Page 1 Congratulations on your purchase of our BigBlue product

Page 1 Congratulations on your purchase of our BigBlue product
Congratulations on your purchase of our BigBlue
product. The BigBlue Diving Light uses carefully selected
materials that have met rigorous industry standards. With
innovative manufacturing processes, and strict quality
controls, we guarantee the reliability of all BigBlue Diving
The AL 1200NP Li ion Rechargeable Battery Narrow Beam
LED Light delivers 1200 lumens of light output and it features
a 4-level and SOS push button on the body that enables you
to adjust the brightness and prolong the burn time according
to each individual need. Or just in emergency to go to SOS to
seek for help.
Our high output LED system delivers brilliant luminosity at 1200
lumens, a 10°strong penetrating light spot, making it ideal for
e The unique XML high intensity LED is energy efficient to
guarantee a long burn time of up to 50,000 hours, reducing the
need for frequent bulb replacement.
* The light can be attached to a lanyard.
* The 6500K white light reflects the true vibrant colors of the
underwater surrounding while diving.
* The body can be twist opened easily to replace the old battery
pack inside for long lasting performance.
* The product comes with a smart charger, enabling you to smart
quick-charge in 2-3 hours.
* The push button not only makes it easy to change between
the power output levels, but it is also designed to be insulated
from all internal parts, eliminating the risk of leakage.
Maintenance and Transportation
* After each dive, always rinse with fresh water. If the diving
light and the battery will not be used for a prolonged period of
time ( more than a month), remove the battery from the light.
e In rare cases of flooding, discontinue use. Turn the light off
immediately, disconnect the battery, and rinse with fresh
water. Let the component dry completely, and return it to
BigBlue for service.
* Flooding damage cannot be repaired on site
Clean the light and Lubricate the O-Ring
* For good practice, put the light into fresh water for few hours
after every dive.
e Dry it out and put the silicone crease on the O-Ring. Ready
for other dive.
Limited Warranty
1. BigBlue guarantees the proper operation of this product by the
original retail purchaser under normal and intended use.
2. This warranty applies only to the original retail purchaser,
which does not cover commercial or rental use, and it is not
transferable to third parties.
3. If the original retail purchaser detects defect in the materials or
workmanship, return the product together with proof of
purchase, including the date of purchase to an authorized
BigBlue dealer or BigBlue.
4. The warranty covers a period of up to one year from the date
of purchase. Warranty for rechargeable battery pack is valid
for six months only.
5. This limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties. No other
person or party is authorized to assume for BigBlue any other
liability in connection with the sales of this product.
6. This warranty will be voided if the product or any of its parts
have been tempered with, repaired, modified, transformed,
adapted, or damaged without authorization by BigBlue.
7. This warranty does not cover parts subjected to normal wear
and tear, including and is not limited to the following: O-ring,
battery pack, front glass (surface scratch or damage on
8. This warranty does not cover damages due to impact, used in
chlorinated or polluted waters, and extended exposure to heat
Bossk International Company Limited Web:
Email: [email protected] Tel: (852) 3568 0773
MADE IN CHINA Patent Pending
Light source
Light output
Casing material
Power source
Angle of light beam
Color temperature
> 0 ena
Maximum depth
Size :
Weight in air
Buoyancy in seawater :
Switching system
Front glass
Lanyard :
: 120 Lm (level 1), 300 Lm (level II)
600 Lm (level Ill), 1200 Lm (level IV)
: Aluminum alloy.
Anti-corrosive anodized
: Li ion Rechargeable battery
pack 18650
: 10° narrow beam
: 6500K
: 2hrs ( level IV), 5 hrs ( level lll),
10 hrs ( level Il) and
20 hrs (level I)
: 100 m tested
Dia. 35 x L. 145. Imm
: 178g (including battery)
-79g ( including battery)
: Push button with battery
: Tempered optical glass
Specifications subject to change without prior notice.
Using the Rechargeable Li ion Battery
* Intended to be used with the custom-made 18650 ion
rechargeable battery only.
e Connect with the correct polarity (+ and -) only, incorrect
connection can damage the unit.
¢ Fully charge the batteries before using for the first time.
* Use only the power adapters supplied with the charger. Using
incompatible adapters may damage the charger or result in
fire or electric shock.
* Charge time will depend on the remaining charge in the
battery and the surrounding temperature.
* Do not charge near hot temperature, under direct sunlight,
cover the charger with a blanket, or place under heavy
pressure. If the temperature is too high, it may cause the
battery to leak or rupture.
* When storing or carrying the battery, avoid direct contact with
metal objects to avoid short circuit.
* The Li ion battery should not be dropped or be subjected to
strong mechanical shock.
* Remove the battery from the light if it is not going to be in
use for an extended period of time.
* Do not operate the battery or the charger if it has been
damaged or subjected to shock.
* Do not dispose of in fire. Do not heat, deform, solder,
disassemble or modify.
* Do not dispose of your rechargeable battery with general
household waste. Check with your local collection system for
electrical and electronic products.
Attaching the light to a lanyard
e Insert the lanyard on the bottom of the body.
Replacing the Battery
Pack Inside the body
Unscrew the body and then
slide out the old battery
Choosing between 4-Levels and
SOS of output
Press the push button every time to
choose the desired output level :
I- output at 10%, ll-output at 25%,
lll-output at 50%, IV-output at
For 4-Levels setting, press the push
button each time to change the
level of output accordingly.
For SOS setting, press the push
button for 2 sec to get SOS effect
and back to normal when you press
the push button once again.
For OFF setting, press the push
button one time after 1 sec of level
selection or press the push button
five times after 4-Levels setting.
Battery level indicator built-in
Color of LEDs change from the
time being. It will change from
blue to green and green to red.
When the red led flashes, it
reminds people to charge up the
Charging the Battery
Place the Li ion battery
inside the Smart Quick
Charger. There is no need to
discharge after use.
Charge time will depend
on the remaining capacity
in the battery and the
surrounding temperature.
| СААР :
8650 Li ion
hargeable Battery
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