Two Step Authentication

Two Step Authentication
Enroll in Two Step Authentication – Android Phone
Passwords are increasingly easy to compromise. They can often be stolen, guessed, or hacked —
you might not even know someone is accessing your account.
Two Step authentication adds a second layer of security, keeping your account secure even if your
password is compromised. With Duo, you'll be alerted right away (on your phone) if someone is
trying to log in as you.
This second step of authentication is separate and independent from your username and password
— Duo never sees your password.
Duo prompts you to enroll when you log into a protected VPN, server, or web application.
Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 8 or later, and Opera.
The MyBGSU portal is now
protected by Duo Two Step
Authentication. Users will be
required to authenticate
using the Duo software every
time they access the portal.
If you have not previously
enrolled in Duo, the first time
you attempt to login to the
MyBGSU portal, as of
March 15, 2017, you will be
prompted to set up your Two
Step Authentication.
Duo Two Step Authentication
1. Welcome Screen
Click on Start setup to
begin enrolling your
2. Choose your device
Confirm you would like to
add your mobile phone
device on this screen.
Click on Continue.
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Enroll in Two Step Authentication – Android Phone
3. Enter phone number
Select your country
Enter the number of
your smartphone that
you will have with you
when logging in.
Double-check that you
entered the number
correctly and Check
the box
Click on Continue
4. Choose type of phone
Select Android
Click on Continue
5. Install Duo Mobile App
Launch the Google Play
Store App on your
Search for Duo Mobile
Tap on Install to install
the app
On the computer, click
on I have Duo Mobile
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Enroll in Two Step Authentication – Android Phone
6. Activate Duo Mobile
Tap Open on your
Tap to Accept License
Tap on Add Account
Allow Duo Mobile to
take pictures and
record video? Allow
Use your phone to
scan the bar code on
the computer screen.
If you are unable to scan the bar
code, click on the link, “Having
problems? …” and then follow the
directions given.
After the bar code has
been scanned
successfully, click on
Continue on the
7. Configure Automatic Phone
Options (Optional)
With this option enabled Duo
automatically sends an
authentication request via push
notification to the app on your
smartphone or a phone call to
your phone (depending on your
Click on Save
Click on Continue to
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Enroll in Two Step Authentication – Android Phone
8. Authentication Prompt
Duo Push - Pushes a
login request to your
phone. Just review the
request and tap
Approve to log in.
Call Me - Authenticate
via phone callback
Enter a Passcode - Log
in using a passcode,
generated with Duo
Mobile. Click Send
codes to get a new
passcode texted to your
Duo Push is the easiest and
quickest way of
If you click the Send me a
Push, you will get a login
request sent to your phone
— just press Approve to
If you get a login request that you
weren't expecting, press Deny to
reject the request. You’ll be given
the ability to report it as fraudulent,
or you can tap It was a mistake to
deny the request without reporting
If you click the Call Me
button on the authentication
prompt, Duo will call your
phone. The status bar at the
bottom of the authentication
prompt updates that it is
dialing your number.
Answer the call and listen to
the instructions to
authenticate. The
authentication prompt's
status bar also tells you how
to approve the request over
the phone.
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Enroll in Two Step Authentication – Android Phone
To authenticate using a
passcode, click the Enter a
Passcode button
Click on Send codes
Type in the passcode you
received from Duo via text
Click Log In
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