Gebrauchsanweisung Instructions for use Mode d

Gebrauchsanweisung Instructions for use Mode d
Instructions for use
Mode d’emploi
Steam Iron
Fer à repasser vapeur
Instrucciones de uso
Plancha de vapor
Manuale d’uso
Ferro da stiro a vapore
Instrukcja obsługi
Żelazko z nawilżaczem i strumieniem pary
Oδηγίες χρήσεως
Σίδερο ατμού
Руководство по
Паровой утюг
Steam Iron
Dear Customer,
Before using the appliance, please read the
following instructions carefully and keep
this instruction manual for future reference.
The appliance must only be used by persons
familiar with these instructions.
Connection to the mains supply
The appliance should only be connected to an
earthed socket installed in accordance with
the regulations. Make sure that the supply
voltage corresponds with the voltage marked
on the rating label. This product complies
with all binding CE labelling directives.
1. Dual spray nozzle
2. Water filling hole
3. Steam control
4. Spray button
5. Steam jet button
6. Main indicator lamp
7. Handle
8. Swivelling power cord, with anti-kink
covering with
9. Base stand
10. Temperature indicator lamp
11. Rating label and cable storage area
12. Water reservoir
13. Continuously adjustable temperature
control knob
14. Self-cleaning button
15. Water level indicator
16. Soleplate
Important safety instructions
z Remove the appliance completely from its
packaging, and any stickers or protective
materials that may be found.
z Before the appliance is used, the main
body including the power cord as well as
any attachment fitted should be checked
thoroughly for any defects or leakage.
Should the appliance, for instance, have
been dropped onto a hard surface, it
must no longer be used: even invisible
damage may have adverse effects on the
operational safety of the appliance.
Great care is necessary in using any
appliance, especially near children. Do
not leave the steam iron unattended while
connected or on an ironing board. Always
remove the plug from the wall socket and
place the steam iron on its base stand.
The iron must be used and stored on a
stable and durable surface only.
With the iron placed on its rest, ensure
that this too is on a stable and durable
The appliance operates at very high
temperatures. Do not touch any part of
the appliance except the handle. Burns
can occur from touching the hot parts of
the housing or the soleplate and from hot
water or steam. When operating the steam
iron, hold it only by the handle. Do not
allow steam to escape in the direction of
anyone nearby.
Do not attempt to iron or use the steam jet
function to smooth out wrinkles or creases
from clothes while actually wearing them.
Do not allow the power cord to touch
hot surfaces, and do not coil it round the
appliance during operation.
Do not position the appliance on or near
hot surfaces or open flames such as hotplates or gas rings.
Always remove the plug from the wall
- after use,
- in case of any malfunction,
- before cleaning the appliance.
When removing the plug from the wall
socket, never pull on the power cord;
always grip the plug itself.
This appliance is not intended for use
by any person (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lacking experience and
knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning
the use of the appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
z Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.
z Caution: Keep any packaging materials
well away from children, as they are a
potential source of danger, e.g. from
z Do not operate the appliance if excessive
force has been used to pull the power
cord. Damage cannot always be detected
from the outside; the entire unit should
therefore be checked by a qualified
technician before it is used again.
z Before refilling or emptying the water
reservoir, remove the plug from the wall
z Do not put any liquid other than water
into the reservoir.
z No responsibility is accepted if damage
results from improper use, or if these
instructions are not complied with.
z This appliance is intended for domestic use
only and not for commercial applications.
z In order to comply with safety regulations
and to avoid hazards, repairs of electrical
appliances must be carried out by qualified
personnel, including the replacement
of the power cord. If repairs are needed,
please send the appliance to one of our
customer service departments. The
addresses can be found in the appendix to
this manual.
about the hardness of the water in your
area, please enquire of the relevant local
authority department.
Ensure that the steam control button is
closed. It should be opened only once
the temperature level required for steam
ironing [as indicated on the temperature
control knob] has been reached.
Open the cover of the water filling hole.
Fill the water reservoir using the
measuring cup provided to the indicated
Max level only.
Close the filling hole, ensure that the cover
is heard clicking into place.
Anti-drip function
If the temperature of the soleplate is not
sufficient to produce steam, the water supply
is cut off automatically to prevent dripping.
General information about ironing
Always check first whether a label with
ironing instructions is attached to the article
to be ironed.
– The meaning of the ironing symbols is as
(low temperature)
•• silk and wool
(medium temperature)
••• cotton and linen
(high temperature)
– These markings can also be found on the
temperature control knob of the iron in
form of dot symbols.
z Laundry to be ironed should be
sorted according to the fabric ironing
temperature. Follow the ironing symbols
and start with the lowest temperature.
z When ironing highly sensitive fabrics, or
if you are not sure about the fabrics, you
can carefully test-iron at a non-visible
point, e.g. the inside of a seam. Start with
the lowest temperature.
z If the laundry has been being dried in a
dryer before ironing, the temperature
should be adjusted to ‘iron dry’. Very dry
fabrics are difficult to iron.
Anti-scale filter
A special filter in the reservoir softens the
water and reduces the build-up of lime
deposits in the sole plate.
Filling with water
Fill the water reservoir before using the steam
function or the spray nozzle.
