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VARTA Microbattery
VARTA Microbattery is one of the world's leading battery manufacturers. With production facilities
and sales subsidiaries worldwide, we supply high-quality battery products to our customers in
more than 100 countries around the world. The company is headquartered in Ellwangen,
Germany. We develop and produce batteries for all major electrochemical systems and cell
geometries. As a global system supplier, we are in a position to fulfill our customers' requirements
all over the world.
Primary Batteries
 Lithium-Manganese Cells
 Lithium-Thionyl-Chloride Cells
 Lithium Button Cells
 Zinc Air Cells
 Silver Oxide Button Cells
 Alkaline Batteries
Rechargeable Batteries
 Li-Ion Button Cells CoinPower
 Li-Ion & Li-Polymer-Batteries Cylindrical & Prismatic & CellPac LITE
 NiMH Button Cells
 Li-Power Packs CellPac PLUS
 NiMH Cylindrical
Hydrogen Gas Generating Cells
 VARTA H2 Cells
Hybride Supercapacitors
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