Isolated inputs

Isolated inputs
tio nuls e
e /P
Mu l
pe ra tur
na l
/T e m
A na log owe r, R ota tio )
(E le c tric d F low Q ua nt
S pe e d,
G L 400
G L 350
E as y operability
E asy operation with
cursor keys and buttons
E as y P C connection
Data trans fer in real time
T rans fer data
P C MC IA c ard
One-touch detachable input terminal units
C an be us ed immediately
in E xcel applications
• E asy to install and remove
• C an be installed in the main
unit in two ways
• C hoice of three types: 10-ch,
20-ch, and 50-ch
A5 s ize
An A5-size model with
isolated inputs is available
at last
45 mm
21 2
G raphtec C orporation, a leading manufac turer of prec is ion rec ording and meas uring
ins truments , has added the G L s eries midi L OG G E R s - A5-s ize 10 to 100-channel data
loggers with high is olation on all channels - to its family of data acquis ition products .
T he G L 400 model comes with a large-format dis play s creen and enables eas y data capture
with the ability to monitor waveforms and digital values during meas urement, while the G L 350
model has been des igned for eas y operation in a network environment.
Main Unit S pec ific ations
Number of analog input terminal units mountable
Analog input terminal unit input method
Number of input channels
Analog voltage input
T emperature input
F ilter
A/D converter
S ampling interval
T rigger functions
T ypes
C onditions
Alarm functions
T ypes
C onditions
P uls e input*1
Number of channels
R anges
E xternal trigger input*1
Logic input*1
Alarm output
Number of channels
Number of channels
Number of channels
Output format
Output conditions
Memory capacity
P C MC IA card s lot
Internal memory
Memory device
P C interfaces
Monitor (G L400 only)
P ower s upply
S ize
Dis played items
F unctions
T emperature
E xternal dimens ions (W x D x H, approx.)
Weight (approx.)
G L 400
G L 350
S canning, all channels is olated
10 channels /unit, 20 channels /unit, 50 channels /unit (manufactured after receipt of order)
20, 50, 100, 200, 500 mV ; 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 V ; 1-5 V /f.s .
T hermocouples : K , J , E , T , R , S , B , N, W (WR e5-26)
R es is tance temperature detector: P t100, J P t100
On, Off (s oftware filter)
16 bits
100, 200, 500 ms ; 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 s ; 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 min; 1 h
S tart: Data capture s tarts when a trigger is generated
S top: Data capture s tops when a trigger is generated
S tart: Off, Level, Alarm, E xternal
S top: Off, Level, Alarm, E xternal, T ime
Analog, Logic, P uls e AND, P uls e OR
Analog: H, L, Window In, Window Out
Logic: 4-ch pattern
P uls e: H, L, Window In, Window Out
1 ch
R P M mode: 500 rpm, 5, 50, 500 krpm/f.s . (max. 50k/s )
C ount mode: 50, 500 kC , 5, 50, 500 MC /f.s . (max. 50k/s ampling interval)
Ins t. mode: 50, 500 kC , 5, 50MC /f.s . (max. 50k/s ampling interval)
1 ch
4 ch
4 ch
Open collector output (100 k pull-up res is tance)
Level judgment, window judgment, logic pattern judgment, puls e judgment
4 MB (2 Mwords )
T ype 2
US B (V er. 1.1), E thernet (10 B as e-T , 100 B as e-T X)
4.7-inch S T N color LC D
Waveforms + digital values , waveforms only, digital values only, digital values + calculated values
Waveform expans ion/compres s ion, S caling, C alculation, S earch
0 to 40 C
30 to 80% R H (non-condens ing)
AC adapter (100 to 240 V AC , 50/60 Hz)
DC input (12 to 24 V DC ), B attery pack*2
212 x 152 x 45 mm
212 x 152 x 40 mm
850 g*3
710 g*3
*1 Max. input voltage: 24 V
Input thres hold voltage: approx. +2.5V
Hys teres is : approx. 1V (+2 to +3V )
*2 Option
*3 E xcluding the battery and AC adapter; including one 10-channel input terminal unit
S oftware F unc tions (provided as s tandard)
C ompatible operating system
F unctions
Main unit s ettings
C aptured data
Dis played items
Dis play modes
Monitor function
R eport function
Des c ription
Windows 2000/XP
Main unit control, realtime data capture, data conversion
Input settings, memory settings, alarm settings, trigger settings
R ealtime data, Memory data, P C card data
Analog waveforms, logic waveforms, pulse waveforms, digital values
Digital values , waveform, meter
When an alarm is generated, email is sent to the specified address
F ile functions
S tandard C onfiguration
Model name
S tandard c onfiguration
G L400
10-channel input terminal unit (10S U),
input terminal unit s crewdriver (contained ins ide the G L400/350 unit),
G L350
AC adapter (100 to 240 V AC , 50/60 Hz), C D-R OM (Us er’s Manual,
application s oftware), QuickS tart manual
Option name
10-channel input terminal unit
20-channel input terminal unit
50-channel input terminal unit*1
B attery pack
64 MB C ompact F las h
256 MB C ompact F las h
C ompact F las h adapter
B attery charger
Logic alarm cable, bare tips (2 m)
DC drive cable, bare tips (2 m)
C able to connect two main units together, 1-m length
(used for synchronized sampling when P C measurement is performed)
Option number
10S U
20S U
50S U
B -511
B -512
B -513
B -514
B -515
*1 Manufactured after receipt of order. Us ed outs ide the main unit
Note: C ompact F las h cards and adapters are commercially available
T o ens ure c orrec t and s afe us e:
• R ead your Us er's Manual before us ing the product, and operate it correctly in accordance with the procedures des cribed.
• T o prevent malfunctions or electrical s hock due to current leakage, ens ure that the product has a good protective ground, and ens ure that the s upply voltage conforms
to the product power rating.
B rand names and product names listed in this brochure are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
503-10 S hinano-cho, T ots uka-ku,
Y okohama 244-8503, J apan
T el : +81 (045) 825-6250
F ax : +81 (045) 825-6396
E mail : [email protected]
W eb :
P rinted in J apan
on 100% R ecycled P aper
R G L1040510S U P rinted in J apan
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