Manhattan | 431330 | Datasheet | Manhattan 431330 ink cartridge

Thank you for purchasing one of a wide variety
of MANHATTAN Inkjet Cartridges. Most inkjet printers provide automatic on-screen alerts
or flashing indicator lights on the printer’s front
panel when an inkjet cartridge level is low.
To maintain quality and reliability, do not open
the vacuum-packed inkjet cartridge package
until ready to install.
Important: For detailed inkjet cartridge replacement instructions, including
maintenance, troubleshooting and output quality issues, refer to the printer user
manual or contact the printer manufacturer.
1. Stop any printing function and open the printer lid (remove paper and
tray if necessary). This will cause most printer models to center the carriage
to provide access to the cartridge(s). Some printers may feature an “ink
cartridge replacement” button.
2. After gaining access to the cartridges, turn off and/or disconnect the printer to avoid electrical shock or other potential hazards. Never try to
change the cartridges if the printer is still powered.
3. Release any latches, locks, clamps or tabs holding the ink cartridge in
place. Most inkjet printers have at least two cartridges: one for black and one
or more for color. Make sure to identify the proper cartridge before removing it.
Some inkjet cartridges are snapped into place. Refer to the printer user manual
for detailed instructions.
4. Carefully remove and properly dispose of the empty cartridge. It may be
necessary to slightly tilt, slide or lift the empty cartridge to remove it.
5. Gently remove any protective wraps and yellow tape from the new MANHATTAN Inkjet Cartridge. Be careful not to break or disturb any other
seals, electronic contacts, tape, etc., as this could result in permanent damage
to the cartridge.
6. Insert the new MANHATTAN Inkjet Cartridge into the printer, make any alignments necessary and carefully refasten any latches, locks, clamps or tabs to secure the ink cartridge in place.
7. Close the printer lid, replace paper and tray, restore any connections and turn on the printer.
8. Follow any on-screen instructions to adjust, clean or test the new cartridge.
Caution: Carefully handle inkjet cartridges and keep all inkjet cartridges out of
the reach of children. Properly dispose of empty inkjet cartridges. Do not drink or
handle the ink. If skin is exposed to any ink, thoroughly wash the area with soap and
water. If ink gets into eyes, immediately flush with water and seek medical attention.
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