CopperWatcher Spec Sheet CW

CopperWatcher Spec Sheet CW
Air Conditioning Copper Theft Solution
Air Conditioning Theft Device
Engineer and Architect Specifications
Detects theft by monitoring vulnerable connections compromised
through vandalism.
-Monitors supplied and applied voltage
-Monitors Refrigerant pressure
-Fully supervised and tamper proof
-Durable design NEMA 4 enclosure
-Two (2) wire or wireless operation
-208/230/460/480 volt operation
Single and three phase
-50/60 HZ.
CopperWatcher™ targets the connections thieves'
compromise to steal an air conditioner with unsurpassed
reliability. Typically the first thing a thief does before
stealing the unit is shut down the high voltage power at
the disconnect located next to the A/C.
CopperWatcher™ supervises power at the A/C
disconnect and sounds the existing alarm systems loud
siren when it is shut off drawing attention to the wouldbe thieves. CopperWatcher™ is intelligent enough to tell
the difference between a purposeful shut down and a
local power outage, and will not send a "false alarm" to
the security panel. Saving a possible fine with the local
authorities and the nuisance the audible alarm will cause.
The CopperWatcher ™ enclosure is constructed of
durable lexan material that is smooth finish grey in color
with a weather and UV resistant informational/warning
label attached. The enclosure should be mounted in the
vertical position requiring a ¾” mounting hole in the air
conditioning safety disconnect switch. ½” knock out is
located at the bottom of the enclosure for control and
alarm wire access.
The CopperWatcher ™ provides a normally closed loop
with alarm connection points located within the enclosure.
High voltage connections are made within the enclosure
and air conditioning safety disconnect. The pressure sensor
attaches to the liquid refrigerant service gauge port.
The CopperWatcher ™ monitors supplied and applied
voltage as well as refrigerant pressure. If the applied
voltage is lost, a sensor opens and the supervised signal is
disrupted, activating the installed alarm system. If the
supplied voltage is lost, the CopperWatcher ™
automatically switches to “fail safe” mode and will not
open the supervised signal. “Fail safe” mode will not
cause a false alarm at the installed alarm system. The
pressure sensor monitors refrigerant pressure and will open
the supervised signal to the installed alarm system during a
pressure loss situation. In the event of pressure loss, the
installed alarm system is activated.
The existing siren must be located close to the installed
CopperWatcher ™ unit.
The CopperWatcher ™ is compatible with all alarm
systems that are capable of monitoring a closed loop,
supervised, or non-supervised loop.
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