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 LED Strip Series
Magic Lite offers a large variety of LED Strip Series
ranging from 2.1 watts per foot to 5.8 watts per foot.
LED Strip Series combines high light output associated
with standard fixtures with unique flexibility allowing it
to be concealed in the tiniest of coves, under cabinets or
showcases. It is also available in an outdoor version for
patios, decks, back lighting and many more applications.
It delivers remarkable light output at just 2.1-5.8 watts
per foot depending upon model chosen. Our extrusions are
ideal for recessed or in cabinet applications. LED Strip is
also available in RGB colour change for dramatic effects!
« High brightness 5060 SMD LEDs (3528 for
colour adjust series)
Field cuttable every 4" for 5060-60 High Power model
and every 6.5" for 5060-30 low power model
Low power consumption
Available in 20' (6.1m) rolls
LP-CCT available in 16" (4.8m)
Safe, 24V class 2 power supplies (sold separately)
Fully dimmable with dimmable power supplies
(sold separately)
120° viewing angle
Available in Cool White (6500K), Warm White (3000K),
RGB Colour Change and Colour Adjust (2500K — 7000K)
Long life 50,000 hours
High lumen output 325 Im/ft (304mm) for Cool White
High lumen output 285 Im/ft (304mm) for Warm White
Available in outdoor or indoor models
3 year limited warranty
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Now available in
LED Strip Series
Colour Adjust Strip Series
New LP-CCT Colour Adjust Strip series allows you to change the colour temperature of | E
the tape light from Cool White (7000K) to Warm White (2500K) with our easy to use hand | €:
held remote controller. It is available in both indoor and outdoor models and can be run E. E
up to 16' maximum length. Colour adjust feature allows you to change the mood of your eve up Votage OC 330%
surroundings easily. Ideal for task lighting such as under counters, coves and countless
other applications, this versatile product can be ordered in custom lengths prepared within
24 hours at your request.
* Aisle and stairway lighting Building facades and outlines
e Cabinet and cove lighting * Back lighting
* Deck and patio lighting * Showcase lighting
* Pathway lighting * Linear decorative lighting
LED Type High Brightness 5060 SMD LEDs, 3528 SMD for LP-CCT colour adjust
# of LEDs per foot (304mm) 18 for 5060-60 series, 9 for 5060-30 series, 36 for LP-CCT colour adjust
Viewing Angle 120°
LED Life 50,000 hours to 70% initial lumen output
Colour Temperature
Warm White 3000K, Cool White 6500K, CCT Colour Adjust Series 2500K — 7000K
Lumen Output 5060-60 series
325 Lumens per ft Cool White, 285 Lumens per ft Warm White
Lumen Output 5060-30 series
165 Lumens per ft Cool White, 145 Lumens per ft Warm White
Lumen Output LP-CCT series
300 Lumens per ft average
75 LPW Cool White, 66 LPW Warm White
Custom Cuttable
4" 5060-60 Series, 6.5" 5060-30 Series. 2" LP-CCT Series
Operating Voltage
24V DC
Maximum Single Run
5060-60 Series 20', 5060-30 Series 40', CCT Colour Adjust Series 16', RGB series 20'
Power Consumption
4.3W/ft 5060-60 Series, 2.2 W/ft 5060-30 Series, 5.8W/ft CCT Series
LED Spacing
16mm for 5060-60 Series, 32mm for 5060-30 Series, 8.3mm CCT series
LED Strip Series
72" Power feed connector for
single colour indoor. Add “-0” to
code for opposite end, add “-CM”
In-line connector for single colour 72' Power feed connector In-line connector for
indoor. for RGB indoor. Add “-0” for RGB indoor.
LV-CN-B10-CCT opposite end.
for through wall connections. In-line connector for CCT series
LV-CN-A10-CCT indoor.
6’ Power feed connector for CCT
series indoor.
LV-CN-J10 5.9" (15cm)
LV-CN-J10-2 2" (5cm)
In line connector for single colour
LV-CN-010 5.9" (15cm)
LV-CN-010-2 2' (5cm)
In line connector for RGB indoor.
BS-9 BS-11
Terminal block Connection box for housing
terminal block connections
Recessed aluminum extrusion and
frosted PC cover
Clear U channel
DC connector for LED strip series
with 6" wire and DC connector
6" RF extension cable for RGB
strip series
72" Power feed connector for 72" Power feed connector for RGB
single colour outdoor outdoor
End caps
Mounting clips
Surface mounted aluminum Corner surface mounted aluminum
extrusion and frosted extrusion and frosted PC cover
PC cover
T Extrusions come in 1 metre lengths. End caps and mounting
clips are available, sold separately.
Dimmable Drivers
See page 55 — 56 for driver selection guide and
details of use. See page 26 for list of compatible
dimming systems.
Max recommended load 36W or 8' LED Strip,
min 8W or 2' LED Strip
6.77" x 2.67" x 1.26" (171 x 68 x 32mm)
Max recommended load 90W or 20' LED Strip,
min 8W or 2' LED Strip
6.77" x 2.67" x 1.26" (171 x 68 x 32mm)
Non Dimmable Drivers
Indoor driver
Max recommended load 18W or 4' LED Strip
20W hardwire
Input: 100 — 240V AC
Output: 24V DC
4 1/8" x 4 1/8" x 1 1/2" (104.8 x 104.8 x 38.1mm)
Indoor/Outdoor driver
LED Strip Series: Max. recommended load 90W or
20' (6.1m) per single tap, 120W or 28' (8.53m)
combined two secondary taps.
CCT series: 16' (4.88m) per single tap, 22' (6.71m)
combined two secondary taps.
120W hardwire
Input: 100 - 240V AC
Output: 24V DC
10" x 3 3/8" x 3 3/16" (254 x 85.7 x 80.9mm)
NOTE: Above maximum and minimum lengths are
for LP-5060-60 series. You may double these when
using LP-5060-30 series and multiply x .8 when
using with CCT Colour Change series.
Cool white indoor LED Strip Series 4.3W/FT
Warm white indoor LED Strip Series 4.3W/FT
Red indoor LED Strip Series 4.3W/FT
Amber indoor LED Strip Series 4.3W/ft
Green LED Strip Series 4.3W/ft
Product Codes
Blue LED Strip Series 4.3W/ft
Cool white indoor LED Strip Series 2.2W/FT
Warm white indoor LED Strip Series 2.2W/FT
Cool white outdoor LED Strip Series 4.3w/FT
LP-5060-60 -240D-WW
Warm white outdoor LED Strip Series 4.3W/FT
RGB colour change LED Strip Series
indoor 4.3W/FT
RGB colour change LED Strip Series
outdoor 4.3W/FT
Indoor Colour Temperature Adjust
Outdoor Colour Temperature Adjust
For a complete list of RGB controllers, colour temperature controllers
and control accessories please see page 57.
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