Ice Rinks - City of Ramsey
City of Ramsey Telephone Numbers
City Hall (763)427-1410
Parks Department (763)427-8254
Emergency 911
Central Park Warming House (763) 286-9846 Cell
Elementary Warming House (763) 238-5704
Hours of Operation
3:30 – 9:00 PM (10:00 PM if needed)
10:00 AM – 9/10:00 PM
12:00 noon – 8:00 PM
Christmas Vacation and Other School Holidays
10:00 AM – 9/10:00 PM
10:00 AM – 9/10:00 PM
12:00 noon – 8:00 PM
Christmas Eve 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Christmas Day Closed
New Year’s Day 12:00 noon – 8:00 PM
Rinks Will Be Closed If:
1) Temperatures are unseasonably warm and the rinks have not been able to be flooded.
2) Temperatures are 10 degrees below zero (actual temperature, not wind chill) or more and
expected to remain that way.
3) Attendant may close if weather conditions are, and are expected to remain, extreme.
The following conditions are examples of closure conditions:
Very cold temperatures with excessively cold wind chills. (Generally a closure in this
example would be later in the evening or possibly a weekday night – not mornings where
conditions are likely to improve or the warming house may be expected to be used more
as during Christmas vacation or on weekends.)
Temperatures well above freezing. (Generally a closure in this example would occur
when there is water standing over half the rink and temperatures are not expected to
drop. Remember, when the sun goes down temperatures typically fall below freezing, so
start your regular shift at the regular start time if it is expected to extend into the
The Parks/Utilities Supervisor or Public Works Lead Person will determine if rinks are to be
Rink Reservations –must be done in person on-site with the warming house attendant.
Only the west hockey rink (at both Central and Ramsey Elementary) may be reserved by groups
or individuals to exclude the general public. The west rink may not be scheduled more than
three events in advance and there is a two-hour maximum time limit. The rink attendant will
assist with scheduling to help ensure equitable distribution of ice times.
In the event of a scheduling conflict, the rink attendant will record both parties’ names,
addresses, and telephone numbers (both home and work). This information will be forwarded to
the Parks/Utilities Supervisor or Lead Person who will contact the individuals the first available
business day to resolve the scheduling conflict.
A calendar will be posted in the warming houses for scheduling only. In no case will the east
hockey rink or the pleasure rink be reserved to exclude the general public.
Please remember your primary job is to insure the safety of everyone on the premises, in
addition to enforcing the rules and policies.
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