Resurge Ultrasonic Cleaner 2 Gallon

Resurge Ultrasonic Cleaner 2 Gallon
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Directions for Use
Model # 0060200
Large tank capacity
Tank capacity 7.5 L / 2.0 gallon;
Tank size 33.1x23.8x10.5 cm / 13.0inx9.4inx4.1in
Memory feature
Recalls last timer setting
Control panel with capacitive
sensing technology
Durable, reliable, resistant to water and harsh chemicals
Drainage valve
Convenient to use
Three industrial grade ultrasonic
Uniform distribution of ultrasonic waves, strong cleaning, high durability
Three ceramic heaters
Mounted underneath the bottom of the tank for safe and even heating;
durable construction
3-color LED display
Easy to operate, with 4 key control panel, 6 timer settings, single
temperature setting
Independent control circuit for
each ultrasonic transducer
40% higher efficiency, not susceptible to interference, more durable
Multiple circuit protectors
When overloaded or improperly used, the protectors shut down the power
to certain areas to protect the machine
Moisture-proofed Printed Circuit
Board with industrial IC
PCBs are placed vertically for better moisture-proof performance. Better
Three cooling fans
Two for cooling of PCB boards, one for cooling of ultrasonic transducers.
Improve heat dissipation and beneficial for continuous operations
Multiple optional accessories
Stainless steel rack and basket, dual beaker holder set, indirect cleaning
Stackable low profile tray option
Flexibility to load instruments
Solid and advanced structural design
4.5 mm thick wall housing made from engineering grade plastic with tongue
in groove design for better water-proof and drop-proof performances.
60% quieter than steel housing designs, suitable for indoor uses
Use warm tap water. Special solutions such as Resurge Instrument Cleaner may be used.
Important: If you switch from another ultrasonic cleaner to Resurge Cleaner, it is important
that you clean the tank thoroughly. It is also recommended that you flush the drain with clean
water as well to make sure no residue remains from using the previous cleaner.
Principles of ultrasonic cleaning
Millions of tiny invisible air bubbles are generated within liquid by high frequency vibration. The air
bubbles burst when in contact with object and dislodge the debris to achieve the cleaning effect.
• Using warm tap water is sufficient. Purified water or distilled water has the same cleaning effect as regular tap water for ultrasonic cleaning.
Main Features
• Tank opening 33.1x23.8x10.5 cm or 13.0inx9.4inx4.1in. Longest item that can fit inside the tank is
37.0 cm / 14.6in. / 2.0 gallon tank capacity.
• Multiple options for accessories, suitable for various applications.
• 3 industrial grade ultrasonic transducers: 3x(55~60)W=(165~180)W, 3 ceramic heaters:
• 3-color LED display, 4-key controls, 6 timer settings, simple temperature setting, simple and straightforward to operate.
• Control panel with capacitive sensing technology, durable, reliable, resistant to water and harsh chemicals
• Electrical circuit features:
(1) Three transducers, each has an independent PCB control. The output power is increased by
40% compared to less expensive control method that uses one PCB to control multiple transducers.
(2) Multiple circuit protectors:
a. Thermal switch to prevent running dry. If temperature is too high, the switch cuts off power until the temperature drops back to room temperature.
b. Thermal protector to prevent PCB from overheating due to overload.
c. Timer to prevent heater from running continuously.
• Industrial grade integrated circuit. Moisture-proofed PCB. Cooling fan.
• Drainage valve.
Read the Manual First
The manual should be carefully reviewed before starting to use the device. Warnings should be
observed carefully. Please follow the manual for operations.
Table of Contents
1. Safety Precautions...................................................................................................................................1-2
2. Product Structure and Accessories......................................................................................................3
3. Control Panel and Operations...............................................................................................................4
4. Operation Guidelines...........................................................................................................................5-7
5. Common Cleaning Methods...............................................................................................................8-9
6. Care and Maintenance...........................................................................................................................10
7. Optional Accessories.............................................................................................................................10
8. Warranty....................................................................................................................................................13
Safety Precautions
Keep away from children!
• This appliance shall not be used by children. Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of
• Please store the ultrasonic cleaner where it is not reachable by children.
