revolution at
Cineom Broadcast
designs Prakash Jha s
audio recording faclility
Prakash Jha is a renowned name in Bollywood having
delivered major hits. Dhwani Sound Recording Studio
set up by Prakash Jha and designed by Cineom Broadcast is an accomplished audio recording facility which
boasts of the latest gear and state-of-the-art technology.
ineom Broadcast India Pvt Ltd
is a leading system integration
company in the Indian media
industry, specializing in turnkey
projects, equipment sales and
services. The recent facility set up by Cineom
is for renowned producer and director Prakash
Jha named Dhwani which means Sound .
At Dhwani there is a Dubbing- cum- Foley
suite or the Recording booth , a 2.1 Channel
Dub control suite and a 5.1 Channel Mixing
and Track laying suite. The Dub Control suite
as the name suggests is meant to be used
to record digitally the signals incoming from
the recording booth through analogue gear
comprising of Neve s renowned outboard
among Prism Sound s famous ADA8XR I/O
to finally Avid s Pro Tools HD digital audio
workstation achieving a digital version of
the signal in consideration. The suite is
equipped to record voice, instrument as
well as effects signals that would be created using the foley area. The recorded
tracks are then usable for further processes
which would strictly be dependent upon
the requirements for a given project. The
Prakash Jha, Film Director with
Rakesh Ranjan, Sound Designer at
the Dhwani Studio
track laying room is equipped with a 5.1
surround monitoring system. Here the mix
engineer would ingest pre-recorded tracks
as stems onto Pro Tools and enhance them
with the flavor of analogue processing using
the available Neve outboard thereby truly
creating a mixed signal which will finally
be rendered as one which would have 6
channels as a 5.1 surround mixed signal is
meant to be.
So, to briefly describe, the facility is capable
of recording audio signals digitally as well as
obtaining a 5.1 mixed output, not to mention
Vinayak Deo and Shailesh Parab of Cineom
Broadcast Pvt. Ltd.
editing would also be involved in
the process.
Rakesh Ranjan, an ace Sound
Designer having films like Bullet
Raja, Satyagraha, Chennai Express,
Golmaal, Golmaal 3, Aitraaz, Aks,
Taal and many more block buster
movies on his credit approached
Cineom with a proposal for a
dubbing and track laying studio.
After initial meetings with Rakesh
Ranjan, Cineom then had a joint
meeting with Prakash Jha. Jha was
keen on a complete AMS Neve setup. Neve is
known for their excellent sound quality and
flexibility of console automation.
The Cineom team, after understanding the
requirement and having detailed discussions
with Rakesh Ranjan, prepared a complete
list of equipment for the dubbing studio
and 5.1 track laying studio. Jha added the
valuable inputs by suggesting that the outboard gears may be mounted on custom
made consoles so that both the studios
would have the feel of console inside the
room and the flexibility of outboard gears
rooms is as follows:
Dub control room:
• AMS Neve 8816 Summing Mixer (16
channel) with 8804 Fader pack.
• AMS Neve 8801 Channel strip.
• AMS Neve 4081 Microphone Preamplifier (4 channel).
• AMS Neve 33609JD Stereo CompressorLimiter.
• Prism Sound ADA-8XR I/O with Digiprocessor card.
• Sonifex Redbox RB-HD6 Headphone
Distribution amplifier (6 channels).
• Apple Mac Pro computer workstation
with Avid Pro Tools HD 11 DAW.
• Avid Sync HD.
• Avid HDX2 PCI Express card to integrate
I/O with the DAW.
• Blackmagic Extreme 3D PCI Express card
for HD video out.
Cineom Team posing with Prakash Jha at Dhwani Studio
on finger tips.
Prakash Jha has always been a tech
savvy creative person and he oversees all
the technical parameters whether pre or
post production of his own films. When it
comes to the sound quality, pick any movie
made by Prakash Jha one will notice that
sound has always been excellent whether it
is dubbing, songs or final mix. Prakash Jha
doesn t compromise on sound quality for
any reason and this critical aspect prompted
him to have his own setup.
Since Dhwani has both the facilities of
dubbing and 5.1 track laying, most of the
dubbing of Chennai Express, Satyagraha,
Phata Poster Nikhla Hero, Bullet Raja and
R.... Rajkumar was done in Dhwani and premixing to acertain extent was also carried
out in their track laying studio.
The list of equipments in each of the
• Blue Sky SAT-6.5 studio monitors.
• BenQ 24 LCD Monitor for Pro Tools
user interface.
• Hitachi CPX 3021WN LCD Projector.
• Microphone - AEA R92, Sennheiser MKH
418-S and Neumann M 149
• 5.1 Channel track laying room:
• AMS Neve 8816 Summing Mixer (16
channel) with 8804 Fader pack.
• AMS Neve 8801 Channel strip.
• AMS Neve 8051 5.1 Compressor.
• Prism Sound s ADA-8XR I/O with Digiprocessor card.
• Apple Mac Pro computer workstation
with Avid Pro Tools HD 11 DAW.
• Avid Sync HD.
• Avid HD OMNI I/O.
• Avid HDX2 PCI Express card to integrate
I/O with the DAW.
• Blackmagic Extreme 3D PCI Express card
for HD video out.
• Blackmagic SDI-HDMI converter.
• M-Audio Midi interface.
• JL Cooper MCS Paner, surround panning module.
• Blue Sky SAT-15 and SAT 6.5 studio
monitors with SUB-15 Subwoofer and
MK II Bass Management Controller.
• Iiyama Prolite 24 LCD Monitor for Pro
Tools user interface.
• Panasonic TH-55VMT60DM 55
Dhwani Studio boasts of the latest audio gear
The gear certainly always matters to a
great extent. It is the prime factor that decides the grade of a studio. The equipment
Dhwani Studio will cater to Film Recording
at Dhwani is top notch in their category.
There is unarguably no match to the warmth
of the audio rendered by Neve s analogue
outboard to begin with. The conversion from
Analogue to Digital and back is taken care
of by one of the most popularly used I/O,
the ADA8XR from Prism Sound. As listed
above, the equipments used here are high
end, possessing an ability to enhance and
process the audio signals to a significant
extent, and this processing is made possible
with no hassles of machine overloading by
Avid s HDX cards and the Apple workstation s
processor and memory elements. Besides
audio equipment, unlike generic studios,
the video output is handled by Blackmagic s
Extreme 3D card, which provides a dedicated
processing for the video signals and up-to
a resolution beyond Full HD. The processed
audio resultant can be monitored by high
fidelity Blue Sky s studio monitors, and the
Visual content can be projected on a screen
as on a LED crisp display from Panasonic. To
come again, the studio is equipment rich and
is certainly capable of handling and rendering
high quality audio, and this certainly has a
positive impact on the business.
Prakash Jha designed the studio in such
a way that both the rooms (voice over as
well as control room) has access to direct
day light and maintains a natural ambience.
This is really the USP of the studio as be it
is artists or sound engineers, they feel fresh
being visually connected to theoutside world.
In all of this, one would notice that, the
installed equipments are of the latest time
and of prime quality. This leads to anticipate
a bright future. There is a lot that can be
done considering the machinery installed
rather than mere recording. The more the
ability of the machines is exploited, the more
Dhwani will stand out.
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