Sensixx`x DA50
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Sensixx’x DA50
en Operating instructions
General safety instructions
Before using your appliance for the first time
Using your appliance
1. Filling the water tank
2. Setting the temperature
3. Ironing with steam
4. Shot of steam
5. Vertical steam
6. Ironing without steam
7. Drip protection *
8. Spray
9. “secure” auto shut-off function *
10. After ironing
Tips to help you save energy
Cleaning & Maintenance
Multiple descaling system
“TextileProtect” fabric protector *
“StoreProtect” *
Trouble shooting
Guarantee conditions
EN • Operating instructions
Thank you for buying the
Sensixx’x DA50 steam iron from Bosch.
Carefully read through the operating
instructions for the appliance and safeguard
them for future reference.
You can download this manual from the
local homepages of Bosch.
General safety instructions
❐❐ The iron must not be left unattended while it is connected to the
supply mains.
❐❐ Remove the plug from the socket before filling the appliance with
water or before pouring out the remaining water after use.
❐❐ The appliance must be used and placed on a stable surface.
❐❐ When placed on its stand, make sure that the surface on which the
stand is placed is stable.
❐❐ The iron should not be used if it has been dropped, if there are
visible signs of damage or if it is leaking water. It must be checked by
an authorized Technical Service Centre before it can be used again.
❐❐ With the aim of avoiding dangerous situations, any work or repair
that the appliance may need, e.g. replacing a faulty mains cable,
must only be carried out by qualified personnel from an Authorised
Technical Service Centre.
❐❐ This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and
above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in
a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not
play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not
be made by children without supervision.
❐❐ Keep the iron and its cord out of reach of children less than 8 years
of age when it is energized or cooling down.
CAUTION. Hot surface.
Surface is liable to get hot during use.
Important notices
• This appliance has been designed
exclusively for domestic use and must not
be used for industrial purposes.
• This appliance must be used only for
the purposes for which it was designed,
i.e. as an iron. Any other use will be
considered improper and consequently
• The manufacturer will not be held
responsible for any damage arising from
misuse or improper use.
• This appliance reaches high temperatures
and produces steam during use, this
could cause scalds or burns in case of
improper use.
- Do not touch the soleplate! Hold the
iron by its handle.
- Do not leave the supply cord hanging
over the table or ironing board, to
prevent the appliance from falling.
- Do not iron clothing while it is being
- Never spray or aim the steam at
persons or animals!
• Do not allow the power cable to come
into contact with sharp edges or with the
soleplate when it is hot.
• Never rest the iron in a horizontal position
when the soleplate is hot. Rest it on its
• Do not touch the appliance with wet
hands when in operation.
• This appliance is to be connected and
used in accordance with the information
stated on its characteristics plate.
• This appliance must be connected to
an earthed socket. If it is absolutely
necessary to use an extension cable,
make sure that it is suitable for 16A and
has a socket with an earth connection.
• The appliance must never be placed
directly under the tap to fill the water tank.
• Unplug the appliance from the mains
supply after each use, or if a fault is
• The electrical plug must not be removed
from the socket by pulling the cable.
• Never immerse the iron in water or any
other fluid.
• Do not leave the appliance exposed to
weather conditions (rain, sun, frost, etc.).
Advice on disposal
Our goods come in optimized packaging.
This basically consists in using noncontaminating materials which should be
handed over to the local waste disposal
service as secondary raw materials. Your
local town council can give you information
about how to dispose of obsolete
This appliance is labelled in
accordance with European
Directive 2012/19/EU
concerning used electrical and
electronic appliances (waste
electrical and electronic
equipment – WEEE).
The guideline determines the framework
for the return and recycling of used
appliances as applicable throughout the
* Model dependent
1.Spray button
2.Shot of steam button
3.Steam regulator
4.Water inlet
5.Water inlet lid
6.Spray nozzle
8.Level mark for maximum filling
9.Temperature index
10.“clean” button
11. Water tank
12.Temperature control
13.Pilot light
14.Power cord
15.“auto off” indicator light *
16.“TextileProtect” fabric protector *
17.Descaling liquid *
18.“StoreProtect” accessory *
Set the steam regulator (3) to the
and unplug the iron from
the mains!
1.Open the water inlet lid (5).
2.Fill the water tank (11). Never fill beyond
the level mark for maximum filling (8).
Before using your appliance for
the first time
Remove any label or protective cover
from the soleplate (7).
During it first use the iron may produce
certain vapours and odours that will die
away after a few minutes.
Using your appliance
1. Filling the water tank
This appliance has been designed to use
normal tap water.
• The addition of other liquids, (unless
recommended by Bosch) such as
perfume, will damage the appliance.
• Do not use condensation water from tumble
dryers, air conditioning systems or similar.