• Danger to children! Danger for death through suffocation! Keep the packaging material away
from children.
To prevent life-threatening electrical shock, please observe the following:
• Danger of electrical shock! Never immerse the device or the power cord in water or other liquid.
• Danger of electrical shock! Never touch the power plug with wet hands, especially when
inserting or removing the plug.
• Danger of electrical shock! If the unit has fallen into water during operation, do not touch the
unit. Remove the power plug from the socket first.
• Never operate the unit unattended.
• Danger of electrical shock! Do not spray water or liquid over the device.
• Follow the manual to operate the device.
• Do not use components unapproved by the manufacturer.
• When removing the power cord from the socket, grab the power plug not the cord.
• To protect the power cord from damage, do not cause it to get caught by things such as a
cupboard door or a chair leg; do not drag across a hot surface.
• If there is damage to the power plug, cord, housing, or other parts of the device, do not use
the device. Contact your dental dealer for a replacement.
• Do not disassemble the device, except by a repair professional.
• If the unit is damaged, non-operational or has fallen into water, contact a qualified service
• Remove the power plug from the socket:
if malfunction occurs
before cleaning the device
if the device is not going to be used for prolonged period
after each use (recommended)
• The installation of an earth leakage circuit breaker with a rated tripping current of no more than
30 mA provides further protection against an electrical shock. The installation should only be
carried out by a trained electrician.
Safety Precautions (cont.)
To prevent fire hazards, please observe the following:
• Never block the vents on the device. Keep the vents free from lint, hair and other materials. Do
not place the device on a soft surface where the vents could be blocked. Observe the other
warnings on the previous page.
• If
the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by your dental dealer or its service agent or
a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
Other observations:
• Do not operate the product without filling the tank with water. Running dry will damage the unit.
• Make sure the water level stays below the MAX line after loading the instruments.
• Do not plug in the power cord before adding water to the tank. Do not fill the tank above the
Max line with cassettes or trays in place to avoid overspill.
• Do not use solution containing abrasive substances or strong corrosive chemical solution not
recommended by the manufacturer or the supplier. Use a recommended cleaning additive such
as Resurge® Instrument Cleaner.
• Place the device on a dry and flat surface for operation.
• When the device is subjected to severe electromagnetic interference, it may malfunction, stop
operating or lose control functions. If this happens, unplug the power cord then reinsert it to
restart the device.
Important Safety Instructions
When using electric appliances, basic precautions should always be followed,
including the following:
• Read all the instructions before using the appliance.
• Only use attachments recommended or sold by the manufacturer.
• Do not use outdoors.
• To disconnect, turn the power switch on the back of the unit to the off (0) position, then
remove plug from outlet. Do not unplug by pulling on cord. To unplug, grasp the plug, not the
cord. Unplug from outlet when not in use and before servicing or cleaning.
• To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do not put the appliance in water or other liquid. Do not
place or store appliance where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink.
• All servicing of this product, including transducer replacement, is to be conducted by qualified
service personnel.
• Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug, or after the appliance
malfunctions or is dropped or damaged in any manner.
• Return appliance to the nearest authorized service facility for examination, repair, or electrical
or mechanical adjustment.
Product Structure and Accessories
F. J.
I. H.
A. Top Cover
B. Handles
C. Stainless Steel Tank
D. Housing
E. Control Panel
F. Drainage Valve Handle
G. Drainage Spout
H. Power Switch
I. Power Socket
J. Cover Holder
See following page
Optional Accessories:
Standard Accessories:
Stainless Steel Rack and Tray
Double beaker holding set
Indirect cleaning tank
Control Panel and Operations
Indicator Lights
Working Time Display: It counts down after work is started.
Multistage Thermometer: Solid green light indicates that the water temperature is
0-30% of the set temperature. Solid orange light indicates that the water temperature is
30-60% of the set temperature.
Solid red light indicates that the water temperature is
60-90% of the set temperature.
Flashing red light indicates that the water temperature
is close to the set temperature. All lights indicate that the water temperature is at the set
temperature (90-100%).
