L350mm x W420mm Dual check function Detector data Log function

L350mm x W420mm Dual check function Detector data Log function
Display and operation functions
concentrated in the
L350mm x W420mm
Wide display and operation area
Low-cost, clear display
and user-friendy. The
display and operation
area features easily
distinguishable design,
colors and big buttons
for easy operation.
“User-friendliness” is
the key idea here.
The reliable
Dual check function
Standard installation (automatic test
function + self-diagnosis function)
Besides the automatic test function required by the Japan Fire
Service Law, implemented via the use of the automatic test
function-equipped detector, its standard installation includes
the unique self-diagnosis function which executes “ detector
operation test”, “detector contamination test” and “standby
power test”. It cuts back on the running cost required by
control and operation as well as improves the reliability.
Easy monitoring and control by
means of
Detector data
(analog value)
Log function
standard installation
Equipped with monthly logging
function for automatic test
function-equipped detector data
(analog value). When necessary,
analog values of up to a month
can be generated for display
and printing. A more accurate
control and operation (detailed
knowledge of indoor environment condition) is achieved with
lower unwanted alarm and appropriate sensitivity check.
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