Ventilated Balance Enclosures - Plas

Ventilated Balance Enclosures - Plas
Ventilated Balance
Meets and exceeds
ANSI/ASHRAE 110:2016
standard for containment &
PLAS n LABS, INC. • [email protected] • 517-372-7177
Ventilated Balance Enclosures
The PLAS n LABS’ HEPA filtered ventilated balance
enclosures are the latest in self contained laboratory
processing products. The VBE Series is ideal for working
with fine powders, and chemical and biological products.
These portable ventilated balance enclosures include top
mounted HEPA/Blower filtration. They are set-up to circulate
the internal atmosphere into the lab, attach to our
900-EXTRACT Extraction Unit, or attached to your house
exhaust system.
The smooth curved, or rounded, ABS™ airfoils provide gentle,
unobstructed air flow through rear baffles and through the
top mounted HEPA filter.
The ventilated balance enclosure provides minimal laboratory
space and minimal energy usage.
Features Include:
• Constructed of optically clear 3/8” jeweled acrylic plastic.
• Front viewing sash with multiple air foils for higher containment and draft deflectors.
• Includes phenolic base with superior chemical resistance and provides higher analytical balance stabilization.
Low vibrations. The black base allows for easy powder detection.
• Electrical cord outlet port
• Adjustable front draft protection.
• Side blank plate for optional Bag-In / Bag-Out port (pn 900-VBE/BIBO)
• Each balance enclosure includes face velocity alarm.
HEPA Filters:
Aluminum frame with upstream/downstream polyurethane gasket. 100 mm thick pleat requires fewer filter change outs and increased longevity. Rate 99.995% @ 0.3 microns (H14). Easy HEPA filter
High efficiency backward curved impeller. Variable speed controller. IP44 protection as per EN60034-5. Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC
Exhaust Duct:
6” OD port can be hard-ducted, thimble connected, exhausted back into the room, or exhausted out of a mobile laboratory.
Energy and Sound
Blower current 0.53 amps. <55 dBA @ 80 FPM
Target face velocity: 80 FPM. Non-turbulent, gentle airflow sweeps particulates into the rear baffle. • [email protected] • +1-517-372-7177 • Lansing, Michigan USA
Ventilated Balance Enclosures
Air Flow Alarm Features:
• Adds additional security needed for your laboratory researchers.
• Continuous tracking of air velocities within the balance enclosure.
• Includes next generation airflow alarm technology.
• Audible and visual alarm functions.
• Includes 110 volt adapter
Airflow velocity range:
40 - 2,000 fpm
Response time:< 1 second
Alarm indicators:
LED light & audible Piezo
Turbulence warning:
Flashing yellow LED rest switch
System Failure:
Red Flashing LED
System Healthy:Green solid LED
Product Specifications for the Ventilated Balance Enclosures
Part Number
Inner Work Surface
Outside Dimensions
23.5” wide x 21” deep
24” wide x 28” deep x 41” high
35.5” wide x 21” deep
36” wide x 28” deep x 41” high
47.5” wide x 21” deep
48” wide x 28” deep x 41” high
59.5” wide x 21” deep
60” wide x 28” deep x 41” high
Useful Accessories:
Bag-In / Bag-Out waste
Adjustable Height Lift Tables with locking casters.
Height range: 25” to 45”
Weight range: 330 lbs.
Cart Options:
900-CARTLIFT/24, Adjustable lift table for 900-VBE/24
900-CARTLIFT/36, Adjustable lift table for 900-VBE/36
900-CARTLIFT/48, Adjustable lift table for 900-VBE/48
900-CARTLIFT/60, Adjustable lift table for 900-VBE/60 • [email protected] • +1-517-372-7177 • Lansing, Michigan USA
Useful Accessories, continued
900-EXTRACT, Extraction Unit is a variable speed suction housing that
includes your choice of filters such as HEPA or Impregnated Carbon.
Suction speeds can be adjusted from “0” up to 250 CFM face velocity.
Filter Options
• 900-LVFH/HEPA, HEPA Filter
• 900-LVFH/Carbon, Impregnated carbon filter
• 900-LVFH/HEPA/CARB, Combination HEPA / Non-Impregnated Carbon
• 900-LVFH/CARBN(A), Alkaline type fumes
• 900-LVFH/CARBN(B), ammonia or amines.
• 900-LVFH/CARBN(C) aromatic hydrocarbons, organic vapors, keytones,
alcohols, organic acids, and odors.
Low Velocity Fume Hoods NON-HEPA FILTERED
This Low Velocity Fume Hood system has been
developed in response to customer requests and
suggestions for improvements to the original product.
These units can be used with your in house exhaust system
or our accessory #900-EXTRACT, Fume Extraction Unit. All
units are ANSI/ASHRAE 110:2016 Certified. You can select
either HEPA or Activated Carbon filters (or a combination of
both) for the Extraction Unit. Three (3) styles of Carbon are
All Low Velocity Fume Hoods include:
Standard 24 month warranty (Not consumables; i.e. filters).
