Keysight Technologies 53200 Series of RF and Universal

Keysight Technologies 53200 Series of RF and Universal
Keysight Technologies
53200 Series of RF and
Universal Frequency
Selection Guide
“ I never expected a frequency counter
to do so much, so fast.”
Speed, resolution, and accuracy are just the beginning
With the Keysight Technologies, Inc. 53200 RF and
universal frequency counters/timers, you get:
More bandwidth
More connectivity
– 350 MHz baseband frequency
– LXI-C/Ethernet LAN
– 6- or 15-GHz optional microwave
– USB (I/O and memory stick)
More resolution and speed
– 12 digits/sec
– 20 ps single shot time interval
– GPIB interface
– Optional battery for timebase accuracy or
environments with unstable AC power
More measurement
capability (53230A only)
– Up to 75,000 frequency readings/sec,
90,000 time interval readings/sec
– Continuous gap-free measurements
– Up to 1M Sa/sec gap-free
– Basic modulation domain analysis
(MDA) and timestamp
More insight
– Optional pulse microwave
– Datalog trend plot
– Cumulative histogram
– Built-in math analysis and statistics
– 1 M reading memory
350 MHz RF Frequency
Counter, 10 digit/sec
350 MHz
Universal Frequency
12 digit/sec, 100 ps
350 MHz Universal
Frequency Counter/Timer, 12 digit/sec, 20 ps
Find and resolve problems faster
The Keysight 53200 Series frequency counter/timers give you more insight into
your signals so you can solve design and manufacturing problems faster:
Crystal/oscillator components
Communications equipment
Radar equipment
How the 53230A helps:
Easily observe the stability of your
clocks over time
How the 53200 Series helps:
Make and analyze highly accurate jitter
and wander measurements without
spending a fortune
How the 53230A helps:
Minimize errors in your transmitted signals
Take advantage of continuous/gap-free
measurements with timestamps to measure
the stability of your clocks over time. See
changes in the Allan Deviation over a series
of measurements. (Figure 1)
– On-going insight to measurement data
with graphing and built-in analysis
Whether you’re taking slow, high precision
measurements over a long period of time,
or fast measurements over a short time, you
can use your Keysight 53200 Series frequency counter as a low-cost, highly accurate
jitter and wander analysis solution (Figure 2):
– See histograms of a block of data
– All samples per trigger taken continuously
with no lag between readings, timestamped for further stability analysis
– Watch trends and changes of your
frequency over a series of measurements
Now there’s a low-cost way to verify the
accuracy of transmitted signals to increase
your confidence in your target data. Use
the Keysight 53230A universal frequency
counter/timer to make high-resolution pulse/
burst microwave frequency measurements,
(Figure 3) including carrier frequency, PRI,
PRF and PW. Compared to other pulsed RF
measurement solutions, the 53230A is:
– Easier to use
– Use markers to view specific data points
– Lower cost
– Analyze your results with math functions:
mean, standard deviation,
Allan Deviation, etc.
Figure 1.
Figure 3.
Pulse width (t)
Figure 2.
Pulse repetition period (T)
Keysight 53200 Series of RF and
Universal Frequency Counter/Timers
Frequency counters are depended on in
R&D and in manufacturing for the fastest,
most accurate frequency and time interval
measurements. The Keysight 53200 family
of RF and universal frequency counter/timers
expand on this expectation to allow you to
get the most information, connectivity and
new measurement capabilities while building
on the speed and accuracy you’ve depended
on with Keysight’s time and frequency
measurement experience. Three available
models offer resolution capabilities up to
12 digits/sec single shot frequency resolution
on a one second gate. Single shot time
interval measurements can be resolved
down to 20 psec.
More insight to see the measurements,
graphs and math you need with large
4.3” (109.22 mm) color graphical display.
- Digits
- Graph views of trendline/strip charts, histograms with markers to zoom in to the data
you need Markers are available to read to
read specific measurement values from trend
and histogram charts. Colored limit lines allow
you to set up your pass/fail boundaries and
easily determine from the front panel when
measurements have surpassed those thresholds.
- Math with built in statistics and analysis
- New data logging capability automatically
saves acquisition results to non-volatile memory
(75 MB, up to 5 M readings) at up to 75,000
readings/sec. Transfer readings from memory
via LAN or USB as fast as 1M readings in 2 s.
Easy access to your basic measurement functions:
- Freq/Period (all models): frequency, frequency ratio, period, single period,
pulse/burst measurements (53230A)
- Time Interval (53220A / 53230A): time interval, rise/fall, duty, pulse width, phase
- Totalize (53220A / 53230A)
- Voltage Levels (all models)
Optional Pulse Microwave measurements (53230A): burst carrier frequency,
pulse repetition frequency (PRF), pulse repetition interval (PRI), burst width
Continuous gap-free measurements (53230A): Enable basic modulation
domain analysis. Choose the number of samples (up to 1M samples) or time
(up to 100,000 seconds), and collect a block of gap free measurements with
pairs of delta-time timestamps for every defined number of events (for that
trigger/gate). The capability is available on all channels, one channel at a time.
