How to Update OS with SD?

How to Update OS with SD?
How to Update OS with SD
How to Update OS with SD?
In addition to configuring system settings, SD cards that store the required file
can be used to update OS during reboot. Certain OS update can only be done
by using SD card. This FAQ explains the procedure of updating OS with SD card.
Applicable models: HMIs with 1. SD card slot and 2. DIP switches.
The update instruction:
Step 1. Flip DIP SW3 to ON position.
Step 2. Save the OS file (.bin) in SD card, and insert the SD card into HMI.
Step 3. Restart HMI to update. The update will take about 2~3 minutes. (To
view the update progress, open Hyper Terminal on PC, use the
following parameters (115200,N,8,1), and then connect the serial
port of PC with the HMI’s COM1 RS-232. Hyper Terminal will display
the update progress. When the update is completed, the message
“Starting Kernel” will be displayed.)
Step 4. Flip DIP SW3 back to OFF position, and then restart HMI.
Note: Certain features and fixes become effective only after OS update is
carried out twice. In this situation, please perform Step 3 twice.
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