important safeguards - Brighton Coffee Machine

important safeguards - Brighton Coffee Machine
When using electrical appliances, bosic safety precautions should always be
followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and/or injury to persons, including
the follewing:
1 Read all instructions and information in this instruction book and any other
literature included in this carton referring to this product before operating or using
this appliance.
2 Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs.
3 To protect against fire, electric shock and personal injury do not immerse cord,
plugs or appliance in water or other liquid.
4 Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near children.
5 Unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning. Allow to cool before
putting on or taking off parís, and before cleaning the appliance. |
6 Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or affer fhe appliance
malfunctions or has heen damaged in any way. Return appliance to the nearest
authorized service centre for examination, repair or adjustment.
7 The use of accessory attachments not recommended by the appliance manufacturer
may result in fire, electric shock or personal injury.
8 Do not use outdoors.
9 Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter, or touch hot surfaces.
10 Do not place on or near à hot gas or electric burner, or in a heated oven.
11 Always tum appliance “OFF”, then plug cord into the wall outlet. To disconnect,
turn switch to “OFF”, then remove plug from wall outlet.
12 Do not use appliance for other than intended household use.
13 Use extreme caution when using hat steam.
@ Saeco
This appliance is for household use. Any servicing, other than cleaning and user
- maintenance, should be performed by an authorized service centre. Do not Immerse*
base in water. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not disassemble the base.
There are na user serviceable ports inside. Repair should be done by authorized service
personnel only.
] Check voltage to be sure that the voltage indicated on the nameplate agrees with
your voltage. |
2 Never use warm or hot water fo fill the water tank. Use cold water only.
3 Keep your hands and the cord away from hot parts of the appliance during
4 Never clean with scouring powders or hard implements. Simply use a soft cloth
dampened with water.
5 To avoid your coffee maker scaling up, use purified or bottled water.
A A short power-supply cord is provided to reduce risks of getting tangled up or
tripping over a longer cord.
B Longer extension cords are available and may be used if care is exerdised in their use.
С If along extension cord is used:
1 the marked electrical rating of the extension cord should be af least as great as
the electrical rating of the appliance.
2 if the appliance is of the grounded type, the extension cord should be a
grounding type
3 the cable does not hang from the table to avoid the risk of getting caught up in it
6 Saeco 19
This coffee machine is ideal for preparing espresso coffee either with coffee beans - - - т
or preground coffee and also features a device for dispensing steam and hot water, * Voltage rating See rating plate on appliance e
This elegantly styled machine is designed for household use only. It is not suitable * * Power rating See rating plate on appliance
ofessional-type use.
for continuous pr oP » Casing materia Metal
Warning. The manufacturer shall accept no liability for damage or injury ~~ « Size (wx hx d) (mm) 285 x 375 x 400
caused by: + Weiaht{K 14
- « improper use or use for other than the intended purposes: eight (Kg)
+ repairs carried out by anyone other than an authorised service centre; * Cord length (mm) 1200... .
+ tampering with the power cord; |
* Control panel Front
* tampering with any machine component;
+ use of spare parts and accessories other than those supplied by the
The warranty will be invalidated in such cases.
À warning triangle draws attention to the instructions that are impar-
tant for user safety. Please carefully abide by these instructions to
avoid serious injury!
Keep these operating instructions in a safe place and make them available to
anyone else who should use the coifee machine. For further information or an
explanation of problems not completely or sufficiently addressed in these instruc-
tions, contact an authorised service centre.
« Water tank (lit)
2 - Extractible
* Power supply
See rating plate on appliance
* Pump pressure (bars)
+ Boiler
Stainless steel
* Coffee container capacity (g.)
300 of coffee beans
* Rapid Steam - Steam ready in a few seconds
+ Grinders Ceramic
* Quantity of ground coffee 89
+ Dreg drawer capacity 13
* Safety devices Boiler pressure safety valve
| safety thermostat
Subject to engineering and manufacturing changes as warranted by technological
Machine in conformity with European Directive 89/336/EEC (Italian Legislative
Decree 476 of 04/12/92) conceming electromagnetic compatibility.
Immediately unplug the appliance.
- In a closed place.
- To prepare coffee, dispense hot water, froth milk or heat beverages using ~
- For household use.
