Conductivity Testerfor Oils pS-cm - Stanhope-Seta

Conductivity Testerfor Oils pS-cm - Stanhope-Seta
Handheld Conductivity Meter
Conductivity Measurement of Oils
Handheld Conductivity Meter For Oils
Key Features
• Measurement 0 to 2000 picosiemens/centimeter (pS/CM)
• High-Accuracy (± 1.5% of reading), AC measurement technology
• Stores up to 8 data locations (User can input location names)
• USB interface for ease of data transfer
• Sensor tip is capable of being fully immersed in liquid chemical
• Fully temperature compensated measurement
• Built-in long life lithium-ion rechargeable battery
• Windows data handling software
• Internal real time date & clock for data record keeping
Principles of Operation
The Seta Hand Held Conductivity Meter provides an accurate and rapid
conductivity measurement between 0 and 2000 picosiemens/centimeter (pS/CM).
The conductivity meter is constructed of thermally stable internal electronics and
two 316 SS coaxial electrode sensors which are suitable for use from 0 to 35°C. The conductivity meter incorporates innovative electronics Digital Signal
Processing (DSP) techniques to accurately determine the electrical conductivity
of oils. Conductivity is highly affected by temperature change and reporting
temperature with correction is a key requirement of making measurements. The
conductivity meter allows users to measure samples in any container offering an
accurate, portable solution to measuring oils.
The instrument allows real time sample averaging with trend indicator and the user
is provided with a visual reading that the sample has settled to a stable value for
improved accuracy of testing. The meter has integral temperature measurement
and compensation which is stored with readings.
An easy to use menu system allows up to 8 samples to be internally stored
along with sample temperature, date and time information. This data can be
held in internal non volatile memory for either readout on the display or transfer
to a personal computer by the built in USB data link. The meter is supplied with
software that graphs conductivity and temperature with time/date.
The unit is provided in an industry standard ATEX approved polyamide housing,
with built in Lithium Ion rechargeable battery system.
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Conductivity Calibration & Verification
The calibration and verification tool can be plugged directly into the Conductivity Meter for quick
and easy calibration/verification of the instrument. It is designed to calibrate then verify operation
of the instrument in a specified range, and is optimised for AC conductivity measurement with
active components ensuring long term stability and accuracy. On completion of the calibration
a report is generated showing changes to the instrument and the re-calibration date is
automatically updated.
The Calibration & Verification tool fits easily onto the tip of the handheld and has one switch to
easily alter the range from low value (1% of scale) to high value (70% of scale). This allows the
user to easily check conductivity calibration in the field thus eliminating the costly requirement of
the need to returning the instrument for factory calibration.
Optional Accessories
Bench Stand
Designed to hold the handheld meter upright allowing the user to easily run tests. The stand is a
sturdy rugged metal design which is easy to assemble and disassemble for transportation. Carry Case
Designed to fit the meter and all required accessories for running the ASTM D-2624 Test. This
case allows for easy transportation, is durable and completely water proof when closed.
USB Cable
Standard A to 5 pin Mini-B USB Cable (6’ Long) enabling the meter to communicate with a PC.
Metal Beaker with ground strap - 600mL
The stainless steel beaker is welded with a metal grounding strap to allow any DC Charges to
dissipate (without affecting measurement).
Technical Specification
0-2000 pS/cm (Contact factory for optional ranges)
+/-1.5 pS/m (+/-1.5% of reading)
0.1 pS/m
Built-In 2.6AHr Lithium Ion Battery (1000 Samples)
Universal Voltage Wall Mount Charger
128X64 Dot Matrix Display Indicating Conductivity & Temperature
Sample Trend Line Graph to Assist Data Collection
Conductivity Sensor:
316 SS Coaxial Electrode K=.02
Temperature Sensor:
Platinum RTD NIST Traceable Calibration
Housing Polyamide, sensor 316SS and PEEK
ASTM D2624 Listed, ATEX
Order Information
Handheld Conductivity Analyser for Fuels
USB Cable
Bench Stand
Metal Beaker with ground strap (600ml)
Carry Case
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