CFP-16 - Notifier by Honeywell | New Zealand
Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel
Conventional Fire Systems
Designed in Australia to meet local conditions and
requirements, the CFP-16 demonstrates that systems
approved to AS7240.2 don’t mean compromise.
With usability as a key focus for development and utilizing
industry leading manufacturing and testing practices; the
CFP-16 will provide an easy to use and powerful detection
and control system for all conventional detection applications.
The standard panel is equipped with 8 zones but may be
extended to 16 Zones by the addition of an 8 Zone expansion
The CFP-16 is extremely flexible and can be programmed to
meet the demands of a wide variety of building types.
The CFP-16 panel is compatible with the System Sensor
detectors and peripheral devices supplied by Notifier.
8 Zones – expandable to 16 Zones
80 character LCD display providing a simple user
friendly interface
Initiating Device Circuits (Zones)
8 or 16 zone interface circuits
Up to 40 devices per zone (limited by AS1670.1)
Compatible with SYSTEM SENSOR 100 series devices
(refer to CFP-16 manual for complete list of compatible
Notification Applicance Circuits (NACs)
24 character programmable zone descriptor
Zones can be configured for a range of different device
Three independently programmable output circuits
type functions
All circuits are power-limited and supervised by 4k7
Outputs may be programmed for different functional
and cause & effect requirements
End of Line (EOL) resistor.
Compact 5.6 or 11.7 Amp system power supply and
Up to 1A power per NAC
Optional programmable OWS with control, display and
Auxiliary Outputs
microphone module
Optional 8 way programmable relay modules
Two cabinet sizes 650 mm and 900 mm
Remote LED mimic available
Three independently programmable relay outputs,
preconfigured for Alarm, Fault (normally energized)
and Disable.
Auxiliary power output (internal only).
One Door Holder output circuit, fused at 3A.
NOTE: Total power requirement of FACP consumption, charger
requirements and power outputs of NAC and auxiliary power must not
exceed the capability of installed power supply.
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8 or 16 Device Circuits (Zones)
For devices such as detectors and MCP’s
3 Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs)
For devices such as sounders, strobes and bells
3 Programmable Relay Outputs
Door Holder Output
8 Zone Remote LED mimic
8 Relay Expansion Module
ARE Interface
Interface to Alarm
Routing Equipment
8 Zone Expansion Module
CFP-16 Connection Overview
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Programmable Relays: Contact Rating: 1.0A @ 30V DC (resistive)
CFP-16/650-8Z-PS5: Fire Alarm Control Panel with eight zones, 5.6A
power supply installed in a CAB650 enclosure.
CFP-16/650-8Z-PS11: Fire Alarm Control Panel with eight zones,
11.7A power supply installed in a CAB650 enclosure.
CFP-16/900-8Z-PS11: Fire Alarm Control Panel with eight zones,
11.7A power supply installed in a CAB900 enclosure.
CAB650/BB: Optional battery box enclosure for additional capacity;
holds up to two 33AH batteries.
Door Holder Output: Powered output protected by automotive fuse.
Rating: 3.0A @ 30V DC (resistive)
Auxiliary Power (internal only): 24VDC power limited output for
auxiliary devices installed within enclosure.
Cabinet Specifications
CAB650: 650mm(h) x 450mm(w) x 190mm(d)
CAB900: 900mm(h) x 450mm(w) x 190mm(d)
ZEM-8: Eight zone expansion module; to expand from eight to sixteen
ACM-8RA: Relay module which provides
configurable (C/NO/NC) relay contacts.
ACM-ZM8: Remote LED mimic annunciator which provides indication
for up to eight zones.
Requires annunciator mounting enclosure.
AEM-ZM8: Remote LED mimic expansion annunciator which provides
indication for up to an additional eight zones.
Requires annunciator mounting enclosure and ACM-ZM8.
CAB650/BB: 300mm(h) x 450mm(w) x 190mm(d)
All cabinets are powder-coated charcoal texture. Dulux code: 88351
Temperature And Humidity
This system has been certified for operation at 0o to 55oC and at a
relative humidity 10% to 93%
AS7240.2:2004 & AS7240.4:2004
Activfire certificate # afp-2886
ARE/C: Alarm Routing Equipment interface and mounting bracket to
suit Tyco Centaur.
ARE/R: Alarm Routing Equipment interface and mounting bracket to
suit Romteck and Tyco Centaur II.
ARE/CR: Alarm Routing Equipment interface and mounting bracket
to suit Chubb Code Red.
System Capacity
Initiating device circuits (zones) . . . . . . . . 8 or 16
Expansion modules (total) . . . . . . . . . . . . .32
Total expansion ACM modules is ACM-8RA and ACM-ZM.
Electrical Specifications
AC Power: NPS-5 fitted: 240vac, 0.8A, 50Hz. NPS-11 fitted: 240vac,
1.5A, 50Hz. Input Fuse: M205 8.0A, 250V.
Battery: Two 12V Sealed lead Acid batteries. Battery charger capacity:
7AH-85AH (CAB650 and CAB900 enclosures hold maximum of two
33AH batteries)
Initiating Device Circuits: Power-limited, supervised circuit. End-ofLine Resistor: 4k7 ohm, ½ watt.
Notification Appliance Circuits: Power-limited, supervised circuit.
Maximum current per circuit: 1.0A. End-of-Line Resistor: 4k7 ohm,
½ watt.
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This document is not intended for installation purposes. We try to
keep our product information up-to-date and accurate. We cannot
cover all specific applications or anticipate all requirements. All
specifications are subject to change without notice.
FS 520324
For more information please contact your
nearest Notifier Office or Distributor |
© 2014 Honeywell Ltd
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