Any damage caused by the use of the
aforementioned products will make the
guarantee void.
* Model dependent
3.Close the water inlet lid.
To prolong the optimum steam
function, you may mix tap water with
distilled water 1:1. If the tap water in
your district is very hard, mix tap water
with distilled water 1:2.
You can inquire about the water
hardness with your local water supplier.
3. Ironing with steam
The steam regulator (3) is used to adjust
the amount of steam produced when
control (12)
2. Setting the temperature
The temperature control (12) adjusts the
temperature of the soleplate (7).
Set the temperature control to the
corresponding position by lining it up with
the temperature index (9) on the iron.
1 2 3 max
1 2 3 max
eco • max
eco • max
2 3
3 max
eco •
• eco
• max
1 2 3 max
1 2 3 max
For better ironing results, iron the
last strokes without steam
dry the
• eco to
• max
1 2
2 3
3 max
Recommended position of
the steam
max (3) *
• eco
• max
• eco • max
Suitable for:
Silk – Wool
The pilot light (13) switches on while the
appliance is heating up and switches off as
soon as the set temperature is reached. If
the temperature of the hot iron drops, you
can continue ironing while the iron heats up
again to the set temperature.
* Model dependent
5. Vertical steam
4. Shot of steam
This can be used to remove stubborn
wrinkles or to press in a sharp crease or
1.Set the temperature control (12) to “max”.
2.Press the shot of steam button
repeatedly with intervals of at least 5
This can be used to remove creases
from hanging clothes, curtains etc.
Never direct the steam jet at garments
that are being worn.
Never aim the steam at people or
1.Set the temperature control (12) to “max”.
* Model dependent
2.Hang article of clothing on a clothes
hanger. Operate the iron in a vertical
position at a distance of 10 cm / 4 in,
and press the shot of steam button
(2) repeatedly with pauses of at least 5
6. Ironing without steam
This enables the iron to be used for dry
1.Set steam regulator (3) to the
10 cm / 4 in
2.Select an appropriate temperature for the
type of material being ironed (see “Setting
the temperature” section).
* Model dependent
7. Drip protection *
lf the temperature is set too low, the steam
is automatically switched off to avoid
There may be an audible click when this
9. “secure” auto shut-off
function *
The “secure” auto shut-off function
switches off the iron when it is left
unattended, thus increasing security and
saving energy.
If your iron is equipped with “secure”
function, you can find the text “auto off” on
1.Plug in the iron.
2.Initial heating up process: this function
will be inactive for the first two minutes in
order to give the appliance time to reach
the set temperature.
8. Spray
This can be used to remove stubborn
Do not use the spray function with silk.
3.The safety circuit will switch the appliance
off automatically and the indicator light
(15*) will start flashing in the following
a If the iron is not moved for 30 seconds
while resting on its soleplate or on its
* Model dependent
b If the iron is not moved for 8 minutes
3.Allow the soleplate (7) to cool down.
while in the upright position.
4.To reconnect the iron, just move it about
4.Store the iron standing on the rear, not on
the soleplate. Do not wrap the power cord
(14) too tight!
10. After ironing
1.Switch the steam regulator (3) from
“max” and back again several times (selfcleaning).
2.Empty the tank. Hold the iron with the
point down and shake lightly.
* Model dependent
Tips to help you save
Steam production consumes the most
energy. To help minimise the energy used,
follow the advice below:
1.Start by ironing the fabrics that require
the lowest ironing temperature. Check the
recommended ironing temperature in the
label on the garment.
2.Regulate the steam according to the
selected ironing temperature, following
the instructions in this manual.
3 Only use steam if necessary. If possible,
use the spray function instead.
Try to iron the fabrics while they are still
damp and reduce the steam setting.
Steam will be generated from the fabrics
rather than the iron.
If you tumble dry your fabrics before
ironing them, set the tumble drier on the
‘iron dry’ program.
4.If the fabrics are damp enough, turn off
the steam regulator (3) completely.
5.Stand the iron upright during pauses.
Resting it horizontally with the steam
regulator on generates wasted steam.
switch off the steam and rub off any
residue immediately with a thickly folded,
damp cotton cloth.
3.To keep the soleplate smooth, you should
avoid hard contact with metal objects.
Never use a scouring pad, or chemicals
to clean the soleplate.
Cleaning & Maintenance
Risk of burns!
Always unplug the appliance from
the mains supply before carrying
out any cleaning or maintenance
operation on it.
1.If the iron is only slightly soiled, pull out
the plug and allow the soleplate (7) to
cool down. Wipe the housing and the
soleplate with a damp cotton cloth only.
2.If the cloth is synthetic, it may melt due
to the high temperature on the soleplate,
* Model dependent
Multiple descaling system
2Set the temperature control (12) to the
“max” position and plug in the iron.
