A La Cart Tablet Security/Charging Cart Owner`s
A La Cart Tablet Security/Charging Cart
Owner’s Manual
Physical Features
Exterior Features:
Locking double doors on both front and back
Keyed security lock
Ventilation hole pattern on each side
Curved ergonomic push handle on each side
Power cord wrap hooks
Accessory Outlet Panel
Four heavy-duty swivel casters (two locking)
HNon-skid top surface
Interior Features:
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Keyed security lock
32 horizontal easy load slots
USB cable managment
4 - 8 outlet power strips
4 outlet power switcher
Getting Started
Electrical Testing
Before using your new A La Cart Tablet Security/
Charging Cart, have a qualified electrician verify the
current draw does not exceed the rating of the unit
when all the devices are installed.
Read owner’s manual and understand safe use
guidelines before operating cart to ensure personal
Plug AC power cord into receptacle on side of cart.
Plug AC power cord into wall outlet. Cart will power
Test the branch circuit for ground integrity and branch
circuit protection.
Release lock and open doors to reveal 16 or 32
horizontal device slots.
Do not plug in the unit if the receptacle or power cord
have been damaged, or if the ground prong is missing
from the AC plug. If repairs are ever needed, they
should be performed by a qualified electrician.
Plug desired device cords into exposed USB ports.
Slide up to 32 devices into slots with power port side
out, and plug corresponding cord into device.
See technical specifications on page 5.
Safety First!
This unit must always be used by adults or with adult
Liquids should not be in, on, or around the A La Cart
Tablet Security/Charging Cart.
Do not use outdoors.
Do not use the unit if the cord appears to be damaged
or if the ground prong is missing. When the unit is
not plugged in, wrap the power cord around the cord
Do not use an extension cord with this unit.
Do not use the power cord to pull the cart.
First Steps
Remove packing materials and loose components,
including the power cord, lock keys, and printed cart
Always use a qualified electrical circuit to be sure you
are powering the cart properly and in accordance to
the cart’s specifications and requirements.
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Timer Installation
Device & Cable Management
1. Align the timer assembly with the (4) pre-drilled mounting
holes under the work surface and attach with (4) screws.
Tighten securely.
1. Route one charging cord, front to back, along the
underside of the shelf for each device/slot. Make sure
that the cord end that goes into the devices is at the front
of the cart and the power end goes to the power strips
in the back. Leave enough slack in front (approximately
4.5"; use the height of the divider as a measuring stick)
so users can plug in the device without straining the
2. Plug the four power strips into the 4 interior outlets on the
3.With the switcher in the 'OFF' position, plug the cart
power strips into the timer outlets.
4. Plug the cycle timer power cord into a dedicated 15 amp
circuit in a 110-volt standard outlet
5. Secure power cords within the cart as necessary with zip
The timer prevents overload by alternating power between
both power strips in the cart, providing charging to multiple
devices during the day.
2. Plug the devices power cord into one of the power strips
at the back of the cart and place your power adapter into
the storage area beneath the shelves.
3. Insert the cord into the small clip at the front of the divider,
then wrap extra slack around cord winder clip on the
underside of the shelves.
4. Turn the power switch to the OFF position before
plugging the cart into the wall.
Use of the Timer
1. The timer can be turned on and off by the switch or by
removing the power cord.
2.The timer is pre-programmed and permanently set to
alternate between the A and B banks every 15 minutes.
3.Follow all power rating labels correctly to avoid
overloading the cart.
Cart Operation
The A La Cart Tablet Security/Charging Cart is designed
to charge any outlet charging samrtphone, tablet, or
chromebook/netbook device. Multiple brands can be
mixed within the A La Cart Tablet Security/Charging Cart.
Please contact MooreCo at 1-800-749-2258 for additional
compatibility information.
Before using the A La Cart Tablet Security/Charging Cart,
it must be plugged into an AC outlet (100-127 VAC) with a
minimum of 15 Amp rating. The A La Cart Tablet Security/
Charging Cart uses a maximum of 12 Amps, but should be
powered by an outlet with extra capacity.
