Understanding Ohio`s Booster Seat Law

Understanding Ohio`s Booster Seat Law
Delaware General Health District
Participation in
Ohio’s Occupant
Protection Program
Ohio’s Occupant Protection Program is
designed to reduce the number of traffic
deaths in Ohio. This program is available
in all 88 counties to help with car seats,
booster seats, and seatbelts.
Safety Points
Restrain your child
on every trip, every time.
Keep your child in the
back seat.
Use the
best safety restraint
for your child's size.
Use the child safety seats
and seat belts correctly.
The Occupant Protection Program is
funded by The Ohio Department of Public
Safety and the Ohio Traffic Safety Office
with support from Ohio Department of
More than 90 percent of the car seats
that have been checked by the Delaware
General Health District since 2001 had
been installed incorrectly.
The Delaware General Health District
provides free car seats for parents in the
WIC program or with a medical card. Car
seats are provided on a sliding-fee scale
to county residents. To qualify for a seat
you must be a resident of Delaware
County; be the child’s legal guardian;
AND attend a child passenger safety
class with a certified Child Passenger
Safety Technician. There is a limit of
one seat per child per development
To have your car seat inspected
or to obtain a car seat contact the
Delaware General Health District at
(740) 368-1700
For more information call:
Booster Seat
1 West Winter Street
P.O. Box 570
Delaware, OH 43015
740-368-1736 fax
Ohio Seatbelt Laws
Ohio Revised Code 4511.81
Child Restraint Violation
Ages 0 to 4 AND 40 lbs.
Booster Seat Choices
Backless Boosters
May be used only if a child has
head support from the vehicle’s seat back.
A child must be in a car seat:
if child is younger than 4 years old AND
if a child weighs less than 40 lbs
A child must be in a booster seat:
if child is under 8 years old OR
if child is under 4’9” tall
Seat Belt Violation:
Ages 8 to age 15
A child ages 8 to 15 must be in a seatbelt
regardless of front or back seat occupancy.
Children under 13 are safest in the back seat.
Violations require:
that the driver to be ticketed, not the child
a fine of $25 minimum / $75 maximum
a second offense fine up to $250 AND
jail time to 30 days.
Ohio Revised Code 4513.263
Q: My child is 8 years old and is only 4’2”
Is he required to be in a booster seat?
A: No, a child who is 8 years old
is not subject to the booster law.
Q: My child is 7 years old and is 4’9” tall.
Is she required to be in a booster seat?
A: No, a child who has reached 4’9” tall
is not subject to the booster law.
Booster Seat Violation:
Ages 4 to 8 OR 4’ 9” tall
Frequently Asked
High-Back Boosters
May be used only if a child’s ears
are not above the booster back.
Seat Belt Violation:
Front seat occupants ages 15 and older applies to:
passenger not wearing, but driver gets ticket
passenger not wearing and gets ticket
all parts of the seatbelts must be worn
Ohio Revised Code 4507.071
Q: How do I know when my child is ready
to be in just a seatbelt?
A: It is safest to keep children in car seats
or booster seats as long as possible.
The use of a child passenger seat is
recommended beyond the requirements
of the law if a child cannot:
• sit with his back flush to the vehicle
seat back (able to bend his knees
fully over the front of the seat
without slouching).
• fit the shoulder belt across the
middle of his shoulder.
• fit the lap belt low and snug across
his hip bones (not across tummy).
Probationary License Driver
Ages 15-17
The driver responsible for all occupant
Cannot have passengers than seatbelts
Ohio Revised Code 4511.51
Seat Belt Violation
Pickup Truck Beds (cargo area)
0ccupants are not allowed if under age 16 and
factory- installed seatbelts are not present.
Tailgates cannot be open and no one can sit on
tailgates, except public maintenance / street workers.
All Booster seats must be used
with lap AND shoulder belt.
Q: What if wearing a seat belt is not
possible, due to a medical condition?
A: You must carry an affidavit from your
doctor verifying your exemption.
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