Safety Operating Procedures

Safety Operating Procedures
WHS System - Corporate
Safe Work Instruction - Concrete Mixer Electric
DO NOT use this plant* unless you have been inducted in its safe use and operation by an
Authorised Experienced Operator
This SWI may not cover all possible hazards and risks and should be referred to as a control measure in the risk assessment process.
Additional training may be required for high risk plant. Site and task may change required PPE.
Eye protection must be worn
Long and loose hair must be
contained or covered.
Hearing protection must be
Foot protection must be worn
P2 face mask must be worn
when airborne dust or fumes
are created
Protective body clothing
must be worn
Entanglement in moving parts
Electrical Shock or Burn
Electrical shock or burn from damaged or poorly
maintained electrical leads and cables
Manual Task Injury
Manual task injury from repetitive movements
Manual task injury from incorrect manual handling
Cutting, Stabbing or Puncturing
Injury from contact with moving parts
Slip, Trips, Falls
Slip, trip, fall due to uneven or slippery work surfaces
Slip, trip, fall due to steep working surfaces
Injury due to plant malfunction or misuse
Skin irritation from cement or additives
Injury due to operating of plant in unsuitable weather
Irritation from excessive dust
 Complete site specific risk assessment
 Complete visual plant check before operation
 Confirm plant has a current electrical safety tag
 Allow plant to cool before performing any
Check power lead is in good working order and
does not create a trip hazard
Ensure you are familiar with plant operations and
Ensure that guards are fitted, secured and
functional in accordance with manufacturers
Ensure the mixer is in a suitable safe work area
and select a firm, level and stable ground
Check the tyres for appropriate inflation
 Keep clear of moving plant parts
 Operate plant to the conditions of the work area
 Ensure that the work area does not contain any
hazards that may impact on the safe operation of
the mixer
Ensure that the power lead can be kept dry, off the
ground and connected through an RCD safety
Be conscious of your manual handling techniques
when adding cement powder, gravel or sand to the
mixer bowl using a shovel (or similar)
Before making adjustments bring plant to a
complete standstill and isolate
TRIM Ref: 53289E
Adopted: 15.04.2016
Last Amended:
maintenance or cleaning
Empty the mixer of all drum contents
While still wet, wash out with clean water, ensure
this is done in a designated area
Allow the mixer to revolve to wash the interior and
carefully clean off the exterior
Disconnect the AC power source
Ensure plant is in good working order and stored in
the appropriate location
 Do not use if plant is faulty. Attach a DO NOT
OPERATE tag and report fault to your supervisor
Do not use electrical mixer outdoors in the rain
Do not overload mixer
Do not move the cement mixer during operation
Do not insert hands into rotating mixing bowl
Do not place tools inside mixer whilst turning
Do not leave plant running unattended
Do not wear loose jewellery
Do not use mobile phone while operating plant
*Plant in this SWI refers to any machinery, equipment,
appliance, container, implement and tool.
Review Date: 15.01.2019
Version: 1
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