Prior to opening or using the A La Cart Tablet Security/
Charging Cart, the locks on the two locking casters should
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be engaged to prevent the cart from moving. Any time the
A La Cart Tablet Security/Charging Cart needs to be moved,
the two locks on the locking casters must be disengaged.
The A La Cart Tablet Security/Charging Cart has a power
switch, which will be lit red when turned on. Please turn the
switch to the "off"position before unplugging the device from
from the AC wall outlet.
In the event that the A La Cart Tablet Security/Charging
Cart is plugged into an AC outlet, switch turned to the "on"
position, yet without lighting the red switch light, the cart is
not receiving power. In such circumstances, please contact
MooreCo for device diagnosis.
Technical Specifications
Ventilated powder-coated steel with keyed locking doors
Rounded powder coated steel with non-skid rubber application
Extra durable 4" swivel casters, two locking
Exterior Power
Two additional accessory outlets. Circuit protection and lighted on/off switch.
32 tablets or other mobile computing devices
Recommended Devices
Tablets, chromebooks, netbooks, e-readers, smartphones. Call for assistance with
specific device compatibility.
Timer Part Number
Input Voltage
100-125 VAC
Maximum Current
12A max
Output Power
1.8 KVA
3 X 5-15R Duplex
1 Duplex "Always On"
2 Duplexes Timed To Alternate Every 15 Minutes
Timer Dimensions
7.0"W x 1.75"H x 6.13"D
Overload Protection
Panel Indicators
Lighted ON/OFF Switch (Red)
Operating Ambient Temperature:
32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C)
Nonoperating Ambient Temperature:
-4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)
Relative Humidity:
5% to 95% non condensing
Cart Dimensions
36 3⁄4"H x 31 3⁄4"W x 20 1⁄8"D
Cart Weight
27698 - 99 lbs / 27702 - 112 lbs
6 ft power cord
IEC 60950-1
Ready to assemble
The A La Cart Tablet Security/Charging Cart is listed to UL Information Technology Equipment 60950-1 safety standard.
800.749.2258 | www.moorecoinc.com
Cart Use
Electrical Safety
Ensure cart is closed and locked before moving.
MooreCo, Inc. does not accept liability for damage
to cart if misused, inadequately repaired, or modified.
Any of the above will void warranty.
Do not tilt or operate cart on a slope.
Be sure not to exceed electrical rating of 12 Amps.
Use of cart is intended for adults only. Do not allow
use by children or students unless fully supervised
by a responsible adult.
Do not plug in or use unit if any power plug or
electrical cord has been damaged.
Do not sit on or exceed cart weight limit.
Cart is designed for indoor use only.
Contact MooreCo or qualified electrician before
attempting to perform any sort of maintenance or
modification to cart electronics.
Be sure all external power cords are unplugged and
correctly stored before moving cart.
Do not plug cart into extension cord or movable
power strip.
Keep casters locked when cart is stationary.
Do not run cords in high traffic areas or through
doorways, hallways, holes in ceilings, walls, or floors.
Do not remove or modify any prongs or pins of
power cord in any way.
Cart is designed to be pushed. Do not pull.
Keep all liquids away from cart. Do not use cart if
Do not operate near flammable materials.
Do not block ventilation of cart. Proper airflow is
required to avoid overheating or damage to cart.
www.moorecoinc.com | 800.749.2258
WARNING: Failure to follow
electrical guidelines may result
in fire, injury, or electrical shock.
Trouble Shooting
Technical changes are not intended to be performed
by anyone other than a qualified professional. Please
contact MooreCo, Inc. or seek a qualified professional for
MooreCo, Inc. offers ten (10) years of limited coverage
for non-electrical components, and two (2) years on all
electrical components. Additional details can be found at
800.749.2258 | www.moorecoinc.com
Balt® & Best-Rite® are brand
divisions of MooreCo Inc.
2885 Lorraine Ave
Temple, TX 76501
p: 800.749.2258
f: 800.697.6258
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