Overheat protection warning light: If the unit is working improperly or has been running
for too long, the red warning light will illuminate, indicating the unit is under overheat
protection. The unit can not be operated until idling for about 15 to 20 minutes. The
warning light then turns off and the operation can be resumed. You do not need to turn
unit off.
Heater Status: When illuminated, indicates heater is on.
Normal Cleaning Status: When illuminated as solid light, it indicates that normal
cleaning is underway. When illuminated as flashing light, it indicates that degas is
Functional Buttons
Heater Button: Touching Heater key twice,
flashes, indicating the heater is turned on.
To cancel heating, touch Heater key twice again,
dims, indicating the heater is turned off.
To prevent accidentally turning on or off the heater, the Heater key needs to be
touched twice within 6 seconds to turn it on or off. Heater Status light flashes, indicating
the heater is on. When the water reaches the set temperature, the heater will turn off
Degas: Degassing is recommended each time you add fresh solution to maximize
cleaning effi­ciency. Touch the key twice to activate Degas. Make sure lid is off before
activating. Cycle will run for 3 minutes. The time display will count down to 00:00 at
which point the degas process is complete.
Start/Stop Button: After powering on, the LED displays the last timer setting. The unit
is ready under normal cleaning mode. Press Start/Stop key twice and the cleaning starts.
The cleaning stops when the timer counts down to 00:00. If the unit needs to be stopped
before the timer runs out, touch Start/Stop key twice.
To prevent accidentally turning on or off the unit, the Start/Stop key needs to
be touched twice within 6 seconds to turn it on or off.
flashes, indicating the unit is
running under Normal Cleaning mode. When the water reaches temperature, the heater
will turn off automatically.
Timer Quick Set Button. Touch Time button, LED display shows the last timer setting.
Each touch increases the time by 5 minutes. The system has a memory setting and will
retain the timer setting for next use.
Operation Guidelines - Quick Start
Unit Set-Up
a. Connect the power cord to the back of the units and to an outlet.
b. Turn the power switch found on the back of the unit to the on position.
c. LED displays the last timer setting. If the timer
needs to be adjusted, touch Time button.
After first use, timer will remain set to same time unless changed.
d. Select desired time setting by touching Time button.
Please consult your instrument cleaner Instructions
as well as your instrument directions for use for
proper automated cleaning.
Prolonged cleaning time may result in:
a. Loosening of the screws if used.
b. If items are plated and have existing cracks, the cracks may become more pronounced.
c. Coating with preexisting damages may experience more peeling.
Degas Procedure
a. Remove the cover and put it on the cover holder vertically. Add warm water to the max fill line.
b. Add Resurge Instrument Cleaning Solution per the instructions for use.
c. Touch the degas button and allow it to
operate for 3 minutes.
We have to remove the gases from the
solution to maximize the cavitation
energy. If you do not degas, the
cavitation energy can be blocked by the
gases making the cavitation energy less.
* Tray shown is not basket style which comes with unit
Operation Guidelines - Quick Start, cont.
a. Put items in cassettes or stainless steel basket or trays provided.
b. Lay the cassettes or trays in the metal rack
c. Lower the rack into the cleaning tank.
d. Confirm that the water level is between
MIN and MAX and above the area to be cleaned.
e. If not, add warm water to the tank.
If the unit is turned on without water,
ultrasonic energy will not be absorbed. This
model also has high power. Once on for
over 15 seconds, it may damage the unit or
severely reduce the life of the unit.
a. Touch the Time button to set the timer to desired time.
b. Touch the Start/Stop button twice to activate the cleaning cycle.
c. When cleaning cycle is completed, open the lid and retrieve the tray(s) or cassettes.
Draining Tank
At the end of the day, the tank should be
drained and fresh water and cleaning agent
a. Connect the hose to the drainage pipe as shown.
b. Turn the drainage valve handle clockwise to open the drain and remove the dirty water.
c. Clean and wipe the tank dry.
d. Close the drainage valve.
* Tray shown is not basket style which comes with unit
Operation Guidelines - Quick Start, cont.
