Better Banking Through Digital Signage
Better Banking
Through Digital Signage
By Fritz Esker
Contributing writer,
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Increased promotions, targeted communications and waitwarping are just some of the ways banks can utilize digital
signage to increase ROI.
nstalling a digital signage network
offers a number of benefits to banks,
including better engagement with
the customer, increased opportunity for
targeted promotions and messaging and
improved corporate communications.
This white paper will discuss the benefits
of digital signage in banking and share
success stories.
“Digital signage has become an important
element in modern banking, allowing a
more effective customer experience and
communication,” said Tamir Ginat, chief
executive officer of C-nario, a company
that provides digital signage solutions for a
variety of clients, including banks. C-nario
has offices in the United States, Europe
and Israel.
Improved communication
Banks today offer an ever increasing array
of products and services, and it’s of paramount importance to educate customers
about what the bank can provide. Traditionally, banks have relied on printed
media, such as pamphlets or a cardboard
display, to share information with customers. A piece of digital signage, however, is
much more dynamic and visually engaging than traditional media, making for
more effective communication. Customers
are more likely to pay attention to digital
signage and have a better idea of what
they want when they reach the front of the
line, spending less time at the counter and
decreasing the wait times for everyone.
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Digital signage can keep customers entertained, shorten perceived wait time
and improve the overall customer experience
Better Banking Through Digital Signage
Not only does digital signage inform customers, it also keeps them engaged in line.
Customers who are waiting in line often
are bored, and with nothing to distract
them, that boredom turns into unhappiness before the transaction has even
begun. Digital signage can keep customers
entertained, shorten perceived wait time
and improve the overall customer experience, by showing relevant information
about banking products, news and stocks
updates, entertainment and real-time
queuing information.
Digital signage also can be used for corporate communications, so the same message
reaches all bank branches at the same time,
rather than relying on managers to convey
news. Additionally, digital signage can be
used for training employees and ensuring
that everyone is aware of products and
Enhanced control
With digital signage, it’s simple to change
the content from one central location.
As banks become more consolidated and
financial services increasingly complex,
it’s important to be able to quickly update
information to all branches across a city,
state, country or even the world. Customer-related content also can be controlled
locally or from a central location, which
makes it easier on the bank than having employees at each individual branch
change the content themselves.
Because information is conveyed electronically, digital signage also saves banks
money. For example, instead of having
to print new brochures, posters or data
sheets every time the interest rate on a CD
changes, the digital signage can be updated electronically and immediately.
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Real-time reporting and tracking tools
ensure that the signage is being used effectively and increase the power of advertising. By using such tools, administrators can
calculate how well a promotion is doing
and either extend the campaign or swap it
out. In addition, more hyper-local campaigns can be implemented and tracked.
Success stories
Israel Discount Bank. Israel Discount
Bank, Israel’s third-largest bank, wanted
to provide its branches with customized
content to meet the individual needs of
specific branches and departments. To
meet these needs, it worked with C-nario
and CTV to install between one and six
screens at all of its 140 branches and at its
headquarters. Each branch receives 600
channels, and an additional 100 channels
are transmitted to the bank’s headquarters.
The screens’ content combines both informational material promoting the bank and
its services, as well as music channels and
news feeds.
Israel Discount Bank worked with C-nario and CTV to create a fun banking
atmosphere by using informative and entertaining digital signage.
Better Banking Through Digital Signage
The goal of Israel Discount Bank’s signage
is to create an atmosphere. Few people
think of banking as fun, but informative
and entertaining signage can create an
atmosphere that is inviting, relaxing and
engaging. If that atmosphere exists, then
customers will have positive mental associations with the bank because of the
signage and be encouraged to continue
banking with that institution.
“The digital signage network enables us to
communicate better with our customers,
providing them with updated information about the bank’s various services and
programs,” said Roni Peled, advertising
and marketing manager of Israel Discount
Bank. “The network helps us stay competitive and meet our business challenges,
using advanced technologies.”
National Bank of Greece. The National
Bank of Greece recently launched its i-bank
in Athens, a multipurpose electronic banking venue with Internet banking, phone
banking, mobile banking and ATMs. It features 16 screens (with three touchscreens)
that show educational and promotional
videos, as well as entertainment content.
Twelve of the screens are arranged in a row,
enabling the bank to display synchronized
content on multiple screens as a single,
homogenous display element.
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On the touchscreens, customers can experience i-banking services and even play interactive games. For those unfamiliar with
the technology, the store has a specialized
i-bank store team for support.
“The innovative digital signage displays
help the NBG i-bank store demonstrate
the concept and possibilities of e-banking,
while creating a high-impact and unique
customer experience,” said Ionna Katzilieri, assistant general manager for retail
banking at the National Bank of Greece.
About the sponsor: C-nario is a global industry
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telecom and others. Through its global partners
and international value-added resellers, C-nario
has deployed its solutions in 40 countries. The
company has offices in the United States, Europe
and Israel.
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