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Alla KPs dokument.indd
Operation Guide for KINGPIN Electric Screens
Thank you very much for buying a KINGPIN electric screen! We hope that it will be a source of enjoyment during
many evenings of home entertainment.
This KINGPIN electric screen is powered by an electric motor and remotely controlled via the control pad attached
to the power cord, or with the wireless remote control. Please read through these instructions carefully for long-lasting
and trouble free use.
When opening up the package, you will detect a strong and somewhat unpleasant smell. This smell is due to
chemicals used during transport, and it will disappear in a few days. Initially, there might also be small waves on the
surface of the screen. These are due to changes in air pressure during transport, and normally they disappear within
a few days. Occasionally, it might take 2-3 weeks until the screen has totally adapted to the new environment and
obtained its final shape.
By pressing the arrow-shaped buttons on the wireless remote control, you can wind the screen up or down. The
screen will come down to its previously programmed end position. If you would like to stop the movement before
that, simply press the round button on the wireless remote control or the STOP-button on the control pad.
If the motor is continously run for more than 85 seconds, it will automatically stop for safety reasons. To move the
screen up or down or to stop the movement, press the respective control button only once. When the screen is
locked in a pre-programmed end position, you will have to press twice.
Programming end positions
On the right side of the cassette, facing downwards, there is a small lid (about 2 x 8 cm)
that is fastened with one screw. Open up the screw and remove the lid. Inside there
are two micro connectors (nr 3). The one on the right (nr 2) determines the end position
when the screen is in its down position; the one on the left (nr 1) controls the end
position when the screen is wound into the cassette. Normally, the latter does not need
to be adjusted.
A screw on the extended screen axel moves a plastic block (nr 4) when the screen is
wound up or down. When the block reaches the micro connectors (nr 3), the engine
In order to adjust the micro connectors, the small screw between them (nr 5) must be
loosened. To change the end positions, use a standard screwdriver and turn the screw
only by 1-4 mm. By winding the screen up and down, you will notice what effect your adjustments have, and soon
you will find the ideal settings. Tighten the middle screw (nr 5) to keep the new settings.
This requires some patience, but normally it is done within a few minutes. In order not to harm the plastic micro
connectors, it is advisable that you use a screwdriver of suitable size and otherwise proceed carefully.
Trouble shooting
1) Is the power cord connected to the outlet?
2) Does the control pad indicate a green light? If not, the fuse might need to be changed. Open up the
control pad and change the fuse (3,15 Amp).
3) If the control pad works but the wireless remote control does not, the battery might need to be replaced in
the remote control. Insert a new battery 23A, VGA 23, 23AE, A23 or MN21. The voltage of the battery is 12 V.
4) The engine is protected against over-heating. If the electric engine is over-heated, wait until it cools down.
5) If the power cord has been pulled, the electric cables inside the cassette might be out of position. Please
consult a professional electrician!
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In order to keep your electric screen intact, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Always wind the screen
into its cassette after use! Clean the screen´ s surface with a moist cloth, never use chemicals. Keep the screen away
from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures! The screen should under no circumstances be pulled out manually
since this can very easily damage the mechanism.
Service and warranty
The warranty period for this product is 2 years after purchase. The warranty is applicable only to manufacturing
defects. Complaints should be made directly to KP Trading in Sweden ([email protected]) or distributer in
your country, more information about the warranty and distributors can be found on the Kingpin Screens website The warranty is not valid if the defect is caused by the consumer, or if the product is modified
in any way.
In case of transportation damage, please contact the delivery service as soon as possible. Kingpin Screens is not
responsible for transportation damage.
Technical details
The voltage of the electricity outlet should be 230 V. The electric screen has CE-certification in accordance to the
LVD-Directive and the maximum continuous operation time is five minutes. Winding the screen down to its extreme
down position takes approximately 50 seconds. The wireless remote control uses radio frequencies (RF) and its range
is about 100 meters.
The wireless remote control must be kept out of reach from children.
If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, the reseller, an electrician or a person with
appropriate knowledge in order to maintain safety.
Advanced settings
The screen can be reprogrammed if necessary.
Electronic lock
If you want to set the electric motor into a locked position, press the STOP button until it beeps twice. This indicates
that the screen is electronically locked, and it will not respond to commands from either the control pad or the
wireless remote control.
To open the electronic lock, press STOP once more. Alternatively, detach the power cord from the outlet and put it
back again.
Change or reprogram the wireless remote control
Press the SETUP button on the control pad (see picture below) for about one second. When you release the button
you will two short beeps. Now press the UP button on the
same control pad, and you will once more hear two beeps.
Then press the UP button on the wireless remote control you
intend to use and wait ten seconds.
The control pad is now programmed to interact with a new
wireless remote control.
Note! The control pad can be programmed for using
several remote controls at the same time.
© KP Trading i Borås AB
Delete all settings
If you want to delete all settings, press the SETUP button until
you hear a beep. This will take about ten seconds.
Here inside you reach
the setup-bottom
KP Trading i Borås AB
Södermalmsgatan 16
507 62 Borås, SWEDEN
Phn. & fax: +46 33 152290
Mail: [email protected]
Org.nb 556657-1328
Bank acc: 5740-8973
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