Memory Operations
This unit is equipped with advanced power off memory capability. It memorizes the last timer
setting once the cleaning cycle is started.
a. 5 seconds after the timer counts down to 00:00, the last timer setting will reappear. Press
the On/Off key twice, it will repeat the last cycle with the same timer
b. Once the timer counts down to 00:00, touch the On/Off key within 5 seconds will
recall the last timer setting. Touch it again will repeat the last cycle with the same
timer setting.
c. If power is turned off during the cleaning cycle, once it is powered on again, the last
timer setting will reappear.
d. If the timer setting is changed during the cleaning cycle and the timer counts down
to 00:00, the new timer setting will reappear as in A, B or C.
e. If the timer setting is changed but the cleaning cycle is not started, it will stay until the
cleaning cycle is started. It will not stay if the power is turned off.
f. If the On/Off key is touched twice during the cleaning cycle, the cycle will stop and
the timer setting will stop running. It’ll resume the original cycle once the On/Off key
is touched twice again.
g. If the power is turned off while degas is running, once it is powered on again, the remaining degas time will resume.
NOTE: To prevent accidental lockups of the touch-sensing control panel, please observe the
1. Do not touch two or more keys at the same time.
2. Do not leave water or solution on the control panel.
3. Do not push the control panel with too much force. Only light touch is needed.
If the control panel is locked, do the following to reset it. If the first step does not work, move
on to the next step.
1. Turn off the power switch.
2. Turn off the power switch multiple times.
3. Unplug the power cord and wait for 5-10 minutes.
4. Leave the unit unplugged for several hours.
Common Cleaning Methods
Regular Cleaning
Only tap water is needed. You may add an instrument cleaner.
We recommend Resurge Instrument Cleaner. Follow the
manufacturer’s instructions for use.
Suitable Locations:
Dental, medical offices and labs.
Cleaning Method:
1. Put the items to be cleaned inside the basket or cassette and place into the rack. Do not stack the instruments as this can reduce the effectiveness of the ultrasonic cleaner.
2.Lower the rack inside the tank.
3. Add warm water to the cleaning tank to a level between “MIN” and “MAX” lines and above the area to be cleaned.
4. Turn on the power switch, found on the back of the unit.
Press Time button to set the timer to 5-15 minutes. Consult your cleaner and/or instrument Directions for Use, for proper time. Press Start/Stop button twice to start cleaning.
Notes on using the basket:
1. A tray or cassette can reduce the friction between the items and the tank. Stainless steel basket absorbs approximately 8% of ultrasonic energy, plastic basket absorbs about 35% of ultrasonic energy. This significantly reduces the cleaning effectiveness.
2. During cleaning, dirt will come off like a cloud and the water will become murky over time.
This is debris being removed from the instruments and indicates the instruments are being cleaned.
Indirect Cleaning
Put the items in a separate container such as a glass
beaker or metal tub both offered as available accessories.
See page 3 for more information. Use ultrasonic waves to
penetrate the container to do the cleaning.
Suitable Locations:
Medical and dental instrument sterilization rooms. Different
applications use different fluids to be used inside the
1. Small instruments. Keep them separate from the main instrument cleaning.
2. Multiple patients' dentures or impressions. Disinfect the container after each patient.
Common Cleaning Methods (cont.)
Cleaning Method:
1. Put the items to be cleaned in the recommended container Add your instrument cleaning solution. We recommend Resurge Instrument Cleaner. Make sure you follow the instrument cleaning solution instructions for use.
2. Place the container in the tank directly. Add warm water to a level between MIN and MAX at least half inch or 13 mm above the bottom of the container but, not over the container.
3. Turn the power switch on. Touch Time key to set the timer to 10 minutes. Consult your cleaner and/or instrument Directions for Use, for proper time. Press Start/Stop key twice to start cleaning. Ultrasonic waves will penetrate the container and clean the items.
Selection of container
1. Stainless steel containers - Absorbs about 8% of ultrasonic energy.
2. Plastic containers - Plastics are soft and will absorb about 30-40% of ultrasound energy and reduce the cleaning effect.
3. Aluminum containers - Absorbs about 20% of ultrasonic energy.
4. Glass containers - Absorbs about 15% of ultrasonic energy.
Care and Maintenance
Do not turn on the unit without water in the tank.