- By adults in full possession of their physical and mental capacities.
for purposes other than those indicated above to avoid hazards. Never place
any substances in the containers other than those specified in the instruction
manual. When you fill a container, make sure all nearby containers are closed.
Fil the water tank only with fresh drinking water; hot water and/or other liquids
may damage the machine. Do not use carbonated water. The coffee grinder may
be adjusted only while it is running. Do not introduce your fingers or any material
other than coffee beans into the coffee grinder. Before attempting to access the
inside of the coffee grinder, switch OFF the machine and remove the plug from
the electric socket. Do not put coffee beans or instant coffee into the ground coffee
Connect the coffee machine to a suitable electric socket. The voltage must match
the voltage specified on the appliance rating plate.
- Choose a perfectly level supporting surface. Do not place on a hot surface!
- Maintain a distance of 10 cm from walls and electric or gas burners.
- Do not keep at temperatures below 0 °C; the appliance may be damaged by
- The electric socket must be accessible at all times.
- The power cord must not be damaged, secured with clamps, placed on very hot
surfaces etc. |
- Do not let the power cord hang loosely (Warning: danger of tripping or of
causing the appliance to fall).
- Do not use the power cord to carry or pull the coffee machine.
@ Saeco
- The appliance must not be used by children or by individuals unacquainted with
the operating instructions. .
The appliance is dangerous for children. If left unattended it must bg
switched off.
Do not leave the materials used to pack the appliance within children's reach.
Do not direct a jet of hot steam and/or hot water toward yourself or others:
danger of scalding.
Do not introduce any objects through the openings in the appliance (Electrical
Do not touch the plug when your hands or feet are wet. Do not unplug the
appliance by yanking at the power cord.
Warning: contact with hot water, steam or and hot water/steam nozzle may
cause burns,
- Do not use the appliance if it malfunctions or you suspect damage, e.g.
after a fall. |
- Repairs must be performed by an authorised service centre.
- Do not use an appliance with a defective power cord. Should the power cord
be damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or his customer service
department. (Electrical hazard!).
- Switch off the appliance before opening the service door. Danger of burns!
- Before cleaning the appliance, unpiug it and allow it to cool down.
- Avoid exposing the appliance to splashes of water. Do not immerge it in water.
- Do not dry machine components in a conventional or microwave oven.
To guarantee safety, you should use only original spare parís and accessories.
- The packing materials can be recycled.
- Appliance: unplug the appliance and cut the power cord.
- Deliver the appliance and power cord to a service centre or public waste
disposal facility.
Coffee bean container lid *
Coffee bean container pr A
Cup heater plate
Preground coffee
dispenser lid Water tank lid Cleaning Brew group key “,
5 = Water tank A
Control panel Y A «”
Steam knob и
Water hardness Preground
Service door test coffee measure
SBS @ | . e
4 <— ONIOFF switch e
Height and depth 5 Cartridge filter “Aqua Prima”
adjustable brew unit applicator cartridge filter
| Hot water/steam tube
Drip tray + grill ;
Small coffee bution
Tray full indicator Coffee button
Preground coffee selector bution
Hot water selector button
Dregs drawer Descaling button
Brew group Alarm light
| N | | 2 ‘Aqua Prima” filter replacement
Ci | AN AA ci light - see page 27
Coffee bean container and dregs
drawer indicator light
Water tank and circuit loading
indicator light
wa mk RM ME EE a
che be dar mdm EEE er, u A
L a = am TT ee
Important warning for using the “Aqua Prima Filter” can be found at
The messages displayed by the machine during operation are shown
on pg.31. page 31.
>» U
Lo; венно!
Fill the coffee bean container
Fill the tank with fresh drin-
See rating plate
Insert the plug into a sui-
The “Aqua Prima” filer can Move the ON/OFF switch |
with coffee bears. be installed (see pg.27). king water. table electric socket. to “I" to tum on the
o o mare a
E nan oo SEE ER
e OOO lit Cm > |
; “ie in dy es В w= TE
- таз 7 " : 4 _ ” o р Ae ”
N a a И М! cs . я |
Ти m the knob countercloc-
kwise fo start Icading the
Place a container beneath
the steam tube.
The machine indicates that
the circuit needs loading.
