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Timing Belts December 2008 Be informed, ask questions, and know your products To our valued customers,
As we move forward into this most difficult time it is important to remember that many of our
customers are repeat customers and the ones that are not should be confident in your ability to sell
them the products needed to do their maintenance repair jobs correctly. The correct product quality is
the key to timing belts. Saying you have good quality is one thing. Having the proper quality is the real
proof. PCI has the proof behind the statement we make about our proper quality and good fit.
The responsibility of selling your customer a replacement part that fits well on the engine extends
beyond the fit. The customer also assumes you are supplying a product that will last the dictated
amount of time or miles as prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer. If it is not, by law you need to
advise the customer of this when selling it. This is the least you can do considering the cost of repair
when the timing belt fails. Today many suppliers are not supplying the proper level of quality while our
aftermarket future depends on our selling the correct and right replacement parts. Just because a
timing belt has a B246 printed on it does not mean it is. A B246 timing belt part number actually
dictates a specific HSN material and size. If it is produced inferior in material, it is not truly a B246.
Beyond being a legal issue it is certainly a moral issue to sell and install the proper quality timing belt.
I think we all agree on this one topic: “doing the right thing” is the best way to go for the long term.
We at PCI specialize in supplying timing system parts for both chain and belt drive timing system
applications. Let’s examine timing belts further. PCI matches every timing belt part number with the
OEM material used on each application. Some competitors using only China for supply are knowingly
not supplying OEM grade materials while only seeking the cheapest belt. Most applications after
about 1990 used a material called “HSN” or “HNBR” for longer timing belt life. This material is not
available to the China timing belt manufacturers directly. As a result, China cannot manufacture HSN
or HNBR materials at competitive prices below the USA or other country manufacturers of trimming
belts. Don’t be fooled by words, it is important to be sure your supplier is selling you the proper quality
timing belts. This is very important for your customer’s sake.
We have been asked why we are so expensive on some timing belt part numbers. The fact is that we
are not expensive. If you are matching a like product that is made of the same materials, PCI will be
the lower price or best value. Others that are priced below PCI are very suspect in their marketing
practices because no doubt the material is lower in quality and not HSN or HNBR materials where it
should be. This is not some simple matter. If a timing belt breaks the warranty claim could be over
$2,000. Be aware of what you sell for timing belts and be smart with your supplier choices. Be
informed and ask your suppliers what material is being used in their timing belts. If they are not
matching OEM material, you are not doing the right thing by buying that product made in China or
not. You cannot use a low price only to direct your buying habits for timing belts. First you must trust
the supplier is selling you the correct products that will last the proper mileage.
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December 2008
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A timing belt that is made of CR material (standard material) where an HSN material is required will
only last 30,000 to 40,000 miles if all conditions are right. The shortest timing belt recommended
replacement mileage is 60,000 and many are 90,000 and even more. These lower quality belts are
simply a time bomb waiting to destroy a customer’s engines. Who should be responsible for this
failure and the costs of repair? Will your supplier be there for you and your customer with real
answers? Why would anyone want these problems haunting their futures? We at PCI suggest that
your company do the right thing by selling only proper quality timing belts that lasts the vehicle
manufacturers specified amount of time. This is important for our futures in the aftermarket.
There are also many suppliers using “industrial grade” timing belts that fail even sooner. What makes
this even worse is the fact that you cannot tell it is inferior by simply looking at one. A low quality
timing belt can look just as good as a proper quality timing belt. Therefore, it is extremely important to
know what you are selling, understand the importance of proper quality in a timing belt, and ask your
supplier to be sure of what quality timing belts you are selling to your customers so you can be
confident in what you are selling. The liability might end up in your lap. No insurance company would
cover these claims when the seller knew what they were selling or did not care. They might cover one
or two, but will no doubt cancel a policy after two claims. Avoid this experience completely by selling
proper quality timing belts like we all should.
Can we take a moment please to understand more about the effects of a broken timing belt? Once a
timing belt is broken there is an ugly chain of events that destroys an engine. Here is a short
explanation of the events. The timing belt drives the camshaft & valves. If the camshaft stops due to a
broken timing belt while the crankshaft continues to turn, some valves that are being held fully open
will be hit by the pistons and severe internal engine damage is a sure thing. You could end up with a
broken cylinder head, block, crankshaft, bent valves, broken valve guides, or other related parts. It is
a very terrible experience to have happen. The customer will end up stranded somewhere for sure
and in need of a tow “and” very high repair costs. The customer may also have hotel stay costs on
top of the other things. This should never happen to begin with. So, again we get back to “doing the
right thing” and selling the proper quality timing belts. You can trust PCI for proper quality timing belts.
If you do fully understand the above comments and have found it informative, please request our
notice “some facts about timing belts”. This is great information for all sellers and installers of any
brand name timing belts. There is very important information in there that is assumed to be known by
the installers & sellers of timing belts when the fact is that they are not well known.
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