Remove the plug from the wall socket before
filling the reservoir.
– This iron is to a large extent resistant to
hard water (up to 15º dH). Although
normal tap water may be used, it is
better to use distilled, demineralised or
decalcified water. Should you be unsure
Start up
Clean the iron before using for the first
time, according to the instructions given in
the paragraph ‘General Care and Cleaning
- Self-cleaning system’. This will result in
the removal of any dust particles from the
soleplate and subsequently lessen the smell
typically encountered when first switching
Please ensure sufficient ventilation.
Automatic switch-off
If the appliance is switched on but has not
been used for a certain period of time, it
will automatically switch off. This automatic
switch-off is indicated by a beep signal; in
addition, the main indicator lamp in the
handle flashes. The automatic switch-off is
indicated by a beep signal; in addition, the
red indicator light flashes. As soon as the iron
is moved, it will switch itself on again.
z Always use the iron on a heat-resistant
z Steam ironing requires high temperatures.
The temperature level for steam ironing
is indicated on the temperature control
– After filling the reservoir with water, place
the steam iron upright on its base stand
and insert the plug into the wall socket.
– Set the temperature control knob to the
required ironing temperature as indicated
by the ironing symbols.
– During the heating-up process, the
temperature indicator lamp will be on.
The lamp will go out once the required
temperature is reached. The main
indicator lamp on the handle remains lit
as long as the appliance is connected to
the mains power.
z Before ironing any fabric, the soleplate
should be cleaned by passing it over an
old, clean cotton cloth while using the
steam jet function; this helps to flush out
any dirt residues or lint particles trapped
inside the openings in the soleplate.
z The steam output can be adjusted with
the steam control button, or switched off
completely for dry ironing.
z For dry ironing, the water reservoir may
be left empty. But if there is any water left
in the reservoir, the steam jet function
may also be used when dry-ironing at
higher temperature settings.
z Place the steam iron upright on its base
stand after use and remove the plug from
the wall socket.
Horizontal position:
When resting on its sole plate, the iron
will switch off after approx 30 seconds of
Vertical position:
When standing upright on its base, it will
switch off after approx. 8 minutes.
Steam jet
When the steam jet button is depressed, an
additional hot steam jet is emitted from the
soleplate. This function can be very useful
when the normal amount of steam emitted is
not sufficient to remove stubborn creases, or
when ironing difficult or thick fabrics.
For optimum steam output, wait about 4
seconds before using this function again.
The steam jet function may also be used with
the iron held vertically, to remove creases or
wrinkles from fabrics.
For a more powerful steam jet, set the steam
control to ‘dry ironing’.
Using the dual spray nozzle
The laundry can be dampened by pressing
the spray button. This will help to smooth
out difficult areas, and may be used at any
temperature during dry or steam ironing.
General care and cleaning
z Before cleaning the appliance, ensure it is
disconnected from the power supply and
has cooled down completely.
z To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not
clean the appliance with water and do not
immerse it in water.
If necessary, the unit may be wiped with a
dry lint-free cloth.
Starch, fat and other deposits on the
soleplate may be removed by wiping with
a damp cloth.
Do not use abrasives or harsh cleaning
Do not put vinegar or other descalers into
the water reservoir.
the iron in an upright position on its base
Do not dispose of old or defective
appliances in domestic garbage;
this should only be done through
public collection points.
This product is guaranteed against defects
in materials and workmanship for a period
of three years from the date of purchase.
Under this guarantee the manufacturer
undertakes to repair or replace any parts
found to be defective, providing the product
is returned to one of our authorised service
centres. This guarantee is only valid if the
appliance has been used in accordance with
the instructions, and provided that it has not
been modified, repaired or interfered with
by any unauthorised person, or damaged
through misuse.
This guarantee naturally does not cover wear
and tear, nor breakables such as glass and
ceramic items, bulbs etc. This guarantee does
not affect your statutory rights, nor any legal
rights you may have as a consumer under
applicable national legislation governing
the purchase of goods. If the product fails
to operate and needs to be returned, pack it
carefully, enclosing your name and address
and the reason for return. If within the
guarantee period, please also provide the
guarantee card and proof of purchase.
Self-cleaning system
The self-cleaning system flushes out loose
mineral deposits and keeps the appliance
free of lime and dust particles. Self-cleaning
should be carried out if the iron has not been
used for an extended period, or otherwise
every 10-15 days. Proceed as follows:
– Set the steam control to ‘dry ironing’.
– Fill the water reservoir with water up to
the maximum level mark.
– Place the iron on its base stand and put the
plug into the wall socket.
– Set the temperature control to its
– Wait until the indicator light goes out.
– Remove the plug from the wall socket.
– Hold the iron horizontally over a sink.
– Press and hold the SELF CLEAN button
while swinging the iron lightly to and
fro until no more steam or hot water is
– Pour out any remaining water from the
– Allow the sole plate to cool down before
cleaning it with a damp, lint-free cloth.
z Turn off the iron, remove the plug from
the wall socket and let the unit cool down
– Pour any remaining water out of the
reservoir through the water filling hole.
– Once the iron has completely cooled
down, the power cord can be wound
around the rear part of the appliance.
z To avoid damage to the soleplate, store
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