Even though the unit is designed with multiple protections, if it is turned on for over 15 seconds
without water in the tank, it may damage the unit or severely reduce the life of the unit.
A thermal switch is attached to the bottom of the cleaning tank. If the unit is turned
on accidentally without water in the tank, the ultrasonic energy will not be transferred out
through the liquid and instead will be concentrated on the tank, the temperature of the tank will
continue to rise. If the heater is turned on at the same time, the temperature of the tank will rise
rapidly. This will trigger the thermal switch to cut off power to stop the ultrasonic transducer
and the heater from running, hence to prevent damages to the unit and fire hazard. The switch
cuts off power until the temperature in the area is dropped back to room temperature then
reconnect the power automatically.
Do not run the unit for extended time or continuously.
Do not keep water in the cleaning tank for a long time.
The unit is designed with overheat protection. If the unit has been running for 45 minutes,
it is recommended to stop the unit for about 20 minutes to prolong the life of the unit.
After cleaning is completed, open the drainage valve to drain the dirty water. Clean and
wipe the tank dry.
Do not spray water over the housing.
Do not expose the unit under direct sunshine for a long time.
To clean the outside of the unit, use a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cloth.
Use a towel to wipe the tank and the housing dry.
Keep the unit in a dry, cool and ventilated area.
Optional Accessories
Stainless Steel Rack and Tray
The rack can be used to support 2 layers of cassettes on top of each other. The basket or tray can be
used in place of the cassette. The tray is stackable so multiple layers of trays can be used.
Rack and tray
Double beaker holding set
Indirect tank
Resurge Ultrasonic Cleaner
2 Gallon - 0060200
Tank Capacity
7.5 L/ 2.0 gallon (US)
Max. 6.0 L/ 1.6 gallon (US)
Min. 4.3 L / 1.1 gallon (US)
Tank Size
33.1x23.8x10.5 cm
Longest Item Fit Inside Tank
37. O cm
Power Supply
380W ( AC 100~12ov 60Hz)
410W (AC 220~240V SOHz)
310W (AC 100V 50/60Hz)
Digital Timer Settings
› 10min › 15min › 20min › 25min › 30min › 5min
Drainage valve
Ultrasonic Frequency
35,000 Hz
Tank Material
Stainless Steel SUS304
Housing Material
Net Weight
9.5 kg/ 21.1 lb
Gross Weight
10.9 kg/ 24.2 lb
Unit Size
51.5x35.0x24.3 cm / 20.3"x13.8"x9.6"
Inner Carton Size
59.0x38.0x33.5 cm/ 23.2"x15.0"x13.2"
Qty per Master Carton
1 pcs/ctn
Master Carton Size
61.5x41.0x37.0 cm/ 24.2"x16.1"x14.6"
Dentsply Sirona's Infection Control products are designed expressly for dental use, and this warranty is not applicable
to other uses. The products are warranted against defects arising from faulty materials or workmanship from date of
purchase for a period of 2 years. Parts will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Dentsply Sirona.
This warranty extends to Resurge Ultrasonic Cleaner products purchased from an authorized Dentsply distributor, and
only to the original purchaser. The Warranty is subject to the following conditions:
1. The online product registration must be completed online within four (4) weeks of date of purchase. Go to
2. Any servicing of the Resurge Ultrasonic Cleaner must be performed by Dentsply Sirona's service personnel. Contact tech support at 1-800-637-8586.
3. Any warranty repair must be performed by Dentsply Sirona's service personnel.
4. Customer is responsible for shipping both ways outside of the continental USA, one way within. Contact us first, then send the unit with a copy of the original invoice or receipt back to:
Sultan Healthcare
1301 Smile Way
York, PA 17404 USA
assumes, nor authorizes any person to assume for it, any other liability in connection with the sale or use of its products. DAMAGES ARE LIMITED
Claims covered by this warranty will be honored when presented through your DENTSPLY Sirona distributor within thirty (30) days from discovery
of defect within the applicable warranty period.
P/N 0060231CO Rev. 1 (1016)
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