Sennheiser BTD800 USB Dongle Sennheiser BTD800 USB

Sennheiser BTD800 USB Dongle Sennheiser BTD800 USB
Sennheiser BTD800 USB Dongle
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Sennheiser BTD800 USB Dongle
Many computers today have build-in Bluetooth for headset functionality (internet telephony/live
video) or headphone functionality (music). However as there are many different ways of
implementing both software and Bluetooth hardware across different computer vendors/brands, it
can be difficult, and sometimes impossible, to establish a useful connection to the ConnectLine
Streamer Pro.
To overcome these issues we recommend the use of the Sennheiser BTD800 dongle, which simplifies the installation and use of
Bluetooth with computers for ConnectLine users.
The dongle is available world wide through Sennheiser distributors, or directly from Oticon. The dongle has been verified to work
well with the ConnectLine system.
For up-to-date information about compatibility issues, please visit
Sennheiser BTD800 USB Dongle
Streamer Connected through Bluetooth to computer
Using the BTD800 with ConnectLine Streamer Pro
1. Read the BTD800 manual carefully before installing , as the USB dongle will automatically be in pairing mode when inserted
in the computer the first time.
When you are ready, make sure the Streamer Pro is in pairing mode, or make sure you are ready to get the Streamer Pro
into pairing mode once the dongle is inserted.
(Refer to the Streamer Pro’s Instructions For Use or visit
Follow the instructions for the BTD800.
Instructions for use
4a. Softphone or videophone - e.g. Microsoft® Lync™.
All operation is done through the application running on the computer. Once the computer establishes connection to the
Streamer Pro an incoming call alert will be heard in the hearing instruments, and the Streamer’s phone button will flash green.
The connection can now be established by pressing the phone button on the Streamer Pro.
4b. Audio/music application - e.g. iTunes or mediaplayer.
The connection from the Streamer Pro to the computer has to be initiated from the Streamer Pro. Press the AUX selector briefly
to establish connection (a programme shift indication will be heard in the Hearing Instruments). Now start the application on
the computer.
Please note:
 It is possible to have Streamer Pro 1.1 or later re-configured by a hearing care professional, so that the Streamer will automatically
connect to the computer if a relevant application is started.
 If paired with, and connected to, either a mobile phone or land line phone (through the ConnectLine Phone Adaptor) incoming
calls will have priority over the audio connection.
For more information, including instructional videos, please visit
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