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June 2016
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Volume A, Issue 3
New Product Announcement
WatchNET is proud to announce the new 4MP MPIX series and the new
Balun17 to our already expansive line-up of IP cameras and accessories.
The major benefit of the 4MP series is the True WDR feature whereas the
5MP series are equipped with the inferior D-WDR. Difference is True WDR
has a wider dynamic range which translates to better and clearer viewing of
the background in high contrast lighting scenes. This is beneficial when
viewing through glass windows with an interior mounted camera. In
addition, the long 50m IR range on these models are amazing!
Corporate Website
4MP HD WDR Intelligent Vandal-proof Motorized IR
Dome Camera
Technical Support
Toll Free: 1-866-843-6865
Local: (416) 410-6865
[email protected]
Video Tutorials
WatchNET P2P Setup for MVS
mobile app
Link to a Web page
WatchNET P2P Setup for VMS
Windows app
Motorized vandal-proof, IR equipped, IP mini dome camera
1/3”, 4MP Aptina CMOS, 2.7 – 12mm motorized lens
Max 20fps @ 4MP, 30fps @ 3MP
H.264/M-JPEG, WDR up to 120dB, Smart detection
Day/Night (ICR), Ultra 3DNR, Auto Iris, AWB, AGC, BLC
50m IR illumination range, Alarm I/O: 1/1, Audio I/O: 1/1
Micro SD card slot
IP67 rated for environmental protection, IK10 rated for impacts
Built-in browser access, PoE or 12VDC powered
Global Offices
T: 1-866-843-6865
[email protected]
Markham, Ontario
T: 1-855-404-3193
[email protected]
Tonawanda, NY
T: +971 4 2767117
[email protected]
Dubai, UAE
4MP HD WDR Network IR Bullet Camera
Motorized vandal-proof, IR equipped, IP bullet camera
Complete with adjustable wall-mount bracket
Alarm I/O: 2/1, Audio I/O: 1/1
All other features the same as MPIX-40VDV-IRM
T: +91 1125060481
[email protected]
New Delhi, India
T: 00852-27935511
[email protected]
Kowloon, Hong Kong
4MP Full HD Network Box Camera
IP Box Camera (Megapixel lens sold separately)
Adapts to CS-mount MP lenses and FQ lens connector for ALC
Alarm I/O: 2/1, Audio I/O: 1/1
All other features the same as MPIX-40VDV-IRM
Balun17 (new version shown on right)
The new Balun 17 adopts screw terminals as
opposed to push pin terminals as formerly used.
1 channel with male BNC connector, screw-down terminals
Compatible with analog, XVi, CVi, AHD, TVi formats
720p and 1080p resolutions supported
75 ohm impedance
Suitable for UTP, CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 cable
How to Calculate UPS Battery Backup Time
Many installers select improper UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems
for video recorders due to incorrect estimations of battery backup
requirements. So how does one go about figuring this out?
Well, it can get rather technical and intimidating with specs like power factor
(PF), linearity, efficiency, etc. Best to refer to an online calculator from UPS
manufacturer’s to calculate or through the old school way using equations
and a good old calculator as follows:
1. Determine the efficiency or "Power Factor" (PF) for your UPS's DC-AC
converter. The PF of a UPS defines its efficiency.
2. Determine the capacity (in ampere-hours or "AH") for each of the UPS's
backup batteries.
3. Add together the voltages from all of the batteries from Step 2. This will
give you the combined DC voltage output for the UPS. Note: do not add
together the capacities (AH rating), as that value is unaffected by the
series circuit configuration.
4. Multiply the combined DC voltage (from Step 3) by the UPS's power
factor (from Step 1). This result will represent the effective AC voltage
output by the UPS.
5. Multiply the appliance's voltage by its amperage to calculate its power
consumption in volt-amperes (VA).
6. Divide the appliance's (NVR) power consumption by the UPS's AC output
voltage (from Step 4). This will give you the current (in amperes) the
appliance will draw from the UPS.
7. Divide the total battery capacity in AH (from Step 3) by the current draw
(from Step 6). This will give you the ideal maximum backup time for the
UPS, in hours.
No. of Hours of Battery Life = (Total Battery’s Amp-Hour Rating) divided
by the (Max. Amp draw of NVR)
ie: 6AH /10A = 0.6 hrs. (36 mins.)
Staff News
We are pleased to introduce our newest family member,
Philip Templonueve as our new RMA Coordinator. Philip
brings over 2 years of customer service experience.
His experiences will help better serve our customers with
matters relating to product warranty and returns for CCTV
and access control products.
Let’s give Philip a warm welcome!
Corporate Profile
WatchNET is a Canadian-based manufacturer and
global leader in the security industry since year
We manufacture analog, XVi/CVi, IP-based video
surveillance cameras and recorders, plus door
access control systems. In addition, we provide
centralized video management and recording
solutions for large-scale requirements.
Corporate HQ
WatchNET has offices and representatives worldwide including Canada, USA, Dubai, India and Hong
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