OWNER`S MANUAL Osprey Professional Vest/Harness

OWNER`S MANUAL Osprey Professional Vest/Harness
Osprey Professional Vest/Harness
#745, Vest Only
#745-M, Vest Only w/MOLLE System
#745-MH, Vest w/MOLLE System & Tether
The condition and serviceability of the #745 series Vests shall be evaluated
prior to each use by the wearer. This is to include an inspection of the
fabric, narrow fabrics (webbing), and stitching for tears, fraying, and loose or
broken threads. Hardware and zippers must also be checked for
damage or deformation. If inspection reveals any defect the vest shall be
removed from service immediately and returned to the factory or other
qualified individual for repair or serviceability determination.
The extraction handle on the rear of the vest (#745-MH) is intended as a
grab/tow handle for emergency use by rescue personnel only. Extraction
handle is not to be used for lifting or hoisting of the wearer. Do not use the
extraction handle if back injury to the wearer is suspected.
Do not allow the vest to become excessively soiled. Rinse the vest after
exposure to salt or chlorinated water with fresh tap water and allow to
completely air dry, away from direct exposure to sunlight.
Special Caution: Vest with Integrated Lifting Harness
The integrated lifting harness of the #745-MH is not to be used as a fall
arrest or safety harness. The harness is intended for emergency
extraction of aircrew and is not designed as a regular duty harness for
deployment and recovery of personnel to the surface.
For duty deployment and recovery, a type specific helicopter hoistable
harness such as LSC’s #487 TRI-SAR should be used.
Keep leg straps (all versions) stowed in the side pockets when not in use to
prevent snag hazard.
Special Caution: Vest with Tether
The tether of the #745-MH is to be used with an appropriate lanyard or
restraint system. Lanyard/restraint must be secured to an approved
location within the aircraft cabin. When using the tether ensure the waist
strap and leg straps are properly donned and adjusted accordingly.
Adjust lanyard to minimize slack at all times. Do not lift by the tether.
The Osprey Vest/harness is intended to be used by military, tactical, and
professional aircrew personnel. The vest is designed as a gear carrier
assembly for LSC’s Osprey Low Profile Flotation Collar (#740 or #742) and
provides stowage pockets for signaling and survival equipment. Primary
features of the #745 Osprey Vest are:
o Adjustable size with stow able leg straps for secure fit.
o Synthetic and non-corrosive material/hardware construction.
o Mini-buckle fittings for flotation collar attachment.
o Survival equipment pockets.
o Holster for the SEA egress device.
The #745-M and #745-MH are MOLLE versions which allow for custom
pocket layout using compatible, commercially available MOLLE pockets and
holsters. MOLLE equipment pockets are sold separately. The #745-MH
features an integrated lifting harness for emergency extraction and an
integrated rear tether for mobile crewmember restraint within the aircraft.
The Osprey Vest shall be donned in standard vest fashion. To secure the
vest, close the front zipper and snap the front buckle. The waist straps are
to be pulled tight to provide secure and comfortable fit for the
wearer. Excess strap lengths shall be folded and stowed to prevent snag
hazard. Stow able leg straps are provided to provide a secure fit and ensure
optimal flotation characteristics when utilized with Osprey Flotation
Collars. Keep leg straps stowed when not in use.
If the vest is issued to, and worn by a single individual the adjustment straps
may be trimmed to remove excess length. It is recommended that the
wearer allow sufficient adjustment range for seasonal clothing. If trimmed
the cut end of the straps shall be seared to prevent fraying, tri-folded, and
the tri-fold tacked by qualified personnel.
The #745 Osprey Vest includes mini-buckle attachment fittings to secure
LSC’s Low Profile Flotation Collar (#740 or #742). Refer to the Flotation
Collar owner’s manual for instructions to attach the collar to the
vest. Remove the flotation collar from the vest when performing inspection
and maintenance to the flotation collar.
Special Instructions: Vest with Integrated Lifting Harness
The #745-MH vest has an integrated lifting harness. The leg straps should
be stowed when not in use to prevent snag hazard. Before hoisting, remove
leg straps from stowage pockets, lace straps around each leg and secure
the buckles. Adjust leg straps for a comfortable fit.
To hoist, remove the two hoisting V-rings from the stowage loops on the
front of the vest. Attach both V-rings to the hoist hook. Hoist orientation will
be seated and slightly reclined. Maintain visual contact with the hoist
operator for visual signals/communications.
Special Instructions: Vest with Tether
The #745-MH vest has an integrated tether on the backside of the vest.
Tether should be stowed in the hook & loop closure tab when not in use.
Prior to using the tether ensure the vest and leg straps are properly donned,
all buckles secured, and the waist/leg straps pulled tight for comfortable fit.
Tether should be attached to an appropriate lanyard or restraint device so as
to secure mobile crewmembers within the aircraft cabin. Adjust lanyard
length to minimize slack at all times. Do not lift by the tether.
While LSC has designed and manufactured the vest to meet or exceed
industry standards, periodic inspection is necessary to ensure
functional reliability. A visual inspection should be performed prior to
placing vest into service.
Thoroughly inspect the mesh, fabric, webbing, and stitching for damage
such as cuts, tears, frayed webbing, and broken or loose threads.
All hardware including the zipper, mini-buckle fittings, buckles, v-rings and
adjustors should be checked for proper function and inspected for
damage, deformation or sharp edges. Repair or replace the vest
assembly as required. Repairs are to be performed by the factory or
qualified personnel only. Vest deemed unserviceable shall be destroyed.
Ten (10) years from date of manufacture.
LSC products are warranted to the first consumer purchaser to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of twelve (12)
months. Please contact LSC for our complete Warranty information and Policies, or visit our website.
PHONE: 813/645-2748
Lifesaving Systems Corp.
#F-750-745-ALL OM (Rev B) Updated 2014-09-26
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