1 Installing Custom Fronts (GE Model) Notes: • The fronts

1 Installing Custom Fronts (GE Model) Notes: • The fronts
Installing Custom Fronts (GE Model)
 The fronts are larger than the instructions included with the refrigerator to create the look of a
 Do not use the hardware kit supplied by the manufacturer of the refrigerator
 Hardware supplied by Nucraft for installing custom fronts is,
2 pcs. #8-32x 1/2” silver machine Screws (goes in bottom hole for front adjusters)
4 pcs. #10-12x5/8” Black Wood Screw (to lock panels in place after adjusting fronts)
1. Remove the side trim by loosening the fasteners
2. Locate filler panel and drawer front
Filler Panel
Drawer Adjuster Attachment
Drawer Front
2 Drawer
3. Place the drawer front face down, and align the filler panel with drawer adjuster holes. Secure
the fasteners to a tightness which holds the panel, but allows adjustment
Filler Panel
Drawer Front
4. Slide front/filler panel onto the refrigerator front. Each front is labeled, one front should be
inscribed with “top” and one panel will be inscribed with “bottom.”
Sliding front onto
5. Once both fronts are inserted into the refrigerator fronts, adjust the panels for alignment.
6. After adjustment, gently remove the front from the case, and lock down the panel at 4 locations
in addition to the drawer adjusters.
7. Install end trim piece using 3 fasteners. Then place the cover by clicking into place.
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