USB Memory
Port to
1M reading
Advanced triggering capabilities
for gate start and stop hold off and
delay based on time or events
Built-in help allows you
to quickly get guidance
on the functions you need
General characteristics
All models
Warm-up time
45 minutes
4.3" (109.22 mm) color TFT WQVGA (480 x 272), LED backlight
User interface and help
English, German, French, Japanese, Simpliied Chinese, Korean
Bench dimensions
261.1 mm W x 103.8 mm H x 303.2 mm D
Rack mount dimensions
212.8 mm W x 88.3 mm H x 272. 3 mm D (2U x 2 width)
3.9 kg (8.6 lbs) fully optioned; 3.1 kg (6.9 lbs) without Option 300 (battery option)
Operating temperature
0 ºC to +55 ºC
100V - 240V ± 10%, 50-60 Hz ± 5%; 100 V - 120 V, 400 Hz ± 10%
LXI-C 1.3 (LAN sockets and VXI-11 protocol);
USB 2.0 device port (USB-TMC488 protocol); GPIB
Battery technology
(Option 300)
Internal lithium ion battery with integrated smart battery monitor and
Accessories included
Documentation CD including user’s guide, SCPI/programmers
programming examples, IO library instructions
Easy compatibility
with Keysight 53131A,
53132A, 53181A
(531xxA) frequency
Select 531xxA family compatibility
mode for full SCPI compatibility with
Keysight’s previous generation of
counters. GPIB connectivity allows
for full use of your existing Keysight
531xxA counter programs.
Power line cord, 2 m USB2.0
Certiicate of calibration and 1-year standard warranty
Standard TCXO timebase
in every model, option to
upgrade to an ultra-high
stability OCXO timebase
for even more accuracy, or
lock to your own external
timebase reference.
Optional battery for
continuous timebase
temperature maintenance
or unstable AC power
GPIB for system
compatibility with
531xxA counters.
High-speed USB 2.0
Optional rear terminal inputs
LXI-C/LAN Ethernet
connectivity for remote access
Abbreviated Characteristics and Speciications*
350 MHz, 10-digit/s
RF counter
350 MHz, 12 digit/s, 100 ps
universal frequency counter /
350 MHz, 12-digit/s, 20 ps
universal frequency counter /
Standard channels
( O p t i o n 201 a d d s p a r a l l e l r e a r p a n e l i n p u t s )
C h 1: D C – 350 M H z
Impedance, coupling
Amplitude input range
C h 1 a n d C h 2: D C – 350 M H z
Selectable 1 M Ω ± 1.5% or 50 Ω ± 1.5% || <25 pF; Selectable DC or AC coupling
±5 V (±50 V) full scale ranges; ±500 V range available with 10:1 probe on counter input
Input event threshold level
±5 V (±50 V) in 2.5 mV (25 mV) steps
DC–100 MHz: 20 mVpk; > 100 MHz: 40 mVpk
Optional microwave channel – front type N
(Option 203 moves the input connector
to a rear panel SMA(f))
Opt Ch 2
Opt Ch 3
Frequency range
Opt 106: 100 MHz – 6 GHz or Opt 115: 300 MHz – 15 GHz
Amplitude range
Opt 106: autoranged to +19 dBm max (2 Vrms)
Opt 115: autoranged to +13 dBm max. (1.0 Vrms)
Measurement range
Frequency resolution
Time Interval resolution
6 GHz (Opt 106): -27 dBm (10 mVrms);
15 GHz (Opt 115): 0.3 GHz – 2 GHz: -23 dBm / 2 GHz – 13 GHz: -26 dBm / 13 GHz – 15 GHz: -21 dBm
10 digits/sec
12 digits/sec
100 psec
20 psec
Frequency, period, frequency
ratio, max/min/peak-to-peak
input voltage
Frequency, period, frequency
ratio, max/min/peak-to-peak
input voltage, time interval,
single period, pulse width,
rise/fall time, duty cycle,
phase, totalize
Frequency, period, frequency
ratio, max/min/peak-to-peak
input voltage, time interval,
single period, pulse width, rise/
fall time, duty cycle, phase,
totalize, timestamp/MDA
Pulse/burst microwave measurements
Option 150
Carrier frequency, carrier period,
pulse repetition interval (PRI),
pulse repetition frequency (PRF),
positive and negative width
Gate characteristics
Gate time (step size)
Time, external
Time, external, advanced (gate start, stop/hold-off time or events)
1 ms – 1000 s (10 µs)
Advanced: Gate start and stop hold-off
100 µs – 1000 s (10 µs)
1 µs – 1000 s (1 µs)
Source: internal/external/unused standard input channel
Slope: positive/negative; delay and hold-off by time or events (edges)
Trigger characteristics
Internal, external, bus, manual
Trigger count and samples/trigger
1 to 1,000,000
Trigger delay
0 s to 3600 s in 1 µs steps
Math, memory, speed
Speed characteristics
(Note: Refer to pub #5990-6283EN for
Single measurement throughput: Up to 400 readings/sec
Block Reading throughput: Up to 66,500 readings/sec
Maximum measurements to internal memory: 75,000 readings/sec frequency;
90,000 readings/sec time interval
Smoothing (reading moving average), scaling, ∆-change, null
Mean, standard deviation, max,
min, peak-to-peak, count
Graphical display
Mean, standard deviation, max, min, peak-to-peak, count, Allan Deviation
Digits, trend, histogram, limit test, markers
Volatile reading memory: 1M readings (16 MB); data log (automatically saves acquisition results to memory)
save and recall user-deinable instrument set-ups; USB ile system
* Please refer to Datasheet pub #5990-6283EN for details on
specification, characteristic and typical value definitions.
