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// Always ready to start //
Monark Solar 1
Trickle charging your battery
with solar power
// Monark Solar 1 //
The Solar charge retention system for all starter batteries
Monark Solar 1 compensates the selfdischarge of starter batteries after
vehicles have been left parked for a
longer period of time. This enables
you to make considerable cost savings,
as the charging capacity of on-board
batteries is considerably reduced
after lying idle for a longer period of
time. After two months, batteries can
lose up to 40–60% of their original
capacity. And in a worst case scenario,
the battery could be damaged.
But the Monark Solar 1 provides an effective remedy:
Monark Solar 1 converts solar energy into electrical energy, which it uses to recharge the
battery. The Monark Solar 1 therefore compensates for the loss of power in the battery
that results from self-discharge and standby consumption.
How it works:
The system is simply affixed to the inside of the windscreen. Connection to
the battery is done via a cable with an OBD2 type B plug. Other connection
variants are available optionelly. Battery charging begins automatically,
and is limited to 14.3V or 28.6V. This ensures that overcharging is not
The Monark Solar 1’s frame is translucent, and it features rounded edges
and corners, thus preventing scratches or discolouration to the vehicle’s
It quickly pays for itself, as it does away with the need for external
top-up charging, jump-starting and indeed replacement of batteries.
// Features and technical data //
• Automatic recognition of the solar voltage, with adjustment to the appropriate
battery voltage 12V or 24V.
• Microprocessor-controlled charging electronics with MPP tracking for maximum performance
• Splashproof charging electronics
• Battery protected from overcharging
• LEDs to display charge status:
Trickle charging
• Option to double performance by connecting a second solar system via a Y adapter.
approx 310 mm
approx 395 mm
(not supplied; available separately)
PVC cable;
approx 1.95 m x
3.5 mm diameter
plastic frame
type B
Art. no.: 083 822 001
Adapter with battery clamps
Art. no.: 083 822 100
Y adapter
Art. no.: 083 822 300
Dimensions: approx 395 x 310 x 16.5mm, approx 900g
Temperature range: -40 to +80°C
Solar module:
10 SunPower monocrystalline solar cells (sturdy high performance cells)
Power output:
15 watts ±10%
1.95m connection cable with OBD2 type B plug; custom variants also possible
Final charging voltage:14.3V / 28.6V ± 0.1V
Put an end to starting problems and defective batteries
after vehicles have been parked for long periods.
System benefits at a glance
99 Constant battery capacity maintained
99 No battery complaints after longer periods spent parked
99 Increased battery life
99 Patent protected
99 12/24 volts
99 Splashproof charging electronics
99 Made in Germany
Our quality promise:
All processes subject to
ISO 9001:2008 standards.
And for remanufacturing,
also to ISO TS 16949.
Quality under hand and seal.
Schnackenburgallee 17, 22525 Hamburg, Germany
D/A/CH sales: +49 40 85 365 100
International sales: +49 40 85 365 200
Art. no.: 000 030 304
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