CPO Wrap - Hyundai Motor Finance

CPO Wrap - Hyundai Motor Finance
CPO Wrap
Extra protection from the unexpected.
Covered components
Not only does Hyundai Protection Plan CPO
Wrap extend the coverage for the service of major
components, our Platinum coverage plan also
covers an extensive range of up to 1,500 vehicle
• Engine, transmission, drive axle
Including manual and automatic transmissions,
front-wheel and rear-wheel drive.
• Climate control
Including air conditioner and heater components.
• Shocks, front and rear suspension
Including suspension bushings and bearings.
• Fuel systems, electrical systems
Including fuel injection, sensors, and power
windows and seats.
• Steering, brakes, CV boots
Including power steering and anti-lock braking
system components.
• Navigation, audio, high-tech
Including navigation display, HomeLink®, Blue
Link® and Bluetooth®.
Enjoy up to 10 years or
up to 120,000 miles of
worry-free driving.
Building on the quality and commitment
of Hyundai’s award-winning1 Certified
Pre-Owned (CPO) program, the Hyundai
Protection Plan CPO Wrap delivers
extended coverage that enhances the
Hyundai factory limited warranty and
adds roadside assistance coverage.
Added protection for your Hyundai CPO
vehicle includes mechanical repairs, parts
and labor up to 10 years or 120,000 miles.
A CPO Wrap makes unexpected
repairs less expensive
• Pay nothing for covered repairs other than the
deductible you select
• Monthly payment option when you include a
plan within your auto financing
Building upon Hyundai’s
already high standards
Hyundai Protection Plan CPO Wrap delivers value
above the high standards set by Hyundai’s factory
warranty and CPO programs, with coverage options
up to 10 years or 120,000 miles.2
New Vehicle
Limited Warranty
CPO Wrap Coverage
Nav, Audio,
CPO Wrap Coverage
Hyundai CPO Limited Warranty
with additional CPO Wrap coverage
Hyundai CPO Roadside
with additional CPO Wrap coverage
Illustrative example based on a CPO vehicle with two years and 20,000 miles
remaining on the Hyundai 5-year/60,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
Your coverage may vary based on your vehicle’s in-service date and mileage
at time of CPO Wrap purchase.
Comprehensive protection,
personalized for you
Two CPO Wrap plans are offered to meet your
individual needs. Your participating Hyundai dealer
can help you choose the protection level that best
suits you and your vehicle:
Two available plans
Component Group
Drive Axle
Climate Control
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Fuel System
Electrical System
CV Boots
Service you can trust,
parts you can count on
You’ll receive genuine Hyundai parts4 and superior
service designed specifically for your vehicle.
• Up to 1,500+ covered components
• Nationwide service available at all participating
Hyundai dealers
• 24-hour roadside assistance with enhanced
roadside benefits
• Towing to your nearest Hyundai dealership or
authorized service provider
• Rental car reimbursement up to $35 per day
for up to 10 days if required5
• Trip interruption coverage up to $200 per day
for up to 5 days if required5
• Transferable coverage may add to your car
value if you sell your vehicle to a private party
Coverage exclusions may apply6:
• M
echanical breakdowns covered by your vehicle’s
manufacturer’s warranty
• M
echanical breakdowns caused by accident, collision,
vandalism or weather related conditions
• M
echanical breakdowns caused by lack of maintenance
or preexisting conditions
1 Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) ranked by Intellichoice as 2015 Best Popular
CPO Program.
2 CPO Wrap coverage runs concurrently with the period of coverage of Hyundai’s
CPO limited powertrain warranty, which is (i) 10 years from the vehicle’s in-service
date or (ii) 100,000 miles from the odometer mile zero, whichever comes first. See
participating Hyundai dealer for actual warranty coverages and limitations.
3 For 2015 Hyundai models and earlier, CPO Wrap coverage for navigation,
audio, and high-tech components begins upon expiration of Hyundai’s
3-year/36,000 mile factory warranty coverage. For 2016 Hyundai models and
newer, coverage for navigation and high-tech components begins upon expiration
of Hyundai’s 5-year/60,000 mile factory warranty coverage.
4 Any necessary replacement parts will be made using genuine Hyundai new or
remanufactured parts, or Hyundai-approved parts.
5 Due to a covered Mechanical Breakdown.
6 Additional exclusions may apply. Please see your Contract for specific coverage
details, including limitations and exclusions.
The only CPO Wrap vehicle service
contract backed by Hyundai.7
We offer our customers exceptional benefits that
enhance the experience of driving a Hyundai. For
more information, see your participating Hyundai
dealer or visit:
Have questions?
Contact the Hyundai Protection Plan
Customer Service team
All transactions related to the optional Hyundai Protection Plan Certified PreOwned Wrap Vehicle Service Contract are governed solely by the provisions of the
Agreement. This brochure provides general information about the Hyundai Protection
Plan Certified Pre-Owned Wrap Vehicle Service Contract and should not be solely
relied upon when purchasing coverage. Please refer to the Hyundai Protection Plan
Certified Pre-Owned Wrap Vehicle Service Contract for details of terms, conditions,
and specific coverage details, including limitations and exclusions. Coverage may
vary by state.
7 Provided through Hyundai Protection Plan, Inc., a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor
America. Provided in Florida by Hyundai Protection Plan Florida, Inc., 3161 Michelson
Drive, Suite 1900, Irvine, CA 92612, Florida License No. 13634.
Hyundai, the Hyundai Logo and Hyundai Model Names are Hyundai Motor Company
© 2015 Hyundai Protection Plan, Inc. All rights reserved.
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