High Resistance Meter MODEL 6650AF
High Resistance Meter
1MΩ to 100TΩ
Direct or Substitution Measurements
Automatic and Manual Operation
No Temperature Coefficient
Multiple Modes of Operation
Volume and Surface Resistivity
Variable 1V to 1000V DC
Auto Ranging/Voltage selection
Upgradeable to Dual Source capability
6.5 digits of resolution
After Years of development of high resistance bridge
measurement systems and resistance standards,
Measurements International (MI) is pleased to announce
the launch of the 6650AF High Resistance Meter.
The 6650AF offers users flexible operation in
a simple, easy to use “meter like” package.
The model 6650AF High Resistance Meter is designed
for measuring High resistances in the range of 1M
ohm to 100T ohm. The simplified the construction and
operation offers a more user friendly approach to high
resistance measurements. The 6650AF measurement
technique has numerous advantages over other single
input devices such as the typical Teraohmmeter.
The 6650AF is enabled with numerous measurement
functions that allow users to tailor their measurements
for their own particular needs. Utilizing Flexible
architecture, the model 6650AF can be upgraded
to to a Dual Source High Resistance Bridge at any
•Direct Measurement Mode – In this mode,
the 6650AF offers users the ability to quickly
establish nominal values, measure Insulation
resistance, Volume and Surface resistivity. This
mode offers the same functionality that is utilized
on a less accurate single input device such as
the teraohmmeter. This mode is also useful for
determining resistor time constants, as well as
voltage and temperature coefficients.
•Resistor Substitution Measurements – In this
mode, a standard resistor is measured by the
6650AF and its measurement and calibrated value
are stored and used in memory to calculate the
resistance of the UUT.
Measurements International is the only manufacturer of High Resistance Measurement
systems whose measurement capabilities support its product specifications!!
Voltage Range: The 1000V DC sources in the
6650AF offer variable voltage output of 1 to 1000V. The
voltage setting is indicated on the front panel display.
utilizing the same proven software used on the MI
6010 and 6000 series of DC Bridges that customers
have become accustomed to.
Programs Menu
allows users to create and combine several program
tasks. Selectable parameters include measurement
time delays (wait times), settle time, number
of measurement, test voltage, number of runs,
standards used, reversal rate, current threshold,
and standard resistor uncertainty. Measurement
parameters including statistics data are displayed
during measurement.
Operation: The front panel offers users simple and
intuitive measurement options. Features include resistor protection, settle time, number of measurements,
statistics, voltage and temperture coefficients and
Software(Optional): The 6650AF software allows
the user to define measurement and test parameters
6650AF Measurement Specifications1
Measurement Range
Applied Voltage
100k to 1M
Measurement Uncertainty2
Short Term
1 to 100V
1M to 10M
1 to 100V
10M to 100M
10V to 1000V
100M to 1G
10V to 1000V
1G to 10G
10V to 1000V
10G to 100G
10V to 1000V
100G to 1T
10V to 1000V
1T to 10T
100V to 1000V
10T to 100T
100V to 1000V
1. Uncertainty Confidence Level: 99%
2. Uncertainties relative to calibration standards used and are independant of reference resistor or UUT uncertainty contributors.
Input Connectors
Test Voltage Range
1V to 1000V
Test Voltage Resolution
Time to Stated Accuracy (warm-up)
< 10 Minute
Operating Environment
20 to 30°C, 10 to 80% RH
Operating Power (Selectable)
100, 120, 220, 240V - 50/60Hz
2 Year Parts & Labor
Form MI 66, Rev. 8, Dated 2012-03-28 (QAP19, App. “N”)
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