Tum the knob clockwise
to terminate the circuit
loading process.
Wait until a steady stream
of water flows out from the
a Note: You must load the circuit before starting up
en at the machine for the first time, if it has been inope-
, rative for a lengthy period or if the water tank has
€ x. 3 000 OO @ been completely emptied. The circuit must also be
pal о © © o loaded each time the light flashes:
= - = = : e Re mo - | ve — o e e
The machine is warming When the indicator lights E dé A
up; lights are flashing. are fixed, the machine is
ready for use.
@ Saeco
Adjustment may be made only while the coffee grinder is
Use coffee bean blends for espresso coffee makers, If you do not obtain
the desired result, try using a different coffee blend. Store coffee in a cool
place, in a hermetically sealed container.
You will note a change after dispensing 1 - 2 coffees.
Coffee flows out slowly,
Press and turn.
The fineness of the grind may be
adjusted using the knob.
Coffee flows out quickly.
Press and tum.
2, fe
Er] a e
Café créme Espresso coffee Strong black coffee
To place the brew unit again in its position, pull it until it fits in.
"If you set the grinder on too fine a grind (knob turned all the way
anticlockwise} and the SBS control on “strong” (toward the right), coffee
may flow out in a slow trickle or not at all.
~ For machines provided with SBS only. - To adjust the strength and
. consistency of brewed coffee. The adjustment can also be made while
brewing the coffe. This adjustment will have an immediate effect on the
coffee brewed,
To adjust the quantity of coffee dispensed to the size of your cups.
= но: |
ni 1
- . Mead
e = 3 - - =
: |
| ETE we
: Place a cup beneath the brew unit, press the button
- + corresponding to the type of coffee desired and keep it
. pressed while coffee is being dispensed.
3 ; When the cup has filled to the desired level, release the
+; bution; the machine is now programmed to dispense the
~~; quantity of coffee you have chosen.
To use big cups, press the button and push the brew unit unti
the end.
A Warning! Hot water and steam may cause burns! Direct the steam tube toward the drip tray. *
=. % wR de FA
Le si | greadity Hit
Lo: № осо
LL de A A
Make sure that the ma- Position a warm coffee cup Press the bufton of the “When the machine stops
chine is ready. or cups beneath the brew type ef coffee desired. making the coffee, remove
unit. Once for 1 coffee the cup or cups.
GE о о
< > + © à H
Loi de Ja
Position a warm coffee cup Select the product “Pre- introduce ground coffee Press the button of the When the machine stops
beneath the brew unit. ground coffee”. using the coffee measure. type of coffee desired. making the coffee, remove
MAX 1 MEASURE the cup.
Place a container beneath Press the button to Turn the knob counter- Remove the container. Press the button to restore
the steam tube. | dispense water. clockwise fo start dispen- the machine to normal
sing. Close the knob when operation.
A Warning! Hot water and steam may cause burns! Direct the steam tube toward the drip tray. ”
_ NT:
Fill a cup fo 1/3 with cold Place a container beneath When only steam comes Position the cup containing Open the knob to release — À
milk. the sieam tube. Open the out, close the knob. milk beneath the steam steam.
knob to discharge any Remove the container. tube.
residual water. |
— Move the cup in a circular After frothing the milk, Remove the cup and Wipe the nozzle clean with Dispense coffee into the
fashion to heat the milk close the knob. position it beneath the a damp cloth to prevent cup to prepare a delicious
evenly. brew unit milk encrustations. cappuccino.
Open the knob to Place the cup beneath the Heat by moving in circles. Close the knob. Remove the container.
discharge any . residual steam tube.
water. Close the knob. Open the knob.
Warning! Never use vinegar as a descaling agent. You can use any
commercially available non-toxic, non-harmful descaling product for coffee
machines. We recommend using a Saeco descaling agent.
© $аесо
Descaling is necessary every 3-4 months, when there is a reduction in the water
capacity. The machine must be on; it automatically controls the distribution of the
descaling solution.
— 28 o o T
2 . E $ - & м :
35 te о ое Flashi
2 d Se A
=) | nn en - - tl u
sm зб | I y - — | rad A —
When the machine needs Remove the cartridge tilter Fill the water tank with the Place a large receptacle Press the button for 5 -
descaling, the indicator carefully. descaling solution. beneath the steam tube. seconds,
light will flash.
