Intelligent Auto-Aligning Beam Detector
Intelligent Auto-Aligning Beam Detector
PP2510/2016/Issue 1
Auto-Aligning Beam Detector
Technical data
All data is supplied subject to change without notice.
Specifications are typical at 24V, 25°C and 50% RH unless
otherwise stated.
Product overview
Product Type
Beam Detector
Part No.
Digital Communication
XP95, Discovery & CoreProtocol®
Product information
The Intelligent Auto-Aligning Beam Detector combines
a transmitter/receiver in the same detector head with an
automatic alignment motor. This combination with integrated
addressability allows for quick and simple installation.
The Intelligent Auto-Aligning Beam Detector automatically
compensates for environmental effects on the beam signal,
keeping the unit in the best possible working order. This is
achieved through the combination of software (automatic gain
control) and motorised realignment of the beam.
• Loop Powered and compatible with XP95, Discovery and
Supply voltage
17–35V DC
Digital communication
XP95, Discovery and CoreProtocol*
Operating current:
1 Detector Head
2 Detector Heads
Alignment mode current
with 1 or 2 Detector Heads
Response threshold:
Operating distance
Optical wave length
Short circuit isolator type
Operating temperature
-10°C to 55°C
Storage temperature
-40°C to 85°C
0% to 93% RH
(no condensing or icing)
Vibration, impact & shock
EN 54-12 & EN 54-17
IP Rating
Designed to IP54
Standards & approvals
EN 54-12, EN 54-17, CPR & LPCB
Controller with base
230mm height x 202mm width x
87mm depth
Detector with base
131mm height x 134mm width x
134mm depth
Universal bracket
135mm height x 135mm width x
71mm depth
100mm height x 100mm width x
10mm depth
Controller with base
Detector with base
Universal bracket
• Automatic reset
• Ground level Controller
Housing material
• Automatic alignment compensation for building movement
• Incorporates a bi directional short-circuit isolator
• Automatic drift compensation
• Laser assisted alignment for quick installation
• Allows for 2 detector heads per controller
* Notes:
• Up to 100m range
1. The Auto-Aligning Beam Detector has a single mode i.e.
sensitivity and has a non-controllable short-circuit isolator.
• Pre-alarm threshold
• EN 54-12 and EN 54-17 certified
2. CoreProtocol compatability is limited to high addressing, to
35V DC only and Apollo compatible fire control panels.
© Apollo Fire Detectors Limited 2016
Intelligent Auto-Aligning Beam Detector
The Intelligent Auto-Aligning Beam Detector is a compact
detector for detecting smoke in large open areas such
as warehouses, theatres, churches and sports centres. It
comprises a ground level loop-powered controller, a detector
head with an operating range of 8m-50m and a single prism.
The operating range of each detector head can be increased,
up to 100m by using the Extension Kit, which comprises of
three additional prisms. An additional detector head can be
connected to the controller. Each head has a loop address.
It also has a built in 20T negative bi-directional short circuit
isolator, and it is compatible with control panels using
CoreProtocol, Discovery and XP95 protocol.
A built-in laser provides rapid initial alignment and thereafter
the detector head will continuously automatically align and
compensate for any building movement. The status of each
detector can be monitored through the controller which is
sited at ground level. The detector head operates both as a
transmitter and a receiver. A well-defined IR beam is projected
to a prism mounted on the opposite wall, which is reflected
back to the receiver. In the event of smoke partially obscuring
the light an imbalance between the transmitted and received
light will occur. The detector will then transmit an alarm value
to the control panel.
The detector is factory set to a beam obscuration of 35%
which is the best setting for most factories and warehouses.
The setting can be changed to 25% for offices and clean areas
such as theatres or to 50% for hostile areas such as mills or
foundries. The detector reports a pre-alarm (analogue value
48) at approximately 75% of the alarm threshold.
The detector compensates automatically for gradual
contamination of the lenses in order to avoid false alarms. The
detector is non-latching and resets 30 seconds after an alarm
event ceases and in 3 seconds after the removal of a fault.
Electrical Considerations
The Intelligent Auto Aligning Beam Detector is loop-powered
and requires no external power supply.
Each beam detector draws 10mA or less in quiescent and 36mA
in alignment mode, from the analogue addressable loop and,
unless proven by calculation**, it is recommended that no
more than ten beam detectors be powered from each loop.
A recommended 2-core fire rated cable should be used for
connection between the controller and the detector head.
** A loop voltage drop calculation program, known as ‘Loop
Calculator’, has been developed by Apollo for use by system
designers and is available as a free download from the Apollo
website (
LED Fault Indication
A fault is indicated by the amber LED flashing every 10 seconds.
If the drift compensation function has reached its limit the
amber LED flashes once every 10 seconds an error code is
displayed on the ground level controller and an analogue value
of 6 is transmitted. The detector will continue to function but
maintenance procedures should be carried out at the earliest
Further Information
The Auto-Aligning Beam Detector must be installed in
accordance with the Quick Start Guide supplied with the
product. This guide contains more information on the
following topics:
• System design
• Installing beam detectors
• Targeting, aligning and commissioning the Auto-Aligning
Beam Detector
• Troubleshooting
The Quick Start Guide is available on request or can be
downloaded from the Apollo website,
If further assistance is required, please contact the Technical
Support department on 02392 492 412
EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
The Intelligent Auto-Aligning Beam Detector complies with
the essential requirements of the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC,
provided that it is used as described in this data sheet.
A copy of the Declaration of Conformity is available from
Apollo on request.
Conformity of the Intelligent Auto-Aligning Beam Detector
with the EMC Directive does not confer compliance with the
directive on any apparatus or systems connected to it.
Construction Products Regulation 305/2011
The Intelligent Auto-Aligning Beam Detector complies with
the essential requirements of the Construction Products
Regulation 305/2011.
A copy of the Declaration of Performance is available from
Apollo on request.
Table 1 Part Numbers
Part no
Intelligent Auto-Aligning Beam Detector 8-50m
Additional Detector Head 8-50m
Extension Kit 100m
Universal Bracket (for use with detector head
and prism mounting plates)
Surface Mounting Plate for prisms
Prism Mounting Plate (4 prisms- 50-100m)
Prism Mounting Plate (1 prism 8-50m)
Intelligent Auto-Aligning Beam Detector
Table 2 Analogue Values
Analogue Value
Microprocessor fault
communications error
General fault
To cover all fault states
other than those
specified elsewhere in
this table
Signal high fault
Signal > 110% or
125% (depending on
how quick signal has
AGC limit reached
Drift fault
Controller powering up
System controller
is powering up but
has yet to establish
communication with
Normal condition
Pre-alarm threshold
Alarm threshold
reached. Note: Beam
detector heads are
Figure 1 Intelligent Auto-Aligning Beam Detector
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