Electrical safety instructions
Senior Power Engineer
A. Jonaitis
Electrical safety instructions
for using household appliances in the dormitory
In accordance with the “Safety rules for using electric appliances DT II – 02”, dormitory residents should
comply with the following rules when using electric appliances:
1. Electrical appliance should be manufactured in a factory and certificated in Lithuania.
2. A resident who is willing to use electrical appliances in the dormitory should obtain a permit from ASU
employee appointed responsible for electric equipment by the decree.
3. A resident who obtained a permit to use electrical appliances should familiarise himself/herself with the
instructions and to put his/her signature in the dormitory administrator safety briefing journal.
4. Residents are prohibited:
4.1. To leave operating electric appliances unattended.
4.2. To use non-insulated wires, wires with damaged insulation or attach wires without plugs to
4.3. To use homemade wires, join sockets into a block.
4.4. To hammer or drill holes in the walls.
4.5. To use homemade electric appliances.
4.6. To use light-bulbs without a light fitting.
4.7. To use water-supply pipes and heaters for grounding electric appliances.
4.8. To repair broken electric appliances, wires, plugs and sockets.
4.9. To use damaged plugs.
4.10. To plug to the socket electric appliances with power output exceeding 1 kW (16 A).
4.11. To extinguish a burning electrical appliance with water.
5. If you notice that a socket or an electric appliance is heating (sparkling), immediately unplug it and
register a breakdown in the journal at the safety worker’s desk.
6. Residents should know how to provide aid to an individual who has suffered an electrical shock.
7. In case of a fire, turn on the fire alarm, immediately inform the dormitory administrator or the safety
worker. Take measures to extinguish a fire. If you notice that it is impossible to extinguish a fire, call 01 or
Instructions Prepared by
Senior engineer
Raimundas Marcinkevičius
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