D. anti-calc
A. self-clean
B. Calc'nClean
A self-clean
3After the necessary warm-up period, the
pilot light (13) goes out. Then, unplug the
iron (very important!).
Each time you use the steam regulator (3),
the “self-clean” system cleans the
mechanism of scale deposits.
B Calc’nClean
The “Calc’nClean” function helps to remove
scale particles out of the steam chamber.
Use this function approximately every 2
weeks if the water in your area is very hard.
1Unplug the iron from the mains socket,
set the steam regulator (3) to the
position and fill the water tank (11) with
4Set steam regulator to the “max” position.
* Model dependent
5Hold the iron over a sink. Press the
“clean” button (10) and shake the iron
until approximately one third of the water
capacity of the tank is evaporated.
Boiling water and steam will come out,
carrying scale or deposits that might be
6Release the “clean” button, and gently
shake the iron for some seconds.
7Repeat the steps 5 and 6 three times
until the tank is empty.
8Then plug the iron in and heat it up again
until the remaining water has
Push the “clean” button a few times
more to clean the valve.
9Unplug the iron and let the soleplate (7)
cool down. Wipe the soleplate with a
damp cotton cloth only.
C “Calc’nClean” with descaling liquid *
For deep descaling, it is recommended to
use the descaling liquid especially
developed by Bosch. This procedure should
be carried out every 3 months.
1.Fill the water tank (11) with tap water
mixed with a measure (25 ml) of the
descaling liquid (17 *).
2.Then follow the procedure described
above in section “Calc’nClean” (steps 2 to
The descaling liquid may be purchased
from our after-sales service or specialist
Name of accessory: TDZ1101
* Model dependent
D anti-calc*
The “anti-calc” cartridge has been designed
to reduce the build-up of scale produced
during steam ironing, helping to extend the
useful life of your iron. Nevertheless the
“anti-calc” cartridge cannot remove all of the
scale that is produced naturally over time.
“TextileProtect” fabric
protector *
“StoreProtect” *
The “StoreProtect” accessory (18 *)
enables an immediate and safe storage
of the iron, even with a hot soleplate (7).
This accessory may be purchased from our
after-sales service or specialist shops.
Name of accessory: TDZ1750
The fabric protector (16 *) is used for
steam-ironing delicate garments at
maximum temperature without damaging
The fabric protector may be purchased from
our after-sales service or specialist shops.
Name of accessory: TDZ1550
* Model dependent
Trouble shooting
Probable cause
The iron does
not heat up.
1.Temperature control (12) set
to minimum.
2.The “secure”* system has
been activated (“auto off”
indicator lamp 15* flashes).
The iron is set to stand-by.
1.The temperature is too high.
1.Turn to a higher position.
The clothes
tend to stick
Water drips out
of the soleplate
(7) together
with steam.
Steam does not
come out.
Smoke comes
out when
connecting the
iron for the first
dripping or
Deposits come
out through the
holes in the
soleplate (7).
1.Temperature control (12)
setting is too low.
2.Steam regulator (3) is set too
high in conjunction with a low
3.You have pressed the shot of
steam button (2) repeatedly
without waiting for 5 seconds
between each press.
2.To reconnect the iron, just move it
about gently.
1.Turn the temperature control (12)
down and wait until the iron has
cooled down.
1.Turn the temperature control to a
higher setting (between “••” and
“max”) and wait until the pilot light
(13) goes out.
2.Set the steam regulator (3) to a
lower setting.
3.Wait 5 seconds between each
press of the shot of steam button.
1.Steam regulator (3) is set to
2.The temperature is too low.
Anti-drip system is activated.
1.This may be caused by the
lubrication of some of the
internal parts.
1.Set the steam regulator to a
higher position.
2.Set to a higher temperature if
compatible with the fabric.
1.No proper closing of
“Calc’nClean” system.
1.Actuate a few times the “clean”
button (10).
1.Traces of lime scale are
coming out of the steam
1.Carry out a cleaning cycle
(see “Calc’nClean” section).
1.This is normal and will stop after a
few minutes.
If none of the above solves the problem, get in touch with an authorised technical service.
* Model dependent
Guarantee conditions
The terms of the guarantee for this
appliance are in accordance with that stated
by our representative for the country in
which it is sold.
The details of these conditions can be
obtained from the retailer from whom the
appliance was purchased. The purchase
receipt must be presented when making
any claims against the terms of this
Customer Service
Great Britain
Bosch Customer Service
Grand Union House
Old Wolverton Road Milton Keynes
MK12 5PT
003 Sensixx´x DA50 GB 10/14
UK +44 (0)344 892 8979
IRL +353 (0)1450 2655
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