Model RP450 Optical Power Meter

Model RP450 Optical Power Meter
Model RP450
Optical Power Meter
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RP450 REV C 1-28-11
Specifications subject to change without notice
1.0 General Information & Operation
1.1 Unpacking and Inspection
1.2 Features/Display Review
2.0 Maintenance
2.1 Warranty
2.2 Low Battery
2.3 Optical Connector
2.4 Calibration
3.0 Specifications
4.0 Accessories
5.0 Contact Information
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Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for choosing ODM, Inc. for your fiber optic testing requirements. Our professional staff is
available to answer any questions or provide assistance that you may require. We, at ODM Inc., strive to
provide premier customer care and technical support by providing timely responsiveness and training.
We are proud of our quality and high standards and assure you, our customer, the most user friendly
and affordable fiber optic solutions to meet individual needs.
Michael E. Schneider
Michael E. Schneider
President, ODM, Inc.
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ODM RP 450 Optical Power Meter
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1.0 General Information & Operation
1.1 Unpacking and Inspection
The RP 450 comes supplied with a soft case, 3.0 CR 2 type battery and instruction card. Please
see section 4.0 for available connector adapters from ODM.
1.2 Features/Display Review (see Figure 1.1)
[1] Connector Adapter – Connector adapters must be purchased separately. ODM offers a
universal 2.5mm connector to connect to FC, ST, SC style connectors. For connection to LC or
MU style connectors, please see section 4.0 for additional connector adapter accessories. For
connector-specific adapters, please refer to section 4.0.
[2] BATT - The RP 450 is powered by a 3.0 volt CR 2 long life battery. Low battery condition
exists when the BATT display flashes. Replace with a fresh CR 2 battery.
[3] 2kHz – The RP 450 is designed to alert the user to the presence of an incoming 2kHz tone.
The incoming tone will be indicated by the flashing 2kHz and the internal audible buzzer. This
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feature is quite useful when used with the ODM light source at the far end transmitting a
tone on the fiber. The incoming tone is recognized and an audible tone is provided by the RP
450 indicating continuity. To disable this feature press the  and dB/dBm keys
simultaneously until the audible alert beeps once.
[4] dB/dBm –The RP 450 provides a SET REF or ZERO feature. Depress the dB/dBm key. To set
the incoming signal to 0.00dB, attach the signal under test to the connector adapter and
press and hold the dB/dBm key until 2 audible beeps are heard while in the dBm mode. A
ZERO reference can be saved for each wavelength. The display now reads 0.00dB. For end to
end loss measurement, disconnect the patch cord and take the RP 450 to the far end of the
system. If the RP 450 shuts down, simply turn on the instrument and take the far end
measurement. The RP 450 is designed to turn on in the same mode as it was prior to shutting
down. The resultant loss measurement is displayed in dB. To switch from dBm to the saved
ZERO (dB) reference, press the dB/dBm key until the unit produces one audible beep. To
switch back to dBM, press the dB/dBm key until the unit produces one audible beep.
[5] POWER ON – Depressing the POWER key for approximately two seconds powers on the
RP 450. The display indicates the most recent version of software. The instrument powers on
in the last used mode of operation. The RP 450 is designed to shut down automatically in 5
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minutes after initial power on. After power on, each depression of any key will be confirmed
by a brief audible alert from the internal buzzer. To disable this feature hold down the
dB/dBm key prior to depressing the POWER ON key. This disable feature will be confirmed by
one short beep. To enable the key stroke audible alert once again, follow the disable
procedure by depressing the dB/dBm key and then the POWER ON key. This key stroke
sequence is done while in the OFF mode.
To power on the RP 450 for indefinite operation, press and hold the POWER ON key for three
seconds. Confirmation of the continuous “On” mode is signaled by two short beeps.
[6]  - Wavelength selection is provided by depressing the  key. 850, 1310, 1490 and
1550nm wavelengths are available. The wavelength selected will be displayed in the upper
portion of the LCD display.
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2.0 Maintenance
2.1 Warranty – All ODM products are warranted for a period of two years from date of
manufacture. Buyer must obtain a RMA before returning defective products. ODM will repair or
replace the defective equipment at its discretion. Please contact ODM Inc. for more information.
2.2 Low Battery – The RP 450 is designed to provide more than 1000 operations under normal
conditions. When the BATT segment in the display illuminates, the battery should be replaced.
All data in memory is saved while the battery is removed and replaced. Replace the battery with
a long life CR 2, 3.0 Volt battery.
2.3 Optical Connector Interface – The RP 450 is equipped with a universal connector adapter
which allows the interface of many popular style connectors. This connector adapter interface
should be kept covered and protected from contamination. Care must be taken to avoid objects
that could damage the glass surface of the detector mount. If scratches or breaks occur on the
surface, please contact ODM for proper service.
2.4 Calibration – ODM Inc. recommends this instrument be calibrated each year to ensure NIST
traceable measurements. Please contact ODM Inc. for a return material authorization number.
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3.0 Specifications
800nm to 1600nm
Detector Type
RP 450-02
RP 450-03
RP 450-04
Optical Interface
Universal Interface Order connector adapters separately
Measurement Range
RP 450-02
RP 450-03
RP 450-04
Absolute Accuracy
Operating Temp.
Storage Temp.
+/- .24dB
CR 2, 3.0Volt
-10 C to + 55 C
- 30 C to + 70 C
Filtered InGaAs
+3 to – 60dBm
+3 to –70dBm
+23 to – 40dBm
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6.10 (15.5cm) H
.940 (2.38cm) W
.750 (1.90cm) D
3.0 oz (8.5g)
4.0 Accessories
AC 020
AC 021
AC 026
AC 027
AC 028
AC 029
2.5mm Adapter for Optical Power Meter
1.25mm Adapter for Optical Power Meter
SC Adapter for Optical Power Meter
ST Adapter for Optical Power Meter
FC Adapter for Optical Power Meter
LC Adapter for Optical Power Meter
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Cleaning Kits
Carry Cases
AC 010
AC 011
Cleaning Kit includes fiber cleaning solution, wipes, 1.25mm
swabs, 2.5mm swabs for 200 connectors and adapters
Cleaning Kit includes fiber cleaning solution, wipes, 1.25mm
swabs, 2.5mm swabs for 400 connectors and adapters
Single Instrument padded pouch fits all power meters, light
sources and VFI’s
Hard Case for up to four instruments
5.0 Contact Information
Customer Service and Technical Assistance
Phone: (603) 524-8350
FAX: (603) 524-8332
E-mail: [email protected]
Visit our website:
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