odyssey - Aqua Mech
 Contemporary Design and
Innovative Features
the Hot ‘N Cold™ Odyssey has it all with
an optional adjoining refrigerator.
Odyssey Features
* Stylish design fits well in contemporary
kitchen and break room decors
+ Appliance grade stainless steel front
+ Programmable Energy Saver mode
+ Hot Booster function heats water to
optimal temperature for tea and coffee
* Easy to use electronic control center
on front panel controls all cooler
+ Adjustable Hot and Cold
* Energy Saver timer
* Lock-out feature
+ Hot Booster function
* Digital clock
* Faucet LED night light
+ One-handed filling with push-back
+ Removable dishwasher-safe drip tray
* Optional OASIS green filter” system
* Energy Star rated
3-year limited warranty
Hot 'N Cold Standard — POUSE1SHS
Hot 'N Cold with dual-stage water filtration — PFSE1SHS
Hot ‘N Cold with Refrigerator — POUSE1SRHS
dual.st: ter illrat d refri
Hot ge wal
ter tor — PFSE1SRHS
Hot 'N Cold and cabinet — POUSE1SCHS
Hot ‘N Cold with dual-stage water filtrati d cabinet
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Optional adjoining refrigerator
Cabinet: Stainless steel front with
removable metal side panels. Pre-drilled
holes for easy cup dispenser installation.
Cold Water Refrigeration Unit: Convection
cooled condenser. Internal, sping- SCHR
hermetically sealed COMPFSSSOF W
automatic overload protector retirés no
lubrication. Refrigerant is controlled by a
capillary tube.
Cold Water Thermostat: Temperature is
controlled by an adjustable thermostat and
easily accessible on the rear of the unit.
Cold Water Reservoir: 300 stainl
steel with external copper refrigerant coil is
м a a itted molded plastic foam
Hot Water Tank: Type 300 series stainless
steel, 500 watt element.
Hot Water Capacity: 45 x Boz. cups of
piping hot water per hour. 1% quart storage
Hot Water Thermostat: Adjustable
thermostat with safety limiter on front
Hot Water Safety Faucet: Self-closing
activation requires a two-step action that's
easy for adults to use, but protects small
Drip Receptor: Durable drip tray lifts out for
easy removal and is dishwasher safe.
Electrical: 115 volts, 60 Hertz. Water cooler
compressor 1/20 hp. Three wire service
cord and polarized plug.
Dimensions: W 12 1/2” x D 13 1/2" x H 37 1/2"
Approximate Net Weight: 50 Ibs.
Components in this
water cooler are lead-free as
defined by the Safe Drinking
Water Act Amendments of 1986
and the Lead Contamination
Control Act of 1988. Model
Listed by Undenwriter's
Laboratories to U.S. and
Canadian Standards.
Filtration: Odyssey
models with water filtration
option inlcude the OASIS
two-stage green filter
system. Filters reduce
sediments, chlorine, bad
tastes and odors from
water. Filters are easy to
access for simple filter
Warranty: Limited 5
year warranty (within the Continental Limits of the
United States and Canada). Five years on the sealed
refrigeration system, one year on most component
parts. Detailed warranty certificate enclosed with each
water cooler; sample copy available upon request.
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