W eighing Terminals

W eighing Terminals
Weighing Terminals
IND231 and IND236 Terminal
Basic Weighing
Animal Weighing
Weight Accumulation
Cost-Effective Weighing Terminals
Performance Without Compromise
Weighing Terminals
Rugged, Operator-Friendly Weighing Terminals
Provide a Reliable Solution
•Large LCD display with backlight provides good readability under
varying light conditions
•Rugged stainless steel IP66/67 or styled polymer housing fulfill
requirements for a variety of factory environments
•A long-life battery option creates a versatile mobile weighing solution
•Included application-specific software provides out-of-the-box
functionality for multiple weighing applications
IND231 terminal with plastic housing (IP54)
IND236 terminal with rugged stainless steel housing (IP66/67)
High visibility LCD display
•40mm high weight display with white
backlight. The bright backlight can be
adjusted based on the ambient light
•Intuitive display icons provide instant
operational status indications, and singlekeypress navigation to common functions.
•Included adjustable mounting bracket
allows for optimized viewing angle.
Fast and easy operation
•Rugged polyester membrane keypad with
responsive tactile feedback.
•Pre-defined, application-specific print
templates provide a quick transaction record.
•Simply and easily assign function keys, for
fast switching between weighing modes
using a single key-press.
•Simple configuration using clearly-defined
menu navigation keys.
Support for mobile weighing
•Flexible battery option facilitates use in
mobile weighing applications.
•Power saving electronics minimize power
consumption, prolong battery life and
decrease the cost of ownership.
Flexible connectivity
In addition to one standard RS232 port, an
additional connectivity option can be added:
•USB device
•Discrete I/O
IND231/236 Terminals
Standard Applications
IND231 and IND236 terminals are not just an excellent choice for basic weighing
applications – they are also designed to support application-specific requirements such
as checkweighing, counting, animal weighing, and weight accumulation. Pre-defined,
application-specific print templates, including date and time information, provide a record
of the transaction and facilitate integration into PC-based software applications.
Over/Under checkweighing
Faster and efficient over/under Checkweighing operation:
•10 stored targets with easy configuration and editing.
•Fast target recall via a single function key.
•Clear indication of over/under status via graphic weight status symbol.
•Ability to assign discrete outputs to target status, allowing for control of signal
lights or other peripheral devices.
Counting with APW enhancement
•Average piece weight (APW) enhancement provides a more accurate counting
result. As the number of weighments increase, the counting accuracy is refined
and improved.
•Easy switching between piece count and total weight.
•Quick recall of average piece weight and reference weight.
Animal weighing
•Animal weighing mode is quickly activated by pressing the user-defined function
•Fixed time interval for averaging weighments; the averaged weight is displayed
until the next weighing transaction is started.
•Application-specific print template output automatically, permitting increased
productivity and hands-free operation
•Both manual and automatic accumulation for gross or net weight.
•Accumulation result can be displayed and printed.
Remote display
IND231 and IND236 terminal can function as a remote display for many METTLER
TOLEDO industrial weighing terminals. The remote terminal can control the host
terminal via clear, tare, zero, and print key presses. The applications on the host
terminal continue to function when a remote terminal is connected.
IND231/236 Terminals
Technical Data
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Operating Environment
Scale Interface
Load Cell
Units of Measure
Communication Options
220 x 150 x 102mm /
220 x 150 x 93.3mm /
8.66 x 5.90 x 4.02 (inch)
8.66 x 5.90 x 3.67 (inch)
Stainless Steel
Mounting to wall, desk or column via included adjustable angle mounting bracket
AC: 85-264VAC; 50Hz-60Hz
Six AA batteries or NiMH
NiMH rechargeable battery
rechargeable battery
-10ºC to +40ºC (14ºF to 104ºF), 10% to 95% relative humidity, noncondensing
40mm high weight display, seven digits seven segment LCD with white
one analog scale
Up to 4 350ohm load cells, 5V excitation
g, kg, lb, oz
Seven function keys: Zero, Tare, Clear, On/Off, Print, F1 & F2 (definable)
Standard: COM1 RS232
Option: COM2 isolated RS232/RS422/RS485
COM2 USB device for connection to PC
COM2 Discrete I/O with 2 inputs and 4 outputs
Basic Weighing, X10, Date & Time, Animal weighing, Counting with APW
enhancement, Over/Under checkweighing with 10 records database,
Accumulation, Remote display
Class III: OIML6000e, NTEP10,000d, CMC6000e, CE, cULus
Desk bracket, terminal protection cover
Dimensions (mm/inch)
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