1 Storm Surge Depiction Application v1. Storm Surge Depiction

1 Storm Surge Depiction Application v1. Storm Surge Depiction
Storm Surge Depiction Application
1. Click on the link: http://egistest.pinellascounty.org/apps/stormsurgeapp/index.html
2. Accept the Disclaimer
3. The application will open as shown below
Storm Surge Depiction Application v1.
4. Enter a Pinellas County address in the search box
5. As you type the suggested matching addresses will appear
6. Select the address you were searching for. Will be notified the address was found and the map will zoom to that
Storm Surge Depiction Application v1.
7. The parcel searched for will indicated by a red dot
8. The results are shown in 3 panels (A, B, C)
a. The parcel evacuation level and amount of surge in feet, above ground level will be indicated.
i. This parcel is at the minimum Evacuation level of an ‘A’ but it is vulnerable for to all the other
evacuation levels and thus higher surge depths.
ii. To see this vulnerability select the evacuation level buttons of B, C, D, or E.
iii. Further information on the effects of storm surge are displayed.
b. Users can also zoom in and pan around the building image by mousing over building image.
i. The application building type code and property use code will not always match 100%. The
building image is meant to be representative to show scale and water depth for each property.
ii. Users can pan around to see the Surge effects.
c. Neighborhood Impact can be seen by clicking on the ‘Show Neighborhood Impact’ button.
i. Users can toggle between the Neighborhood Impact and the Parcel impacts by clicking the Hide
Neighborhood Impact button.
9. To start another address search users can select ‘Back to County Map’.
10. Users can turn on/off the aerial view by selecting the layers button.
Storm Surge Depiction Application v1.
11. Users can zoom in or out of the neighborhood view by using the plus/minus buttons
Storm Surge Depiction Application v1.
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