2015 Tricity - Cycle World Malta

2015 Tricity - Cycle World Malta
Tricity / ABS
The 3-wheel way to move
Time is too valuable to waste. And yet every day thousands of
commuters spend a great deal of time and money getting to and
from their place of work. But it really doesn't have to be this way.
And the Yamaha Tricity is ready to offer a practical, affordable
and enjoyable alternative.
Equipped with a unique 3-wheel chassis, the Tricity is a
lightweight urban commuter vehicle whose user-friendly features
cater for the needs of new riders.
Driven by a 125cc engine and offering scooter-like agility with
the feeling of stability that comes with 3 wheels, the innovative
Tricity puts you back in charge of your life. With an ABS option
now available, you can commute in confidence.
Fashionable and affordable urban
3 wheels for enhanced feeling of
Exclusive Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW)
Closely spaced front wheels for agility
in traffic
Aimed at new and existing scooter
Lightweight, compact and easy to
Smart and modern bodywork with
plenty of storage
Natural riding position and
comfortable seat
Economical and lively 125cc liquidcooled engine
Front and rear disc brakes for easy
Unified Brake System (UBS) as
standard equipment
Optional ABS version available
Tricity / ABS
The New Mobility
choice - now with an
ABS option
We've been building class-leading scooters for many
years - and our latest range covers almost every
requirement. But we felt that we could do more for
those people who are looking for an alternative.
For that we've created the Tricity, a Leaning Multi
Wheel vehicle. Everything about this innovative
125cc 3-wheeler is designed to meet the needs of
those people who want to be confident riding a
The light and compact body ensures easy
manoeuvrability in traffic - and our exclusive
Leaning Multi Wheel design gives added stability on
the move. With an ABS option now available, the
Tricity is the smart mobility choice for the city.
Tricity / ABS
3-wheel chassis
The Tricity is an innovative lightweight urban commuter featuring an
exclusive 3-wheel chassis design that gives a special feeling of stability
and riding confidence on a range of road surfaces. Featuring twin front
wheels positioned closely together, the Tricity is agile and easy to ride,
making it an ideal choice for both male and female.
Leaning Multi Wheel system
Yamaha's exclusive Leaning Multi Wheel system has been designed to
deliver easy steering together with confident cornering and a natural
scooter-like handling feel. Featuring a parallelogram link and independent
dual telescopic forks, this ingenious system allows the twin front wheels to
lean around corners, making the Tricity a joy to ride.
Light and agile
As well as being remarkably light at just 152kg (156kg for ABS version) with a
full tank of fuel, the Tricity's engine and chassis have been designed to give a
balanced, easy and confident handling feeling. Which means that when riding
in the city it's one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to get around - and
with 3 wheels, parking couldn't be simpler!
Unified Brake System / Optional ABS
Dual 220mm diameter front discs and a 230mm rear disc provide plenty of
stopping power - and for added confidence, ABS is offered as an option. The
Unified Brake System automatically optimizes the front and rear braking force
when you the pull the left lever and when you operate both levers together,
giving smooth and effective braking.
Economical and responsive 125cc 4-stroke engine
Yamaha have equipped the Tricity with a fuel-efficient 125cc liquid-cooled 4stroke engine that has been designed to offer smooth acceleration combined
with lively mid to high-speed performance. With its low weight, 50:50 weight
distribution and centralized mass, the Tricity's handling is easy, light and
Beautifully styled bodywork
The Tricity's beautifully styled bodywork has been designed to give this
lightweight 3-wheeler a truly dynamic and confident image. The flowing lines
give a smart and modern look that conveys a real sense of lightness and agility and with a sports screen and flared legshields, the Tricity offers good protection
from the wind and weather.
Tricity / ABS
Tricity / ABS
Anodized Red
Mistral Grey
Competition White
Midnight Black
The Yamaha Chain of Quality
Yamaha technicians are fully trained and equipped to offer the best service and advice for your Yamaha
product. For this reason, Yamaha strongly recommends visiting an official Yamaha dealer for all your
service requirements.
Yamaha Genuine Parts & Accessories are especially developed, designed and tested for our Yamaha
product range. Yamaha also recommends the use of Yamalube®. Yamalube® is our own range of hightech lubricants, the lifeblood of Yamaha engines. They are developed to carry on working effectively, no
matter where you ride.
Besides functional and style accessories, Yamaha offers a range of high quality, innovative riding gear
designed to keep you comfortable and protected, both on- and off-road. An extensive range of casual
wear is also available. For more information go to:
Experience more of the
Yamaha Tricity with your mobile
Yamaha Motor Europe
Koolhovenlaan 101
1119 NC Schiphol-Rijk
The Netherlands
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