baler accessories

baler accessories
If you want consistently high output and superior bales,
you need the right equipment. The Massey Ferguson 2200
Series large square baler is not only best in class when it
comes to productivity but is also available with a range
of dealer fit accessories to further enhance performance.
Hydraulic Parking Jack
Removable Pickup Gauge Wheels
Hitch Extension Kit
Rear Video Camera
AGCOMMAND™ Baler Telemetry
Integrated Bale Moisture System
Electronic Bale Length Adjustment Kit
Electronic Bale Weight Kit
Square Baler Module (SBM)
Hydraulic Parking Jack
The hydraulic jack is particularly useful if the baler is going to be hitched and unhitched several
times a day saving the operator both time and effort. The hydraulic jack fits onto the inside
of the drawbar frame on the right hand side (viewed from the driver’s seat). As the manually
operated jack is fitted to the left hand side it can be left in position or removed if not required.
The hydraulic jack operates independently of the baler and requires one double acting spool
valve from the tractor and can be installed on 2012MY balers where the mounting points and
fixing holes are already built into the baler frame (subject to serial number).
Components of the kit will include: Hydraulic hoses and couplings, hose clamps,
main hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic valve, Jack foot plate and fitting hardware.
Hydraulic Parking Jack
Hitch Extension Kit - K80 Ball Hitch
To enable greater manoverability of the baler when towing without the need to modify the PTO
shaft, the 120mm spacer can be used to increase the distance between the baler and tractor.
Hitch Extension Kit
Removeable Pickup Gauge Wheels
The removable pick-up gauge wheels allow for increased clearance when moving the baler
in and out of fields. For 2013MY, these where introduced as standard feature. If you are after
replacement wheels or looking to fit to an earlier baler you can now order for dealer fitment.
The kit comprises of two complete wheel arm assemblies with removable wheels that can
replace the standard fixed arms and wheels.
Removeable Pickup Gauge Wheels
Storage Bracket Kit (Pre-2013MY)
Rear Video Camera
It’s of paramount importance that the operator has the best possible information to hand
especially an awareness of what is happening at the rear of the Baler. The system provides a
high resolution picture which not only enables the checking of bale clearance and condition but
also a clear view of any potential safety hazards. All the following parts are required for
the camera installation.
Camera Casing
Monitor Harness Adapter
Camera Harness Adapter
Baler Telemetry
Efficiency reports can be quickly generated to enable the analysis of productivity of the baler
and have the information to hand in real time or to review historic data. Information about the
baling operation is stored by a data collection unit on the machine, which is connected to a
GPS antenna and GSM module. This data, with position information, is then transmitted via the
mobile phone network to a secure AGCO server. From here owners and operators can view
the information, in near ‘real time’, through a password protected webpage on a PC, smart
phone or tablet. All balers produced since September 2011 (2012 MY and later) are built as
‘AGCOMMAND ready’ which enables a straight forward installation. A subscription, which
includes helpdesk support, is required to access the AGCOMMAND services. Ask your
Massey Ferguson dealer for more information.
Contains: Antenna with attached wiring.
AM53 Module
Baler Installation Kit
Integrated Bale Moisture System
The fully integrated factory approved bale moisture system offers superior and reliable bale
moisture data. Utilising two star wheel points to penetrate the crop material and pierce the
plant stem allows the Integrated Bale Moisture System to more accurately measure the stem
moisture than other ‘in-chamber’ pad-style systems, or hand held probe-style
moisture sensors.
Sensing all the way through the bale, the system delivers unrivalled accuracy between
8% and 72% moisture and is accurate to within 1% from 8% to 32% moisture.
The moisture readings are conveniently displayed on the C1000 Baler Monitor and if required
the information can be downloaded via a USB port on the systems module. The operator can
also set up an audible moisture alarm if the bale exceeds a set tolerance.
PFC-0600A1 Integrated Bale Moisture System
Electronic Bale Length Adjustment Kit
Manual adjustment comes fitted as standard, however with the Electronic Bale Length
Adjustment Kit the operator can remotely adjust the bale length as required via the C1000
monitor in the cab. An encoder connected to the star wheel, measures both flake and bale
length. Bale length is measured to give the length of the current bale, and the length of the
previous bale and display on the C1000 baler monitor. The operator can then make
adjustments on the screen and an electric motor powers the knotter trip to the selected setting.
Kit includes encoder, electric motor, harness, brackets and fixings.
Electronic Bale Length Adjustment Kit
Electronic Bale Weight Kit
Accurate reading of the bale weight is measured whilst on the roller chute via two load cells
which sends the information directly to the operator via a display data on the C1000 baler
monitor. In addition to live data, the average weight and field total weight is saved in the job
records location. This enables contractors to charge by weight and achieve maximum payload
onto haulage trucks which significantly reduces operating costs. The kit can be installed on
pre-2014MY balers with the addition of the push tube.
Kits contain: Two load cells, harnesses, extension uprights/crossover/chute floor panel,
brackets and fixings.
Bale Weight Kit
Bale Weight Kit
Bale Weight Kit
Bale Weight Kit
Bale Weight Kit
Push Tube (MF 2140/2240)
(MF 2150/2250)
(MF 2160/2260)
(MF 2170/2270)
(MF 2190/2290)
(only required on pre-2014MY Balers)
Square Baler Module (SBM)
Where the Square Baler Module has not been fitted as standard, it is required to accommodate
the bale moisture system, weight and length kits. Also check the baler to assess if the SBM
harness is also required. Only one SBM unit is required.
700960668 Square Baler Module (SBM)
700735614 SBM Harness (Pre 2012MY only)
Don’t forget...
Ask about our extensive range of genuine, factory approved accessories available for your
Massey Ferguson tractor. Don’t compromise on quality and performance.
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