Open the knob.
The descaling process
starts. |
The solution will be di-
scharged at intervals.
signal when descaling is
© Rinse outthe tank and fil i
with fresh drinking water.
Close the knob.
Remove the container.
te T N To — ДН ; : ©
"E " |
mas | ‚ и a
al ChE
1 [I "1
Pa. +.
va N 4
ВЕ РМ: == В
Ш "Te. ы
Sa т E E
Place a large receptacle Open the knob to rinse.
beneath the steam tube.
When no water is left, turn
the knob to ciose the valve.
If the descaling
the water tank and internal
machine circuits must be
When descaling is over,
fit the cartridge filter back
in place.
Remove the container.
The filter must be replaced when signalled by the machine.
A Before descaling, remove the filter from the tank.
See “Page 31”,
y hi E Веры отката ждет 1 ST
"EC Core re Ley
I Bc. | В ee |
dus. 1 E ap re |
nn nn
\ :
.— 1 arr re tt
Remove the filter from the
packing container.
Adjust the dater to the
Insert the applicator and
turn it clockwise to secure
it to the filter. ,
Check where the filter
positioning and reference
mark is.
| Put the filter into the empty
The reference must be >
positioned in correspon-
dence with the groove.
current month.
о © -
ó $ a db у]
OOO@O |»
© 66 и
& da À .
Turn the applicator coun- Fill the tank with fresh Position a container Press the bution to
beneath the steam tube
and turn the machine on.
ter-clockwise and remove drinkable water.
it from the tank,
dispense water.
It is possible to use the
machine without filter, Saeco
~ suggests its use. If filter is
So NN | .
x Nu not used, the machine must
и и a be descaled more frequently.
« Adjust the water hardness
: : (see "programming the ma-
- chine functions”).
“ mem
When the tank is empty, fill Press the button and keep You can now use your
Open Empty the water tank out at
dispense water. intervals, it again with fresh drinkable it pressed; when the indica- coffee machine.
water. tor light is flashing, release
the knob and
the button.
WE mm
@ Saeco
Do not dry the machine and/or its components in a microwave andlor
Do not immerge the machine in water and do not place any of its
components in a dishwasher,
conventional oven.
Turn the machine off. Wash the water tank. Remove the drip tray, em- Remove the dregs drawer, Remove and clean the
Unplug the machine. Wash the filter inside it. ply it out and wash it. empty it out and wash it. “pannarello” attachment.
The machine, its components =
and the brew group must be | о
cleaned at least once a week. ; e
u _— ат Am | | i
Remove the brew unit
and wash it with water,
Use the brush to clean the
ground coffee dispenser.
Remove the grill. Open _
the front door. Remove the
. — a cs | . gi
ra ajuda
a Es e for PTE ‚
Press the PUSH bution to Fit the filter back in place Wash the unit, dry it and Set all machine components
release the brew group. by the special wrench and when clean. fit it back in place. Do not back in position.
wash it. press the “PUSH? button. Close the door.
5 НОО - —
The user can change some machine operating parameters to suit his/her personal needs. .
-- Procedure for accessing machine programming mode.
a Turn the machine off. Press the buttons together. Keeping the buttons pressed
down, turn on the machine.
- o © i
e 7 The hardness of tap water may vary depending on the | exa À
= = region. For this reason, the appliance can be set according > , Hardness 4 5 OOMOO o
Sr © tofhe water hardness in the place where it is to be used, о Hadness3 e |
— El expressed on a scale of 1104, Ke KO Hardness 2 æ = |
= | Hardness 1 2
The appliance is factory set on a hardness value of 3*. The — Dip the strip in water for 1 Check how many squares Press the button to pro-
setting should be adjusted according to the level of water second. change colour. gram the water hardness.
hardness in the local area. |
| 2 — жа Hardness 4
LA - | 60068 =
>: й ООООО "="
FE a | 00066 "es fl
PP er CA RL NN AAE EE hotes
. _ LL LL To [IHF me ; amness
Ne — re: = — 15 00000" :
i ihe "Aqua Prima" fi fer has been installed in the machine, If the "Aqua Prima" filter has NOT been installed, set the
set the machine according to these indications. machine according to these indications.
