Procedure to Follow Should you need to change the IP Address for a

Procedure to Follow Should you need to change the IP Address for a
Procedure to Follow Should you need to change the IP Address for a Uniview Camera
There may be a time that you need to change an IP address for a Uniview IP Camera. You may
have also forgotten or not know what the IP address has been set to for the IP camera. This
procedure will explain how to check the IP address without the need to connect the IP camera
to a laptop and a cross over cable.
1.) With an Ethernet patch cable connect the Uniview IP camera directly into the PoE port
of your Uniview NVR unit. We will use the NVR to display the current Static IP that it has
been set to.
2.) If the Uplink LAN port on the NVR is connected to a router, disconnect it at this time.
3.) Wait until the IP Camera has fully initialized, the camera will flash its red LED for about 2
seconds, then waiting for 5 blinks from this same LED. After 5 slow blinks the camera
will be fully initialized.
4.) Use the NVR mouse and navigate to the Menu>Camera screen. Here you should see all
of the PoE cameras that are connected at the top, and the new IP camera showing at
the bottom, beside the Green plus sign.
5.) Scroll across to the right on this new camera row, and you will see the Advanced
column. In the Advanced column you will see a Blue Cog. Click on this Blue Cog.
6.) You should now see a new window open up called Advanced. This is where you can
change the IP Address, Sub-Net Mask and Gateway that may have been setup for this
7.) Make any changes that you need to make and click on the Apply button at the bottom
of this screen. These changes will not work if you do not know both the username and
password for the IP camera that you are trying to change.
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