Abbreviated Characteristics and Speciications, continued
Standard TCXO
Ultra-high stability OCXO
Option 010
± 0.3 ppb (typ)
± 0.2 ppm (typ)
± 10 ppb
± 1 ppm
± 50 ppb
0 ºC to 55 ºC relative to 25 ºC
± 1 ppm
± 5 ppb
Timebase characteristics
Timebase reference
Internal, external, auto
External timebase input
100 mVrms to 2.5 Vrms
10 MHz, 5 MHz, 1 MHz
±1 ppm (±0.1 ppm for Option 010 U-OCXO timebase)
Timebase output
10 MHz sinewave
50 Ω ± 5% at 10 MHz
0.5 Vrms into a 50 Ω load
1.0 Vrms into a 1 k Ω load
Ordering Information
Model numbers
350 MHz, 10-digit/s RF frequency counter
350 MHz, 12 digit/s, 100 ps universal frequency counter/time
350 MHz, 12-digit/s, 20 ps universal frequency counter/timer
Available options
Option 010 Ultra-high-stability OCXO timebase
Option 106 6 GHz microwave input
Option 115 15 GHz microwave input
Option 150 Pulse microwave measurements (53230A only)
Option 201 Add rear panel parallel inputs for baseband channels
Option 203 Optional microwave input – rear panel SMA(f) connector
Option 300 Add internal lithium ion smart battery and charger for unstable AC power
or timebase stability
Recommended accessories
Rack mount kit
Dual-lock link kit
2U dual lange kit
Transit case
BNC(f) to Type-N adapter
Passive probe, 1:1, 35 MHz, 1.3 m
Passive probe, 10:1, 500 MHz, 1.3 m
Passive probe, 10:1, 1.5 GHz, 1.3 m
± [(k * Random Uncertainty) + Systematic
Uncertainty + Timebase Uncertainty]
See extended specifications document
5990-6283EN for complete expression
of measurement uncertainty
Example 1-year basic accuracy with Opt 010
ultra-high stability OCXO timebase:
Accuracy ≈ Time base error ≈ ± 50 ppb
1k Ω, AC coupled
Lock frequencies and range
Accuracy Example
For detailed specifications, see the Keysight 53200 RF and
Universal Frequency Counter/Timers data sheet:
08 | Keysight | 53200 Series of RF and Universal Frequency Counter/Timers - Selection Guide
A personalized view into the information most relevant to you.
LAN eXtensions for Instruments puts the power of Ethernet and the
Web inside your test systems. Keysight is a founding member of the LXI
Three-Year Warranty
Keysight’s commitment to superior product quality and lower total cost
of ownership. The only test and measurement company with three-year
warranty standard on all instruments, worldwide.
Keysight Assurance Plans
Up to five years of protection and no budgetary surprises to ensure your
instruments are operating to specification so you can rely on accurate
Keysight Technologies, Inc.
DEKRA Certified ISO 9001:2008
Quality Management System
Keysight Channel Partners
Get the best of both worlds: Keysight’s measurement expertise and product
breadth, combined with channel partner convenience.
For more information on Keysight
Technologies’ products, applications or
services, please contact your local Keysight
office. The complete list is available at:
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(877) 894 4414
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Other AP Countries
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Opt. 1 (DE)
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0800 0260637
For other unlisted countries:
This information is subject to change without notice.
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Published in USA, August 3, 2014
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