XYL`EM Hydraulic conductance and embolism measurement system

XYL`EM Hydraulic conductance and embolism measurement system
Hydraulic conductance and embolism
measurement system
INRA (Institut National de Recherches Agronomiques) is
the French institute specialised in research and
development in agriculture. The INRA laboratory UMR
PIAF is specialised in the study and measurement of xylem
conductance and embolism. As Studies involving
measurements of xylem embolism are becoming more and
more frequent and no equipment was available on the
market, the INRA research workers designed their own
integrated system and asked INSTRUTEC to manufacture
and sell it.
INSTRUTEC is the French daughter company of
Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V which manufactures the largest
variety of thermal mass flow meters and controllers for
gases and liquids. Together, INRA and INSTRUTEC have
the pleasure to introduce you the XYL’EM system.
The XYL’EM is a stand alone equipment able to
determinate the hydraulic conductance and the embolism
rate of vegetal segments. It can be used in laboratory or in
the field thanks a rugged suitcase, a 12 Vdc power supply
and a temperature compensation. Its LCD display indicates
the flow, the pressure and the temperature of the water. As
an option, the XY’LEM can be coupled to a PC through an
RS 232 interface.
The XYL’EM can be used at low pressure (100 mbg) or at
high pressure (HPFM) (3 bars typical, up to 7 bars) as a 1
litre pressurised-tank is integrated into the instrument.
Xylem hydraulic conductance and embolism
measurements in the lab or in the field
Plant physiology and plant water relations
Analysis of plant hydraulic architecture
Evaluation of plant drought resistance
Evaluation of plant frost resistance
Impact of xylem pathogens
References to the XY’LEM apparatus :
Cochard et al 2000 Plant Physiol 124:1191-1202
Cochard et al 2002 Plant Physiol 128:282-290
Cochard 2002 Planta 215:456-471
Instrutec - 53 rue Jacques Verniol – 95370 Montigny les Cormeilles
Tel : 01 Fax : email :[email protected] – www.instrutec.fr
Flow measurement:
- Principle:
Thermal mass flow measurement
- Measuring range :
0.1… 5 g/h, 0.2… 10 g/h,
0.4… 20g/h, 1… 50 g/h, 2… 100 g/h H2O (to be
specified on the order).
- Accuracy:
+/- 1% full scale
- Rangeability :
1 to 50
Low pressure generation and measurement:
- Principle:
Water column
- Measuring range :1 .. 7 kPa typ. (10 kPa max)
- Accuracy:
+/- 0,2 kPa
High pressure generation and measurement:
- Principle:
Pressurised vessel
- Measuring range : up to 3 bar typ, 7 bar max.
- Accuracy:
+/- 1 % full scale
- Sensor:
Pt100 probe
- Measuring range :0°c to 50°C
- Accuracy: +/- 0.2 °C
Water supply:
High pressure:
- Vessel capacity:
- Max vessel pressure: 3 bars,
(7 bars possible if filter is removed).
Low pressure:
- Vessel capacity:
100 ml
- Max vessel pressure: 1 meter water high
- Water filtration:
0,2 µm.
Mechanical characteristics
- Suitcase :
- Dimension :
461x347x206 mm
- Weight (empty vessel): 10 kg
Electrical characteristics
- Power supply :
- Consumption :
- Electrical connection : Din 3 pins
Computer connection (option):
- Analog to digital conversion (15 bits resolution) and
RS232 interface for data transfer to a computer.
- XYL’EM software for DOS and windows
environments. This software collects the data,
calculates the corrections and determines embolism
XYLEM: Stand alone hydraulic conductance
measurement system
- 90 - 220V (50-60 Hz)/ 12Vdc 1 A Power supply.
- Pt100 probe
- 5 spare 0.2 µm filters
- Stainless steel to polypropylene luer converters
- 100.ml serynge for water column
- Set of tubes with luer fittings
- 4 channels sample water feeder
- Start up procedure manual
- The Tricks of the trade to measure hydraulic
DATAXYL: RS232 Interface with data processing
software and cable
LIQUIFLOW: Spare liquiflow meter to operate with a
different flow range
LIQUIFLOW RECAL: Modification of the measuring
range on an existing liquiflow
COMPXYL: Portable 7 bar compressor, 12 Vdc
power supply for field measurement.
FILTERS: Box of 50 0.2 µm filters
COUPLINGS: Set of 4 couplings to connect 5 to 30
mm samples to luer connectors.
Instrutec - 53 rue Jacques Verniol – 95370 Montigny les Cormeilles
Tel : 01 Fax : email :[email protected] – www.instrutec.fr
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