The degree of hardness will be signalled by the indicator The degree of hardness will be signalled by the indicator
lights. lights.
В ЕЕ en о o о “ © . * i
| 7 With the pre-brewing process the coffee is slightly | - >... — pn ~~ s
Do moistened before actual brewing. This brings out the full | 51 OMOOO 00066 о 000006 ¢ À
=> + aroma of the coffee and lends it an excellent flavour, it is
| LE: 4 + possible to choose either “enabled” or “disabled”. ps reo
o(e)e o . o(e)e a E
A m (©) LA m Е:
Press the button to set the Prebrewing enabled (ÓN). Prebrewing disabled (OFF).
- When this function is enabled, the internal machine circuits } -; 5
Will be rinsed immediately after the warming-up phase to | 5:
“ensure that coffee is prepared with fresh water only.
—_— - ama minha
in all new appliances this function has already been Press the button to set the Rinsing enabled (ON). Rinsing disabled (OFF).
enabled in the factory. | function.
CORTA E ia 7
E TT =
A EEE +;
Tris procedure serves to activate all the setiings made.
Turn the machine off. Turn the machine back on
to activate the programmed
The control panel display guides users and helps them to use the machine correctly. "
The machine is rinsing: wait until the machine
О О 0060 prashing —— Descale the machine О О О О e Flashind has finished this operation.
The machine is in the heating phase; wait un-
- . Flashing . ; не . > ”
OOO0O0 O til the machine has finished this operation. O O O
Replace the "Aqua Prima” filter in the tank.
After replacing the filter in the tank, keep the
bution pressed; when the indicator light is
© 9 6 6 lua Fi! the water tank with fresh drinking water. 09 © @ |. uu Hashing, release the button.
E he À >] , dies A
© o O @ [ruin Loadthe circuit (Starting up)
o 2 © o steadily it cl the coffee bean container with coffee please follow these simple instructions to correctly use the “Aqua prima” filter:
1. Keep the "Aqua prima” filter cool and away from sunlight; the room temperatu-
re should be between +5°C and +40°C;
Open the door, remove the dregs drawer and 2: De not use the filter in temperatures over 60°C.
o © © Flstin9 = empty the Used coffee grinds into a suitable 3. If the coffee machine is not used for 3 days, we recommend washing the
d “e À container. "Aqua prima” filter;
Important note: the dregs drawer may be emptied only when the machine is 4 If the coffee machine is not used for more than 20 days, it is advisable to
on. The drawer must be removed for at least 5 seconds. If you empty the replace the filter.
drawer with the machine off, you will not be able to dispense coffee the next 5
time you switch the machine on. . To store an already opened filter, seal it in a nylon bag and keep in the fridge:
do not store it in the freezer to avoid damaging the filter properties.
© © © @ | un Fit the brew unit, drip tray and dregs drawer — 6. Before using the filter, leave it to soak in the water tank for 30 minutes,
S “db A E a ety mo place. 7. Once it is taken out of its pack, do not keep the filter in the open air,
086 Me iront door. 8. The filter must be replaced 90 days after opening the packing or after treating
Coffee grinder motor jammed. 60 litres of drinking water.
ее ее meshing Brew unit motor jammed.
Bd he A mE Contact an Authorised Service Centre,
CO Saeco
The machine does not
turn on.
The machine is not
connected to the power
Move the main switch to ON,
Check the plug and fhe]
The coffee is not hot
‘The cups are cold.
Warm up the cups.
Coffee flows out in
slow trickle or not
at all,
Excessively fine grind
Adjust to a coarser grind {tum
the knob clockwise).
and SBS control turned to
the right.
Turn the SBS control toward
the left.
Only water is | No preground coffee has | Dispense again =— after |
dispensed when you i been introduced. infroducing preground coffee.
select “preground
No hot water or steam | The tube nozzle is | Clean the nozzle opening
is dispensed. clogged. with a needle,
During this ope-
ration, the knob must
be closed and the machine
must be off.
The machine takes a | Excessive scale has | Descale the machine.
long time to warm up. | Built up. |
The brew unit cannot
be removed,
The unit has stopped in
the wrong position,
Close the door and switch on
the machine; the brew unit
will move back into position.
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