem.
The coupling should be lightly tapped or pressed onto
the valve stem. The use of a lubricant is
3. If needed, put a reducer at the square part of the
4. Mount the actuator and bracket onto the valve top
flange using the appropriate bolts.
Mounting direct to valves (with EN ISO 5211 mounting)
Note! To be able to mount the Actuators directly on the valves, the following conditions must be fulfilled;
• The Actuator and the valve must have the same Mounting Pattern according to ISO (F05, F07 etc.).
• The valve stem can’t be too high, it must be lower than the hole in the driveshaft.
• The stem must be of the same type as the driveshaft connection (eg. square), also the same dimension or
together with a reducer in the driveshaft hole have the same dimension. We recommend that the deviation is
max 0.1 mm.
1. Screw the actuator mounting studs tightly into the
actuator base plate.
2. Push the adaptor, if required, into the actuator drive
bore, using the keyway which aligns the adaptor drive
with the valve stem drive.
3. Mount the actuator onto the valve top flange and
secure using a lock-washer and nut on each
mounting stud.
Installing quarter turn valves
• Before installing the valve/actuator assembly in a piping system, the valve operation should be verified and adjusted, if necessary, using the travel stop screws (see detailed instructions for travel setting)
• When installing the valve/actuator assembly into pipeline, ensure that the specific instructions relating to the
valve installation are followed.
• Note! Some valves may require to be fitted into the pipeline prior to mounting the actuator, eg. Fail Safe butterfly
valves are an example of this.
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