Units are fabricated out of .375” (9.5 mm) thick optically clear acrylic plastic.
Hinged (two [2] position) front sash with draft deflector
Formed horizontal lower front airfoil.
Two (2) formed vertical air foils with draft deflectors.
Bright white acrylic bottom work surface.
Two (2) side wall cable ports at 1.5ӯ (38 mm).
Six (6”) inch Ø (about 152 mm) exhaust hook up.
The exhaust hose is smooth bore inside and is six (6”) inch (152 mm) Ø
x eight (8’) feet (2,440 mm) long. • [email protected] • +1-517-372-7177 • Lansing, Michigan USA
Our hoods are unique in that they include both
horizontal and vertical “air foils” taking advantage of a
“venturi” effect. They also feature rounded rear corners to guide and
facilitate inner atmosphere exhaust efficiency.
The exhaust hose has a “smooth bore” interior, which
minimizes air flow exhaust restrictions, is chemically
resistant, FDA approved, and is included with the main work housing. It
may be attached directly to your house exhaust system.
900-LFVH/32 with 900-Extract and custom support cart
Product Specifications for the Low Velocity Fume Hoods
Part Number
Inner Work Surface
Outside Dimensions
23.25” wide x 19” deep
24” wide x 27” deep x 28” high
35.25” wide x 19” deep
36” wide x 27” deep x 28” high
47.25” wide x 19” deep
48” wide x 27” deep x 28” high
Custom Capabilities
Custom 900-VBE/24 & 900-VBE/32
Coupled with a double HEPA filtered, closed-loop containment isolator
with bag-in / bag-out port and anti static ionizer (Part #: 800-AS/SPI) • [email protected] • +1-517-372-7177 • Lansing, Michigan USA
Other Products by PLAS n LABS
Powder Handling Isolator
Standard features of the 840 include:
• 3/8” thick clear acrylic construction with 3/8” thick
bright white acrylic bottom.
• Hinged Front Door with oval polypropylene glove ports
and door lock hasp.
• White Hypalon™ Gloves
• Closed-Loop Double HEPA Filtration Package.
• Two clear acrylic square transfer chambers. Ingress/
Egress. No gas valves. ID: 17”wide x 13” deep x 13” high
• Magnehelic™ Gauge bracket with on/off switch for blower.
• No removable top.
• HEPA Capsule with manual ball valve.
• Magnetic Interlocks on transfer chamber doors.
• Single, covered electrical receptacle.
• Work Station Ionizer, #800-AS/SPI (see below).
• Leak test Report, ISO 14644-7 class I (Tf ≤ 5 x 10-4)
800-AS/SPI, Anti-Static Ionizer.
Emits alternating positive and
negative ions, removing static
inside the glove box. This is a
non-air assisted static
eliminator, (no blower / no fan).
The 800-AS/SPI is perfect for
working with fine powders and
Observed Containment Level:
< 1.0 nano gram / cubic meter
Optional Accessories
• 800-BIBO/PORT, Bag In/Bag Out port with
twelve (14” OD x 48” long ArmorFlex™ bags.)
Bag port is 12” OD clear acrylic with two
machined grooves for bag placement.
• 800-DT, Drying Train System for humidity
Part Number:
840-PH-10 OD: 72” (includes transfer chambers) x 30” x 48” high
Main Chamber ID: 34.5” wide x 24” x 30” high
840-PH-20 OD: 84” (includes transfer chambers) x 30” x 48” high
Main Chamber ID: 46.5” wide x 24” x 30” high
OD: 97” (includes transfer chambers) x 30” x 48” high
Main Chamber ID: 59.5” wide x 24” x 30” high • [email protected] • +1-517-372-7177 • Lansing, Michigan USA
Other Products by PLAS n LABS
HEPA Filtered Isolators
The 830-ABB/SP was designed for Ebola research. The
isolator includes the 800-HEPA/D Double HEPA
Filtration system with 4” vent outlet for in-house
exhaust connection, side access door for introducing
larger equipment into the glove box, and two (2) ports
for VHP decontamination.
The 830-ABB with 800-CLC is a completely sealed glove
box with the double HEPA, closed-loop containment
system. The glove box operates under a slight negative
pressure for user safety and includes a pressure relief
valve with HEPA canister.
830-ABB with 800-CLC
The 830-CP/11 includes a pressure relief
valve with small HEPA canister, a flat side
access door, and 4” vent outlet for in-house
exhaust hook-up.
The 830-CP/20 includes a pressure relief
valve with small HEPA canister, and a flat
side access door, • [email protected] • +1-517-372-7177 • Lansing, Michigan USA
PLAS n LABS, INC. • [email protected] • 517-372-7177
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